Does Fenphedra Really Work?

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Does Fenphedra really work?If you’ve been paying attention to evolution of diet pills over the years, you may have a heads up as to what Fenphedra entails. By speeding up your heart rate and acting as a stimulant to the body, you’re expected to metabolize foods more quickly and easily, and thus lose weight. You’ll also eat less and have more energy. These are claims made by almost every diet pill out there, and they are some of the scant information provided by the makers of Fenphedra.

There have been a long list of weight loss wonder drugs that comes out on the market, causes a big stir, and then we end up finding out that it caused lots of complications in the body and was not safe to use. Fenphedra is the next in line that will most definitely share the same fate as weight loss pills like Ephedrine, Hydroxycut, and Xenadrine.

The unfortunate part is that there are people out there that are attracted to banned weight loss pills and will seek them out specifically because they believe they must be effective or they wouldn’t have been banned. No matter how many bad things are found out about them, they just want it more and more.

The Claim
Fenphedra claims that you can get the same kind of effects that you would from cocaine in the diet pills. This is a fantastic claim, and only someone that is desperate to lose weight would want to ingest a legal substance meant to mimic the effects of cocaine on the body.

The Hype
Fenphedra is gaining momentum because it produces results. In the world of weight loss it doesn’t matter how dangerous a substance might be, as long as it makes you lose weight there will be a loyal group of followers. It’s the law of large numbers, and there are enough consumers out there that will buy and try anything in their attempt to lose the pounds.

The Cost
At $70 a bottle Fenphedra costs nearly as much as the illegal drug they are trying to duplicate. The bottle will last you a little over a month, if you follow their suggested dosage.

The Commitment
You simply need to pop a Fenphedra pill 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. That’s all that is recommended by them, and no further advice is given. It’s not clear whether they advocate a proper diet and exercise, or if they are claiming that you can continue with your regular lifestyle and still lose weight.

The makers of Fenphedra have isolated the worst parts of caffeine, as well as chocolate and other medicinal herbs, to make one potent cocktail. There’s no doubt that it will have an effect on your body, and that you will likely experience weight loss by taking this drug. It’s designed to force your body to react to it.

It’s not a good idea to treat your body like a laboratory experiment and start toying with its natural balance in an attempt to lose weight. Since you are not doing anything that will create meaningful, long-lasting results the fat and weight will return with a vengeance as soon as you stop taking the medication. And since taking this for the long term is not possible, why put yourself through it in order for shallow, short-term gains?

Final Fenphedra Review

Fenphedra is the first scary product we’ve ever evaluated. It doesn’t matter if it works or not, because the concept behind it is flawed.

Fenphedra is the diet pill your mother warned you about. It is the kind of pill that ends up on the news after people take too much of it, and they find out the side effects involved.

Only desperate individuals with an unhealthy fixation on their body weight and image would put their lives in danger by taking a stimulant like Fenphedra. Any results experienced will be short-term and there will likely be damage done to the heart and other organs that are not meant to perform under the conditions caused by this pill.

Here is an actual positive review:

Our Recommendation
Caffeine itself is not good for the mind or body, so you should avoid a product that is trying to take caffeine to the next level. You are causing more harm than good when you take Fenphedra, and any health benefits you receive from any weight loss that takes place will be countered by damage to the heart and nervous system from high doses of caffeine.

What do you think? Does Fenphedra work or not?

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