Does Sleevey Magic Really Work?

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Does Sleevey Magic workSleevey Magic is a way to cover up flabby arms so that you don’t have to feel self-conscious about them anymore. We’ve seen many of these shaping garments hitting the market, so let’s see how these stack up to your other options.

The arms are one of the hardest parts of the body to keep looking good. Over time they tend to sag and have extra fat that hangs down. There’s only so much you can do to keep gravity from having its way with your arms, and unless you are able to keep a workout regimen going, there’s a likelihood that they’ll end up sagging. At that point you may stop wearing tank tops and other blouses that reveal your upper arms.

The Claim
The makers of Sleevey Magic say that their product instantly gives you the look of toned and shapely arms, even if they’re not. They say they’re comfortable to wear, so you can feel confident and stylish in them. They also say that by making your arms look better, you’ll be able to look good in more of the clothes you currently own, which virtually expands your wardrobe without you having to buy anything extra.

They say that the material they are using is super soft, but also stretchy, and uses compression technology to keep everything look sleek.

The Hype
Shapewear is big right now, and companies like Spanx are making a killing selling garments that make women look better in their favorite outfits. This trend should continue as more and more baby boomer women need help looking their best in their clothes and gravity keeps pressing down.

The Cost
Sleevy Magic is $48 and you end up with 2 reversible garments, one in mesh and one in lace. You have to choose whether you want this in black or white, because they will only send you two of the same color, there’s no mixing and matching allowed. The original price of the item is $30 and there are two $8 shipping charges added on for the first item as well as the bonus item.

The Commitment
This is billed as being a way to get the look you want without having to resort to taking measures to fix the problem permanently. It’s just a way to cover it up so that your arms don’t look flabby so that you can wear the clothes in your wardrobe that you really want to wear but currently don’t because you don’t feel like you look good enough in them.

Sleevey Magic seems very well made, and they’ve done a good job of making a product that provides sleeves to outfits that otherwise don’t have sleeves. We’d like to see this in a tan color so that it would be better at matching the skin color, but right now all that is available is black or white. These seem to draw attention to themselves unless you are wearing a black or white top. It would also be nice if they let you mix and match the colors, but as it stands you get two black or two white and not both in one order.

The pricing structure is also something that we’d like to see changed, because $18 of the order is shipping charges, so if you don’t end up liking them you won’t get that money back, and we’re not even sure what the return policy is on these, as it’s not listed at the official website. When you compare this offer to just buying shapewear straight up from a site like Spanx, it becomes clear that they Spanx and other big name places have a better set up because they have a clearly stated return policy and don’t play games with the shipping charges.

Final Sleevey Magic Review

We’re giving Sleevey Magic our Try rating based on how it fits and the price point. At $24 each it’s pretty competitive and it has a distinct style that we haven’t seen from renowned places like Spanx. It’s also nice because it just focuses on the arms, so you don’t have to get into some big body shaper if your arms are the only part of your body giving you trouble.

However, if you want other colors besides black or white of if you want to be able to return your product without a hassle, we’d have to recommend going with Spanx. They are a well oiled machine and are only getting bigger in size. They have several different offerings and styles for you to choose from, and are always expanding their product lines.

Our Recommendation
These are nice to have if there are black or white outfits in your closet that are going unworn because of the way you feel about your arms. If you have other colors or designs, the black one might be able to work with them.

What do you think? Does Sleevey Magic work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does Sleevey Magic Really Work?

  1. This is a terrific product! I bought it as a spontaneous purchase at Walgreens. The black sleeves are very pretty. I am dying for the nude ones.I wish they would make them skin color. I would definitely buy it!
    Love this product!

  2. Charlotte… our experience is very positive. did you try their customer service number??? we ordered 1st from the 800 number and then re-ordered off the website for xmas gifts. we retunred our first order for a different size (quickly and with no issues) we paid the expidited shipping on the second order because we didnt want to risk missing the holiday. it showed up in 4 days. we ordered a total of 4 units and our order total was well under 100 bucks. Also Charlotte, you must not have looked that closely… the customer service number/link is right at the bottom of their landing page. 1-866-961-5941

  3. These people will rip you off Don;t give the your debit or credit card 29 dollars will cost you 100 dollars

  4. I LOVE these!!! They totally work. Personally, I will not wear anything sleeveless without a jacket over it but I live in a desert climate and thick fabrics can get uncomfortably hot, so I really like Sleevey Magic because I can wear it under all sleeveless dresses, blouses and tanks. Anyway, in addition to covering up (my arms are a little untoned and have a scar I prefer to have covered) it also adds to my wardrobe because it changes the look of stuff I usually wear. What’s cool is you can reverse it for a scoop neckline or a v neckline. The quality/fit of Sleevey Magic are better than some other brands I’ve tried, they’re the only ones I would purchase again.

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