Does Supersmile Whitening Really Work?

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Does Supersmile Whitening really work?Supersmile prides itself on being invented by a top-ranking dentist, and hopes that this sets it apart from its competitors. It doesn’t really come with a lot of bells and whilsltes like some other brands, but it still promises whiter teeth in a short time, and for the long term. So how does it compare to the rest of what’s out there?

Many teeth whitening systems on the market are simply a one time use kit. They don’t really pay much attention to how your teeth got stained, and they don’t really mind if they get stained again in the future. It’s rare that you find a company that wants to help you keep your white smile, after you get your teeth to the shade you want them. When you go with the Supersmile system you are getting a complete line of products designed to give you a celebrity smile all the time.

The Claim
They claim that Irwin Smigel is the world-renowned father of cosmetic dentistry, which seems to be a claim backed up by several publications and awards. They also say that he invented Supersmile, but what he actually did was invent his own teeth whitening system almost 30 years ago, and this has now become what’s known as Supersmile. He seems to be more of a spokesperson or figurehead these days.

They claim that their system uses a proprietary substance that allows it to remove the stains and buildup without harming your teeth. They’ve apparently taken out the abrasive materials and left intact the ones that are proven to work.

The Hype
The hype comes with the focus on Iwrin Smigel. It seems that they are using him as their biggest selling feature. It would be better if they focused more on the product’s features and benefits rather than its origin story. Just because he is respected in the field does not mean he knows how to create a stellar product.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend:

The Cost
When compared to some of the whitening kits out there, Supersmile is very reasonably priced. You can get their Professional Whitening System in a small size for just $36. Or you can “Go Ultimate” for just $58. Their tubes of toothpaste are a little pricey at $21 but if they do the job of keeping your teeth their whitest in between treatments, it might be worth it.

The Commitment
The Supersmile system helps you stay committed to your teeth, not just during the whitening process but every day. It’s important to note that Supersmile is one of the few teeth whitening systems out that that broadens itself to being an overall oral care system. Many of the kits focus solely on whitening your teeth, but not about keeping your teeth healthy. In fact, some of the kits out there can be harmful to your teeth and gums, increasing senstivitiy not just during the treatment, but afterward as well.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to keep your oral health in mind, not just whiten your teeth and forget about them. By keeping good care of them you’ll reduce the need to whiten so often, and you’ll be working to keep them healthy for the long run.

What People Are Saying
With the system being invented and endorsed by a top dentist, you’d expect the reviews to be off the chart. And some are, but others are not so kind and say that the product didn’t work at all. There’s bound to be some discrepancy when it comes to individual experiences, but there shouldn’t be such wide-ranging reviews. There are few moderate reviews, where people said it just worked OK. People either love this or hate it.

Times have changed and perhaps the technology behind their system is a little outdated. There are other companies that are incorporating professional strength gels, and at-home lighting systems to activate the treatments. This system seems to take more of a conservative approach, so you probably will see results, but over time and not overnight.

Final Supersmile Whitening Review

Supersmile definitely gets some credibility by being created by a top dentist in the industry, but as far as results go, it just doesn’t measure up to some of the other kits that are available. Their system relies on something called Calprox which seems to be a hit or miss gamble that they’re willing to take. It is designed to remove the stain, but doesn’t have the abrasive elements that are usually included in calcium peroxide, so it doesn’t damage your teeth.

Their line of toothpastes are well-reviewed, and approved by most of the people that try it.

Our Recommendation
Supersmile seems to be a reliable way to get your teeth white, if you are patient and do not need to see results so quickly. They have plenty of positive reviews, and a few negatives ones, but as far as a comprehensive whitening system and oral care program goes, you should be happy with the results.

What do you think? Does Supersmile Whitening work or not?

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