Does Pola Whitening Really Work?

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Does Pola Whitening really work?Pola whitening promises to give you a professional quality whitening experience with a mix of in-office and at-home treatments. Not available in stores, you’d expect this system to be the one that finally gets your teeth as white as all the celebs out there. But does it live up to the hype?

The world of teeth whitening systems is generally broken down into 2 categories. Those that your dentist applies in the clinic, and do it yourself kits that you use at home. More and more this line is getting blurred, with new systems using UV lights at home, and dentists sending patients home with professional strength kits. It’s up to you to decide which way you want to go, and what is best for your teeth and smile.

The Claim
Pola says that you can get a beautiful whiter smile today. They say that their system works to undo all of the stains caused by things like coffee, cigarettes, certain foods, red wine, certain medications, and simply just the wear and tear of getting older.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that this is used and distributed by dentists, with gives it a certain amount of credibility, almost as if they’re endorsing it. Obviously though, they are getting a kickback from the makers of Pola Whitening, and so they are basically paid to endorse the product.

The Cost
The cost will vary by dentist, and is up to their discretion how much to charge based on demographics and local competitors. They openly admit that the take home kits will be less expensive than getting it done in the office.

The Commitment
If you get your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office, it only takes about 30 minutes. This is much faster than other whitening programs that are done in the clinic. The at-home kits will require more commitment because you have to do it yourself, and follow all of the directions. This can put a dent in your day if you don’t designate enough time to it.

You’d think that these whitening systems would get rave reviews, since they’re administered or distributed by a dentist, and come with a hefty price tag. But the reviews are mixed, and vary depending on which system is used.

Pola Night – This system gets the best reviews for the at-home kits. It uses carbamide peroxide as its base and is recommended by the majority of users.

Pola Day – This uses hydrogen peroxide, but at a strength that is supposedly more concentrated than whiteners you can buy at your local store. However, the feedback coming from this product is so mixed that it is not advised.

Pola Office Plus – This is done in the office with your dentist and is by far the most powerful solution they make. It is the most expensive Pola Whitening treatment you can have done, mostly because of the time taken by your dentist.

Pola Zing – This is applied by your dentist as a way to give you a head start on using either the Night or the DAy kits.

Pola Paint – This is one that you paint on yourself at home. It uses a thicker, gel like substance and gives you more control over the other methods that use a tray and provide more broader coverage.

All of the Pola whitening products come with an agent that numbs the teeth so that sensitivity isn’t an issue. What this means is that the products all cause tooth sensitivity, you just can’t feel it. You should still keep in mind the potential damage you are doing to the enamel and dentin of your teeth. The cumulative effect of all of these whitening systems can lead to long term sensitivity issues down the road.

Final Pola Whitening Review

For something as expensive and exclusive as Pola Whitening, we thought it would be more effective and have people raving over the results. But they are only lukewarm towards all of the results. Perhaps its cognitive dissonance from buyers that thought they would have a dazzling smile after paying so much and getting their teeth professionally whitened.

Even their treatment that is applied in-office doesn’t measure up to expectations. The tooth whitening technology is getting so advanced, so quickly, that other companies are bringing high-quality products into the home that do not need to be administered by a dentist. You can buy these without a prescription and the feedback is much better.

Our Recommendation
There are other kits that are less expensive and provide similar and even better results than Pola Whitening. If you are serious about getting your teeth a nice white color, you should go with one of these alternatives. You can see our full line-up of teeth whiteners to help you pick one that really works.

What do you think? Does Pola Whitening work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Pola Whitening Really Work?

  1. I use the syringe once and there is bleach left for the next application. But not only is it very difficult to dispense initially, sometimes squirting all over the place when having to exert more pressure, it later refuses to dispense the amount left. Stuck! I saw a recommendation to pull the plunger back inbetween dispensing and the lever just breaks off the plunger. So I am wasting a fair amount. Any ideas please?

  2. I’m using the Poladay at the moment I have been using it for a week now once every night before bedtime. I have not had any sensitivity to my gums or teeth and my teeth are deffinately getting whiter. It’s easy to use and no mess. I would recommend this. I got this treatment from my dentist and I’m happy so far.

  3. As a dentist I can assure you that we get absolutely no kickback from the company- there are actually laws against this! This product works well when used correctly and in appropriate patients.

  4. I have used other whitening products fine and recently my dentist recommended a change to the night whitening from Pola The gel is great non messy easy to use and does not hurt my teeth and gums as with other gels. To cap it all my teeth are getting nice and white

  5. I’m a dentist and this article is really offensive to me. I have NEVER been offered a “kickback” from any company to push their products. We have to BUY everything that we use at the office and saying that we get paid to use anybody’s product is just plain ignorance. The high cost of whitening is due to the high cost of the products and also the long chair time. It’s not cost effective for us and we still do it for our patients. Please get a little more information before talking about a profession that you obviously know nothing about.

  6. I have had the Pola in Office Whitening. Cost $1300 NZ and took a few hours. My teeth were really gentically yellow. I am totally happy with the results. It did hurt though, the last 5 minutes when the pain shot right through my body. To top up now and then I use the Pola home stuff. You get to keep the personalised clear mouth tray so you never hurt your gums with the gel.

  7. I have worked in dentistry since 1976. I have NEVER heard of a dentist getting a “Kickback” from any company that sells whitening products. The market is flooded with many whitening products, and you use what is recommended and works for you. The competition is great and companies advertise heavily within the business, but NEVER had a kickback offered to me.

  8. It definitely seems like you’d be in a lot of unnecessary pain in order to get the results you want. It doesn’t look like it’s worth it, especially when done in a dentist’s office. I mean I would love to get my teeth whiter but being in severe pain like you mentioned, doesn’t sound like it’s worth it at all. Maybe I’ll still with a less painful and more aimed at doing it yourself.

  9. i just tried pola in office and it does not work and the pain is unbearable a waste of money, time, and just painful !!

  10. Seems an awful lot of hassle compared to other kits.
    I’ve not tried the Pola system, but have been intending to go down the teeth whitening route for some time.
    After reading the review on Platinum Whites and also some of the comments, i’m more inclined to go for that.
    It seems to be a stay at home system that is relatively quick and easy to use and cheaper than having to go to the dentist.
    I also don’t like the fact that there’s so much after care with this system. It all seems very complicated and has the potential to be very expensive.

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