Does DenTek Complete White Really Work?

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Does Dentek Complete White really work?For a little while DenTek, the company that produces hand-held flossers tried their hand at producing a teeth whitening system: DenTek Complete White. They are no longer selling it from their main website any more, but you can still pick up this kit on the cheap from several online shops. So why did they discontinue production, is it because it didn’t work or were they just not able to claim enough market share in time?

It’s tempting for any company that has established a name for themselves in the oral health care industry to give it teeth whitening a shot. It’s just such a lucrative market, with a group of ready buyers all waiting for the next big thing at a low price.

The Claim
The claim of every tooth whitener out there is that your teeth will be shades whiter once you’ve completed the regimen. With DenTek Complete White they say you’ll have whiter teeth for up to a full year. They also claim that their system helps protect your teeth from having stains build up on their surface.

Another claim is that your teeth will even be whitened in the spaces in between. Their trays are comfortable, and their flexibility helps them cover more of the tooth and all of your teeth equally. Since the system is well-hydrated and doesn’t use a harsh powder or concentrated gel you’ll have reduced feelings of sensitivity in your teeth, making it less painful than other whiteners.

The Cost
DenTek Complete White can be purchased rather cheaply from places like Amazon and other online retailers. It’s almost suspiciously cheap, for $10 you can have the system delivered to your door. For something that claims to provide results for up to a year, this is an unbeatable value and is worth a try.

The Commitment
Follow the instructions included with the kit and you’ll be on your way to a whiter smile. You must keep up with the treatments, or you won’t get the full effect of the kit. It’s especially important to not miss any application, or it will be like taking one step forward and two steps backward. Keep making progress every day, and try not to make any judgments on what is happening until you’ve completed the entire treatment.

It’s impossible to tell from user feedback whether or not DenTek Complete White is effective or not. It gets mixed reviews, which is normal for any product that relies so much on individual observation.

One person that tries it may think that it’s working, but may only be experiencing the placebo effect. Another might complain that it isn’t doing anything, but if they kept better documentation they would see that their teeth are actually a shade or two whiter.

Another factor to keep in mind is that each person that uses it must get the application down correctly or they aren’t going to get the results that they should. So a negative report could be written off as user error.

Since user experience is wildly inaccurate in this industry, there’s really only one way to see if this product will work for you. At this price point you should give it a try, because one thing all of the reviews have in common is that the kit does not cause any adverse reactions like tooth sensitivity or pain.

What gives it it’s one-year sustainability is its maintenance touch up gel that comes with it. This allows you to quickly maintain your whiter smile instead of getting trapped in a cycle of yellowing and whitening.

Final DenTek Complete White Review

A product like this is hard to give the thumbs up or down on. Since some users claim to see results while others say it does nothing, and since each person has a different situation when it comes to their smile, there’s no way to say with certainty whether it’s effective or a waste of time and money.

Our Recommendation
The fact that this product is getting mixed reviews makes it basically a coin flip. There’s no way to say with definitive proof that it works or that it doesn’t. Luckily it is not a $50 kit so it’s not really a big deal to grab it, try it, and see for yourself if it gets your teeth whiter. If you have a severe case of discoloration in your teeth, you might want to go big and get one of the systems that have better testimonials and track records, like Crest 3D Whitestrips.

What do you think? Does DenTek Complete White work or not?

Customer Review on “Does DenTek Complete White Really Work?

  1. I’ve used this before and it really works. The product is gentle on the gums. Other teeth whitening I’ve tried hurts my gums. I’ve been trying to find it online so I can purchase it but I have not had any luck.

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