Does the Finishing Touch Smile Pen Really Work?

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Does the Finishing Touch Smile Pen work?The Finishing Touch Smile Pen says it can whiten your teeth in as little as 2 days. It’s a pen so you can accurately apply it to your teeth, and you don’t have to sit with a tray in your mouth or a strip on your teeth. It’s hard to find a whitener that actually works well with a long cost, so let’s see how well it works.

The idea of a whitening pen is not exactly a new invention, but it makes a lot of sense because you get the precision so you can put it right on the teeth. That way if you have certain teeth that are more yellow than the rest you can apply it right to them so you can get them all to the same shade. With some gels out there you have to try to keep your teeth dry by not closing your mouth or else they lose their effectiveness. But this one is supposed to still work long after you apply it.

The Claim
Finishing Touch Smile Pen claims that it not only whitens your teeth, but also freshens your breath at the same time. They say that it provides the results that it does because it keeps working for hours after you apply it. They also say you can use this no matter where you are or what time of day it is. They go on to point out that this is a better alternative than paying for costlier teeth whitening performed by your dentist.

They claim that it only takes 30 seconds to apply this, and they make the comparison to other teeth whitening kits that can take 30 minutes or longer. They say in two days you should start to notice your teeth getting whiter, and in two weeks they say you can achieve an 5 to 8 shade improvement on your color.

They say that it has a special formulation that sticks to the teeth and stays on so that the hydrogen peroxide can work on the enamel and do its thing. They also say that this works and keeps working, due to a time release factor. They say this can be used by people with sensitive teeth, so if you’ve had trouble with whiteners causing too much sensitivity you might have success with this.

The Hype
Teeth whitening is big business now, which is odd because it hasn’t always been. But white teeth are becoming more and more in demand, and a sign of good health and a vibrant life. With some whitening kits costing a hundred dollars or more, and professional whitening at the dentist costing far more, the price is the hype on this one.

The Cost
The Finishing Touch Smile Pen is $16 delivered to your door, or you can pick it up at Wal-Mart for $9.88 and save the $6 shipping charge. In the world of whiteners this is borderline ridiculously cheap.

The Commitment
This is where they make their strongest case for getting this. Instead of having to use a whitening tray or strip, they have it set up so you apply it right to your teeth with a pen and they say it only takes half a minute. Also, you only have to use it for 2 weeks so there’s not a lot of commitment on your part to get the same sort of results you’d get from more elaborate systems.

The Finishing Touch Smile Pen is getting rave reviews, with most people saying that it gets your teeth whiter just as promised, and in short order. Most people say that they could see results even as soon as the first application. Some also say that after using it for the recommended 2 week period they’ve seen really good results and that their teeth are several shades whiter.

Almost everyone that tries this says that it’s a bargain at this price. When you consider the other tooth whitening options out there this coming in at $10 makes it one of the most affordable and effective whitening solutions out there. As far as value for the dollar, something that we’re all looking for in this economy, you can have a whiter smile without breaking the bank.

Final Finishing Touch Smile Pen Review

The Finishing Touch Smile Pen is getting our Thumbs Up review due to the positive feedback it gets, and the fact that it doesn’t require any trays or white strips to get it to work. It’s ease of use scores it major points, and the fact that people are basically loving this makes it a good buy.

Our Recommendation
This can be a great way to whiten your teeth on the cheap, and in short order. When it comes to whitening your smile you only have so many options. Getting your dentist to do it is easier since you don’t have to do anything, but it’s going to cost a ton. This is the perfect mix of results vs. cost.

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What do you think? Does the Finishing Touch Smile Pen work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does the Finishing Touch Smile Pen Really Work?

  1. Just bought this product today and I LOVE it! This if my first time ever using a teeth whitener and I’m 100% satisfied. After just one application my teeth are already a shade whiter!!

  2. One good thing about teeth whiteners is that they all work. I’ve tried different brands and different types and they all work. The only thing that makes me choose one brand over another is the ease of use and I believe I found a new winner 🙂 I hate the strips but so far it wasn’t like I had much choice. I think it’s going to take me more than 30 seconds to apply, maybe about 3 minutes or so, but that’s still much better than strips.

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