Do Looney Balloons Really Work?

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Do Looney Balloons workLooney Balloons are a set of balloons that you can twist into different shapes to make animals and more just like a balloon artist at a party. It’s supposed to include everything you need to be able to do it yourself, so let’s see how this works in a real world setting.

Balloon art can be really fun if you know what you’re doing, and this is something that doesn’t have to be reserved for just clowns or other performers, at least that is the premise they are trying to set here. It can also be a real pain if all you have is a pack of balloons and are tasked with trying to come up with things to make with it.

The Claim
The makers of Looney Balloons say that their balloon kits have everything you need in order to have a lot of fun with balloons, including stickers, a DVD to show you how to do everything, and a pump so that you don’t have to get winded trying to blow the balloons up. They say that their balloons are made out of high quality materials so that they can stand up to being blown up completely and then twisted around to make shapes.

The Hype
The hype comes from the TV promo that these have promoting them. It shows kids and parents having a great time with them, and gives examples of all the different designs you can make with them. They show kids doing all sorts of silly things, like playing a balloon guitar, making swords and helmets and having a mock balloon battle with them, and more. It’s up to you to decide if your child would like to do these sort of activities or not, or if they’re just being lulled by the premise of balloon fun.

The Cost
Looney Balloons come in two options: a single set that would be good for one or two children to have fun with, as well as a party pack that includes more supplies so that you can host a group of kids and adults all making balloon animals and other props. The basic set goes for $22 and the party pack goes for $50, which includes shipping. This is pretty reasonable considering all that you’re getting in these

The Commitment
Depending on the age of the kids that will be using these you’ll need to supervise what’s going on and make sure that they’re able to follow the steps to make the different designs. They might need help blowing up the balloons, or with the dexterity to twist a balloon the right way without making it pop, and so that it stays in place once it’s been twisted.

The concept behind Looney Balloons is a pretty good one, basically providing you with the supplies needed to have a fun activity with your kids, or to replace the need for a balloon artist or clown to come to your child’s next birthday. Since it’s a self-contained kit you can pretty much just open it, pop in the DVD, and get started. Everything used in the DVD is included in the kits, and it’s just a matter of following along as they go through the steps. Some designs are going to be easier than others, so it’s good to start with easier ones and then get more elaborate as you get the hang of it.

They’ve covered everything about balloon making that isn’t fun, including using poor quality balloons that pop or don’t expand to their full size, not knowing what to do with the balloons, and not having a pump to pump the balloons up and having to blow them up using the air in your lungs. Once you get that all covered it’s really a fun time, and with all of the different colored balloons and stickers you can really do a lot with the materials they send you.

Final Looney Balloons Review

Looney Balloons is getting our Thumbs Up rating for providing high quality materials at a reasonable cost, and giving you all of the instructions needed to make the sort of balloon art that kids will actually be engaged in. Around $20 for a kit that gets you from zero to being able to make balloon art is a good deal no matter how you cut it, especially when you consider the cost of assembling these items individually and having them shipped to your house.

Our Recommendation
This would be a great set to get if you have a big party coming up, or if you like to provide fun activities for your child to do. In all honesty, it’s not as if they’re going to play with these everyday, as it doesn’t have a lot of replay value once the initial novelty fades, but it can provide a fun time for the time that they still think it’s cool or fun.

What do you think? Does Looney Balloons work or not?

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