Does Easy View Really Work?

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Does Easy View workEasy View HD is a sun visor that extends your normal visor, but is transparent and tinted so that you can see through it and see the road without the glare. Of course it looks like it works, but the real question is how does it perform when you get it set up in your car.

It’s true that morning and evening rush hour can be some of the worst times to drive in terms of the sun being out. You end up with the rising sun in your face in the morning, and the setting sun at night. Even during midday the glare can be so bad that you aren’t able to keep your eyes on the road in front of you. That’s a serious breach to safe driving and is something that needs to be solved.

The Claim
The makers of Easy View say that you don’t need any tools to install this, and it comes fully assembled so you just stick it in place. They say it provides anti-glare benefits, sort of like a pair of sunglasses but without having to wear them while driving. They say it also comes with a high density attachment that you slide along it to block the sun specifically so you don’t have it right in your line of sight.

The Hype
This has its own mini infomercial that shows how it works and shows the problem of trying to drive with the sun in your face. It’s a legitimate problem that is likely the cause of several accidents each year, and at the very least it can be a harrowing experience to drive with limited visibility, or with your eyes not looking straight ahead to see what’s coming.

The Cost
There is an original price listed at $10 but you have to factor in two $8 shipping charges so the total comes to $26. We were unable to locate a product that is just like this one, but one competing product would be a pair of sunglasses, and it’s hard to find a decent pair of those for $26. That make the claim that this is a $30 value that you’re getting for $10 but it’s clear after reading the offer details that the total price is pretty close to the stated value. And of course it’s not clear on how they came up with a value of $30 for a few pieces of plastic essentially.

The Commitment
All that’s needed on your part is to put this on your visor and use it when the sun is in your face. You can slide the sun diffuser as the sun moves or as the road turns so that you’ve got it in place just right and can drive uninhibited by all of that brightness. Compared to using the standard visor that comes in your car this would be a better choice, as it doesn’t block your view but is just as easy to use. It’s also just as easy as putting on a pair of sunglasses.

The concept behind Easy View is a pretty good one, and it does make the point that conventional visors block your view and therefore aren’t very good at the job they’re intended for. But they make a great place to attach these to, and they’ve done a good job on the design, even including the dense slider that blocks out the sun specifically for those times when you’re driving right into it.

If you can relate to the people in the TV ad, having to suffer through a sun drenched commute each day, you will most definitely like having these in your car. It beats wearing sunglasses each day, especially if you have to drive a while and end up with marks on your marks on your nose where the glasses rest. It’s also nice not to mess up your hair with sunglasses if you can help it. This would also be great for long road trips so that you know you’ll be covered no matter what sort of conditions you’re faced with.

Final Easy View HD Review

Easy View is a good idea, and at $13 apiece you can put one of these in two cars or have one car with one on each visor. Maybe one day cars will come standard with something like this, so that the sun visors can actually do the job they’re meant to do without blocking your view. One caveat: if you return these you’ll only receive back the $10 listed price of the item and be out the $16 in shipping, plus have to pay return costs.

Our Recommendation
This would be good to get if you don’t like wearing sunglasses, and you have a sunny commute each day. It frees you from having to stare into the sun, and sometimes it can be so bright that sunglasses don’t even do the trick on their own.

What do you think? Does Easy View work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Easy View Really Work?

  1. I purchased this product and am satisfied with it… however I only wanted one.. I am a widow… they automatically sent me two which meant extra shipping charges.. now they are saying I ordered yet another set and am sending another.. AND have taken the money out of my checking account already.. I also received an email today saying that my order for MR. Lid is on backorder. I have never ordered such a thing. I did call them and tell them about this and was told to disregard this email. No more money had better come out of my account for this site. My bank has already been notified. What a scam

  2. I checked this out too and was not impressed. Especially with the final price I was paying. I did try this new product called “The SunPatch.” Works great and is a lot better. You can move it much more easier. I’m trying to spread the word on how good the product is.

  3. I recently bought this visor through a store that sells produces from TV. It cost me $9.99 plus tax. Since I’m only five foot tall I was happy to see this. Even with my car visor down the sun shines under my visor. I attached this easily to my car visor but when I tried to use it it actually distorted my vision. Also, the added piece that is supposed to move…doesn’t. I’m afraid if I push it to much the visor will break. If I pull down my car visor then pull down the Easy View to a certain angle it blocks the sun so I don’t have to look through it. Even at night with on coming traffic lights my vision is distorted.

  4. I, too, was extremely disappointed with the distortion on these extended visors. Everything in the distance is fuzzy and, to me, dangerous to use. I’ll continue using my Foster Grant polarized glasses that are way better than these EZ View things. The shipping was way too much, $15.90, and is non-refundable, the postage to return via USPS will be more than they are worth so think I’ll just donate them and write them off.

  5. This product is very dangerous!! It distorts your view. I could not judge distances. Beware!!!

  6. Ordering this product is an exercise in being RIPPED OFF! I ordered two sets – so, what should have been a $20 order with maybe a few bucks for shipping/handling became a $51.80 order! There is no place on the website to cancel the order. No one answers the telephone numbers (one on the website and one in the email order confirmation). After about 15 minutes of being on hold, I just hung up. I alerted my credit card company to the fraud. I have tried every way possible to cancel this order – from the first minute I got the confirmation and saw the excessive charge.

    ORDERING THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM – DO NOT DO IT!! I wish I had read these reviews prior to being scammed.

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