Does Hot Shapers Really Work?

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Does Hot Shapers Work? Its about time again that we took a look at another product that has hit the market claiming to be the answer to helping you get slim and trim and shed a few pounds. This one is called Hot Shapers which is a pretty nifty name being as most of us want just that a “hot shape”. So it is going to produce the hot results that we are looking for?

Okay now here is the catch when it comes to hot. There is hot looking and there is hot feeling which means sweating. In the case of the Hot Shapers there really is a play on words here, because the whole concept of the product is to get you sweating which in turn is going to encourage your body to shed some of those extra pounds and maybe reduce some inches. All of this could be possible because of the special sweat producing material Neotex™ that the Hot Shapers are comprised of.

The Claim
Thanks to the material that these special clothing items are comprised of the Company claims that they will raise your body’s core temperature. They are indicating it will help you to lose weight,maximize your fitness routine,and even help to slim your tummy and thighs. All of this while improving your over-all well being.

The Hype
Our reviews are often a little different in that rather than just put a product to just one test, we like to delve into the logic of the product and do some comparisons to similar types. So here for the Hot Shapers we first wanted to get past the hype, which is not too subtle. Starting with the visual hype all you have to do is look at the promo video. Just seeing the shape of the gals participating in the sweat test is enough to create the desire to follow in their footsteps hoping to achieve a dynamite body like theirs. The promo text is simple focusing on the production of sweat, relying on the premise that most interested readers will put some value as to how sweating can help promote weight loss.

The Cost
As soon as you hit the buy now button on their promo site you are going to see that Hot Shapers consist of one pair of knee pants to which you will have to indicate your size requirement. The price is $79.95 and on top of this you are going to have to pay for the shipping which is an extra $9.95 for a 2 to 4 week delivery or if you are in a real hurry to receive it then plan on paying a shipping fee of $19.95

The Commitment
Are you going to be determined enough to carry out some activity that is going to get that sweat rolling so the Hot Shaper can do it’s job. It seems like it doesn’t take that much energy to accomplish the sweat effect as the special material is designed to do this. By the way you are going to have to dedicate some time to caring properly for this product. They are recommending that after each use they be hand washed in cold water. Considering they suggest that you wear them everyday, be prepared to be spending some time on the daily follow care they are suggesting.

We couldn’t resist in the past to take a look at other wearable products that either help you to camouflage your extra pounds or inches or indirectly help you to shed them like the Adjustable Slimming Belt. You will see our comments there were not all that favorable. We cannot claim to be weight loss experts so we really want to see what others thought of the concept of sweating for weight loss. We found some interesting material about a similar product called Hot Pants that was a matter of discussion and discovered that there is quite a bit of controversy over weight loss by increasing body temperature as being more effective at burning fat, or whether the opposite is true like decreasing the temperature. So far there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive scientific evidence to support either side.

Final Hot Shapers Review

We really have to give this product a risky Try/Buy. It is not cheap and when you consider the daily attention to keeping them clean and fresh that is needed it really is unlikely that a lot of people will be diligent in going through the hand washing daily regime. Then because there is such controversy as to whether sweating is really going to create dynamic results is not area of concern. There there is the small print on the promo material that we just have to bring to your attention, which is *Following the tasty and healthy diet plan and the Fiesta hot exercise program. This leaves one wondering if those impressive results they are promoting for the Hot Shapers is dependent on the involvement of that outlined in the small print.

Our Recommendation
While we are not actively pushing this as a strong try/buy it just may be something that works for you. If you are one of those people who have researched the effects of sweating and weight reduction and feel positive about it, then this may be an ideal product for you. Don’t forget though the results that you are expecting might include other requirements.

What do you think? Does Hot Shapers work or not?

888 Customer Reviews on “Does Hot Shapers Really Work?

  1. Hi just wanted to mention that you can purchase hot shapers Capri pants & tank top with body firming/ hot slimming cream/gel from Groupon for $28.99 each.

  2. I got to wear my hot shapers today oh boy. The material broke and stiching came loose. Yes I am sweating bad quality though

  3. Just got my Hot Shapers three days ago :), so far it is definitely getting me verrryyy sweaty

  4. Just ordered mine. I screwed up my back by swimming in bad form. So no swimming anymore. I lift weights with P90x . Turbo fire. And running. Been using my husband back brace . Saw this and I jumped on it.

  5. I bought the hot shapers. XL I dont know if any one els has this problem. But I cannot get into the pants. Even thou its XL it looks like a “S” small. Dont know if its meant to be this way. Working up a sweat to get into it. :o)

  6. This product is crap, very cheaply made, do not buy, be warned
    And it seems the seller gets quite aggressive when then get negative comments, these are the sort of people your dealing with, it’s made in China, that should be enough to put anyone off !!

  7. I own a hot shaper got it from my friend and I also use phase 8 a protein shake as well to help me. I play basketball run and do my workouts at night with the hot shaper and it works my body temp raises dramatically and if U eat right and exercise daily and wear it it will work for you just really depends on how much u work out tbh and diet is key u can’t lose and keep weight off if u eat horrible it won’t work trust me cause if u eat bad and then exercise your workin the calories off u just ate so u don’t work nothin else off I suggest u get it and try it. It’s a personal opinion thing. I’m joining the army in a month and this has helped me out so much. Wear it like a undershirt. I have the belt and I wear it normal no itching no complaints somethin times I forget it’s on and I be like “ why is it so hot and I remember I have it on lol just try it tho.

  8. Maya there are plenty of young mother’s who go on to be very successful in life. You devalue motherhood by saying she is useless. I had my 1st of 7 children at age 22. I’m a registered nurse today. Shame on you! If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  9. Yes. Because simply sweating or wearing clothes that make you sweat won’t effectively help you lose weight. Excersise and a healthy diet is the only way to lose weight.

  10. I was disappointed in this product. The quality isn’t there and I’ve returned the hot shapers as they looked nothing like what was on the model/website when ordering. Live and learn.

  11. Let’s see a real person with weight problem trial it for. 30day with real results then I think about it

  12. just order one on wish for $5.00 , I’m excited to get this for such a good deal. I can’t wait to get it …..

  13. I ordered for the belt in Lebanon and it came in through my boss and he brought it home for me and I opened the package all the two hot shapers were torn I tried to contact the lady who brought it she is not replying that means she knows they were not good…I have friends who want to buy bh with this service is will not allow them…very bad you guys are scams

  14. Ok, I seriously doubt an article of clothing is going to cause all those problems haha that one is just ridiculous. You may have all those things because you assume by wearing this product you can eat and do whatever you want, but that is personal choice and not the product itself, just poor decisions. You cant get diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood sugars from wearing clothes, thats all this is, is a type of clothing. As far as sweating goes, everyone has their own opinion on whether that helps with weight loss or not, but you absolutely cannot get those diseases from wearing clothing, absolutely not. Do your research please. Coming from a family with all four grandparents having diabetes and high blood pressure, please educate yourself on the topic before making such a bold statement. You DO NOT get those from CLOTHING. It comes from diet and in some cases genetics can play a role depending on the type of diabetes or the situation. But seriously, not clothing. Absolutely ridiculous.

  15. Maya, take a chill pil!!! You’re unnecessarily mean. Do you know her; how can you possibly conclude that she’s useless because she said she’s 18? It could have been a typo. She could be 28. But 18 or 28, she’s not your business; the discussion is about the pants. Stay focused… and tame that caustic mouth of yours!



  17. I have the same itching problem. It’s just too much. I have been washing, and mosturizing but the itching gets worst and I also have got pink pimples and marks of my nails by scratching. Should I discontinue the use? Or will it get better with time? Any suggestions?

  18. I have the t shirt but im not losing any fat at all got no results but i am sweating tho

  19. The product may work but so does eating better, eating less and moving more. The latter results in a life long health benefit while the hot shaper does absolutely nothing to improve your lifestyle. Instead of spending your money on another fad product, get some good walking shoes then go out there and move.

  20. these hot shapers are really a bull shit. i am a person who workout each and every day and this thing sweat as normal people do when they exercise and this doesnt give any results. this is just a big popular scam made to destroy our money. whoever made this product, go fuck yourself and show us the results that you get from this bloody thing.

  21. I think that the material is not suiting your skin n is giving you a rash . sweat or not sweat it doesn’t matter . just stop using it. Try lemon detox water it will help to lose belly fat without the itch

  22. Why after I wear the hot pants and bra and hot belt my whole body felt itchy??please help!i handwash everyday!

  23. hotshapers can cause some serious problems such as INCREASING weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, blood sugar and in rare cases skin cancer
    sweating doesn’t help losing weight
    sweat is just water and salt


  25. Hot Shapers slimming wear increases your body temperature to make you sweat and leads to healthy weight loss. You can wear it under your favorite clothes and enjoy exercising sports, hiking or just wear it at home while performing daily tasks.

  26. I Think hot shapers is an excellent fitness wear to sweat out extra fat from the body. I have been using this fitness wear from around one year.. Don’t know about others, but I have really seen the effect in my body, somehow I was able to cut down extra from the body.

  27. How the hell do you mean to sweat if not by working out. Ofcourse they work out. What did you think? To buy hot shapers, lay on the couch and expect to lose pounds? really? -.- cant believe how stupid people can be

  28. Well, it *should* work, theoretically, to a degree. But it will be temporary results. It is similar to using a sauna and other such treatments. Sweating that much does reduce weight (not fat), as you will lose what is known as “water weight”. But you will gain this right back after a few glasses of water.

  29. I didn’t see much sweat coming out… i tried using it whole day… my skin begins to itch… maybe because of the rubber….. am i using it the wrong way?

  30. I’ve ordered one the belt that is off the a shopping site .. cute… 4 pounds is all it cost an i have sweated like a pig in a blanket with it….

  31. Its really fake product.They didn’t return my money.It cause some disgusting annoying sound and very uncomfortable to wear.Neither it helps to sweat and after wearing hot shapers pant I really feel very uncomfortable to walk.And now they didn’t rec my call.They deliver a fake product in India.

  32. II just recently bought this product, had I read this review I would have thought twice! It is DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, I thought when you pay this much for a sealed product you would get what is advertised. I purchased from a big retailer where the package was sealed once opened the top yellow band is a black elastic strip which cause the pants to slide down! The material is duplicate of deep sea diving suit/surfer costume. When you exercise it cause an annoying sound because of the fabric and daily hand wash is definitely not an option. Also perspiration is minimal, I feel this is false advertising and preying on desperate individuals which is a shame!

  33. Im using now.. i havent lost an inch. Did changesnto my diet. Have been walking average 3 miles a day. I do notice I do notice I sweat. I also dont like that i get itchy all over my abd area. But i still use it daily M-F 8-10hrs

  34. Ya,thats right
    I ordered for small size but they have given me large size
    Now they are not recieving my call
    And also not going to give me money back…
    May be the persons are fake in india

  35. Dont ever buy this hot shapers in india… Because i have got this product and i got small size of hot shapers. So i called up the customer care for the product…( 8566931305) i called them regular two weels. And they picked my call and said we dont have e large size. And when i said to return my money because this hot shaper is no use for me. And they cut my call and never picked up. I got my product from India Best Shop (9803162071)) in ludhiana… They issue the bill of the product and they are also fake . they picked mu call and when i said i want to return the product they cut my call . not picked up still…

  36. Hi pls anyone tell me my dought .this pant really work? Bcz my tummy is very big .after first delivery my actomatic my stomach was bigger.i use many product. But evry things useless. I seen this product .i order .but which ever i use this pant few things r very itching &fully suddenly my tummy abdomen area full pimple type .mor &more itching.pls tell anyone my dought.

  37. I does work. You will be feeling the difference of your body core temp raising few minutes after using it. I do agree with all comments about exercises. I am fit but after 40 belly fat is really hard to loose regardless of diet and exercises. Me and my wife both use this, I don’t use the pants only the belt and after a month on measuring and continuing of doing bike, running and the same regular exercises we do in a weekly basis we both has seen a substantial difference on sizes. I will continue to use the product so far we are happy with it. But again, the main goal here is to have a healthy life style and exercises for a well and better life. Good luck and that is our cup of tea. 🙂

  38. All I want to knw is does it really work,whether u exercise or not cos I really want to buy is 4 my after birth tummy..pls guys any 1 who used it

  39. I feel like people are just looking for that magical pill. The way that hotshapers is advertised is mainly for that stay at home mom who doesn’t have time for the gym . This most likely works great if you are actually about that gym life and the whole eat clean train dirty mindset. People are hoping that this product will make you sweat while your cooking or something . BE realistic you obviously want to loose weight if youre looking into something like this … actually commit eat smart and do some Jillian micheal work out vid’s on youtube . Do your thing … safely.

  40. i just want know if it really work tho because my mother bought the pants ones it work good for my brother when he was doing foot ball but all want loos my tummie not my but ans thighs because i fine from there just my bell from pregancy ….

  41. Can i wear hot shaper after my caeserean delivery is there any problem occur on cs section?

  42. if i want to order a hot shaper, should i measure my belly? and what is the price and how long will it take to be delivered in Namibia

  43. I want to try this but very skeptical about it. The price is very high, oh well.

  44. Ali express is a good cheap trading site.. sometimes free shipping. Catch tho the about a month to get to you.. got mine for 10 bucks awesome as.

  45. Do I need to have diet on foods and have an usual exercise if I buy and use this Hot Shapers??

  46. Why do these things always have to be so expensive I would be willing to try it if it wasn’t so dear

  47. I do not know how people buy this product. The models that the company shows are people that work out every day. How can they have big muscles in the arms and the body when the only area covered by the belt is part of the belly? It must be a rip off.

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