Does Luma Clear Really Work?

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Does Luma Clear workLuma Clear is blue light acne treatment that is supposed to open your poors and kill the bacteria underneath without using any chemicals. You’re meant to use this at the first tinglings of an oncoming pimple, so it’s a proactive way of treating your zits, if it works of course.

Getting rid of acne can become an ongoing struggle, and you may be sick of trying product after product that promises to get rid of it. These days there are so many products to try and more and more hitting the market each day that it can be overwhelming, and real setback to your budget. So a product like this that is designed to lessen the amount of harsh products you’re using on your face comes along you simply have to take note and see it if works.

The Claim
The makers of Luma Clear say that they’ve managed to bring blue light therapy to an at-home device, which was only previously available in salons and applied professionally. They say that it doesn’t use any chemicals, is a treatment that’s been clinically proven, that it prevents future breakouts from forming, and that you can use this mo matter what complexion or skin type you have. They go on to say that it works gently and quickly without irritating your skin in the process.

The Hype
All acne products come with a bit of hype, and this one uses light to try to battle back the acne so it has the extra hype of looking like a cutting edge way to go about it. Cutting through the hype is key, and part of that is realizing that this sort of light therapy has been around for years, so this is not a new technology they are promoting, they are just one of the cheapest options out there right now.

The Cost
The price of Luma Clear is perhaps the most interesting facet of the device. It’s only listed at $20, plus $7 shipping. You also have to take on a “free” second unit for an additional $7 shipping fee so your order total comes to $34. This is still not bad considering that you don’t need to buy anything else after, since you can use this again and again to treat your pimples as they occur. If you compare that to a consumable product like Proactiv you’ll see that the annual costs are staggeringly different.

The Commitment
In order to beat acne you have to remain diligent, and since this is meant to be used even before a blemish forms, you have to make sure you get to it early. Over time they say that you’ll be able to have less acne, since you’ll be clearing out the bacteria that makes it form. Since this is not going to be able to work on all types of acne, you’ll need to take steps in order to make sure that your skin is getting what it needs to stave off other types of acne.

The Luma Clear is just one of several devices that are out right now that are using a similar technology. Two others worthy of mention of the Tria Blue Light Therapy system by the makers of the laser hair removal system, as well as the zap unit from Tanda. These products all have identical features and benefits being boasted, and there is evidence that they do work on certain types of acne.

It’s really a matter of trying it out to see if it works on your particular acne, because all acne is not created equally, and you can’t expect one unit to be able to treat every single type of breakout on all skin types. At this point you might be tired of trying new products, but it’s the only way to go if you haven’t found one that works. You can’t give up because then your acne wins, and there is most likely a product out there that will work for you, but if you stop trying you’ll never find it.

Final Luma Clear Review

Overall, the Luma Clear is getting our Solid Try rating, based on the feedback given on comparable units and its price point. For a total price of $34 it is clocking in at far less than competing products, and with the 30 day guarantee in place you are only risking $14 if it doesn’t work out. That seems like a risk worth taking to find a chemical-free way to get rid of your acne. If it ends up not working out on your specific condition, you are simply left at the point where you started, and you’ve only lost a bit of time along the way. Best case scenario is that it works for you and now you don’t have to buy anymore acne products each month.

Our Recommendation
By following a comprehensive treatment process of keeping your skin clean and clear, and spot treating pimples before they make it to the surface, you should experience success with this. We’ve noticed that more than half of the people that try blue light therapy like this say that it works. Of course there are a bit less than half of those that try it that say it didn’t work for them or they had some other problem with it. So our recommendation is to try it to see which side you end up on, and this model makes a good choice because of its low price point.

What do you think? Does Luma Clear work or not?

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