Does the Adjustable Slimming Belt Really Work?

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Does the Adjustable Slimming Belt work?The Adjustable Slimming Belt seems simple enough, you just wrap it around your midsection and it says it can give you the appearance of being slimmer, or help you lose weight from your stomach area. We just couldn’t resist the claims, so we tried it out. Check out our video below to see how it performed.

Slimming belts are all the rage lately, and there are the good, the bad, and the ugly. They all promise pretty much the same thing, and the reason they are so enticing is that they make sense logically. But when it comes to losing fat from the gut, reason and level-headed thinking don’t really factor in. The fact is people will try anything as long as it has a shred of feasibility. That’s what makes these products so insidious, because the strong desire for a slim waistline will override that voice in your head that says it probably doesn’t work.

The Claim
The makers of the Adjustable Slimming Belt say that you’ll have to field the question of whether or not you’ve lost weight when you wear their belt. However, we can’t see that happening when the belt adds at least a few inches of bulk to the way you look. They say it helps to flatten and shape your abs, and while we do feel that the midsection feels warmer and sweatier when you wear it, it is hard to keep it on when it smells as bad as it does.

They say that it’s made of soft yet durable neoprene so that it feels good while you’re wearing it. The material is soft to the touch yet firm, but there’s no way to believe that it’s some space-age technology, and was probably the cheapest material they could come up with to try to get the job done here. They say that it provides back support while wearing it, but we didn’t really notice that it had that much of an effect on the back.

They also say that it will help you to shed excess water as you perform exercises, which it may or may not, but the fact is that it will be very cumbersome to wear this during a workout, either aerobics or weightlifting. It doesn’t hug the body, or mold to fit your shape.

The Hype
Losing your tummy weight is something that many of us want to do. Whether we’ve got a lot of weight to try to get rid of, or that last stubborn bit that doesn’t want to go quietly. Any product that says it can help without much involvement from the user is going to get its share of hype and attention.

The Cost
The Adjustable Slimming Belt is $10 on Amazon, which is why we’d thought we’d give it a try. At this price point it seemed like a low-risk proposition. However, now that we’ve been there we can report back that you should save your $10 and put it toward something with better quality.

The Commitment
All that’s required on your part is to put on the belt, and then exercise, or wear it under clothes that it straps you in and makes you look slimmer. But really, there’s just no way that you could wear this while working out, because it would be too much of a distraction, and restrict some of your movements. Also, the benefits of wearing it while working out would be slim to none.

They warn you that the Adjustable Slimming Belt is going to smell strongly, but we weren’t prepared for just how bad it smells. The product was obviously made overseas, and we understand that it makes more sense to manufacture products abroad, but companies should spend a little more time and money during the manufacturing process to make sure that their products don’t smell so bad that you don’t even want to use them. They said that it smells like a new tire, and at the smell would dissipate, but it hasn’t yet, and we don’t see it improving in the near future and it smells more like a tire warehouse.

Wearing clothes over this is just not going to happen. All it’s going to do is add inches to your waist because it doesn’t have the elasticity you’d expect to have so it could cling to your body. Because they’ve made this a one-size-fits-all product, there is a lot of excess belt that just forms a bunch of bulk.

Final Adjustable Slimming Belt Review

They phoned it in when they made the Adjustable Slimming Belt. The concept is successfully being used by other manufacturers, but they must have rushed this through production to try to get it to market without testing it to see if it works on an actual person. It’s one of those products that you can tell they know it didn’t work, but decided to try to sell it anyway. It’s the kind of made for TV junk that gives other made for TV products a bad name.

buy it

Our Recommendation
We recommend passing on this one, there are just too many excellent body shapers out there that will give you better performance and results. If you are looking for something to accelerate the results you get from working out, try Zaggora hot pants. If you’re just going for the under your clothes instant slimming results you should try something like the one from Kymaro or the extensive product line from Spanx.

What do you think? Does Adjustable Slimming Belt work or not?

47 Customer Reviews on “Does the Adjustable Slimming Belt Really Work?

  1. I totally agree with Sham. If you can’t find the correct product, find the correct model. I can say I do own one myself. I have a decent sized belly and this more than shapes my midsection. It does “sweat” my midsection while no other part of my body is sweating and increases the sweating all the more when working out. So far, it seems to be helping out. Also, the smell isn’t the best, but it is tolerable for me.

  2. It doesn’t fit you (lady in the video). This isn’t a fair demo cuz it’s the wrong size. If they don’t have a size based on her measurements then have a person that actually needs this product try it out. The only valid piece of info gained in the video is that it smells bad. That’s enough for me to pass on this product though.

  3. They should have made this in different sizes so that it doesn’t have to be so bulky. I would have tried it still only if it didn’t smell so badly, but I can’t stand bad smell and my interest level on this has gone down dramatically.

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