Does the UV Ultra Vac Really Work?

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Does the UV Ultra Vac work?The UV Ultra Vac promises to wage war on dust mites and reclaim your bed and other areas of them. Many of us are aware of dust mites and the allergy symptoms that can come with them, but because of their small size the thought was that there isn’t much you can do about them. This vacuum uses a UVC germicidal light to kill them and then sucks them up. Or so it claims. Let’s see what the real story is.

There’s no denying that dust mites exist, that they lay eggs, and that they drop their droppings all over. The real problem is that they aren’t visible to the naked eye, so you’re not really sure exactly where they are, or if they’re the reason you’ve been sneezing or congested. You sort of have to assume that they’re in certain places, mainly because of the ubiquitous nature they have, being found all across the globe, and preferring certain environments, namely households, over others.

The Claim
The UV Ultra Vac claims that because it uses a germicidal light in conjunction with a HEPA filter that it kills and then removes them all in one sweep. They say even if the vacuum doesn’t pick them up, that the light alters the dust mite’s DNA rendering them harmless and no longer an allergic threat.

They say that if you get headaches, of if you get congested or have sneezing fits, or even if you wake up feeling groggy and that you didn’t get enough sleep even though you did, you are probably suffering from an infestation of dust mites, and therefore their product will help eliminate those systems as it eradicates the dust mite population.

They also claim that this works to kill and vacuum up bed bugs, which carry with them a host of other problems, primarily their bites that can last a long time and itch like crazy.

The Hype
The hype here is that you could be able to control the amount of dust mites you have in your home. Before this came along there were only so many ways you could get rid of dust mites. There are even anti-mite mattresses available that you can buy to try to cut down on the number of mites that can set up shop there. Aside from that there are chemicals you can use, and other tricks to help kill them off, but this method seems to be the only chemical-free way to go.

However, the fact remains that since you can’t see dust mites they’re an invisible problem. Any product that claims to fix an invisible problem could be trying to pull a fast one on you because it’s hard to verify if it’s actually doing anything at all, with no visible proof. The proof will come only from trying it out and seeing if your symptoms improve.

The Cost
They’ve got one of those in-home trial offers in place for the UV Ultra Vac. This entails paying a $15 trial fee, plus $20 shipping and then making up your mind within 30 days. If you keep it it’s $100 broken up into 3 monthly installments. They also let you pay the full $120 up front, which saves you the $15 and still gets you 30 days to try it out, and return it for a refund if you’re not impressed.

The Commitment
Once this arrives you’ve got to be the one that takes it through all the suspect areas of your home. This would include mattresses as step one, but you should also use it on couches and sofas, pillows, and anywhere else you think they’ve set up camp. This can take a while depending on the size of your family and your home. They give you 30 days to test it out so you’ll want to be sure to clean things up as soon as you can so that you can use the remaining time to see if your symptoms improve.

The UV Ultra Vac makes a strong case for itself. If it is actually using a germicidal light, it might work to clean some of the surface mites. However, if you have a very deep mattress, it is likely unable to get down to where all of the mites are dwelling. But if you use this consistently you should be able to take care of the mites on the outer layer which is where you rest your head and face and where most of the problems arise from.

Final UV Ultra Vac Review

We’re giving the UV Ultra Vac a Solid Try rating. They are basically begging you to try this out, and they seem pretty confident that you’ll want to keep it once you see how it works. They’d much rather get $145 out of you than $35, so it’s in their best interest to provide a product that works as expected. The better way to try this out, if it’s feasible on your end is to pay the full price up front and return it if it doesn’t work. This lets you avoid the $15 fee and if you don’t like it you’re only out the $20 shipping and whatever it costs to ship it back.

Our Recommendation
Short of getting a bunch of dust mites together, running over them with this vacuum, and then using a microscope to see if they’re still there, there’s not really a good way to tell if this works or not. It’s up to you to try it out and see if it helps with allergy symptoms.

What do you think? Does UV Ultra Vac work or not?

23 Customer Reviews on “Does the UV Ultra Vac Really Work?

  1. This is not a review it is a commentary.
    I know what mites are and I know wnat this machine is claimed to do but this dissertation does not confirm of deny it.

  2. Where is the product made? What is the company that actually sells the product and where is it located? If the UV light burns out can you purchase them from the company? What type of warranty does the company offer? Do you have any statistics on people who have bought this product, likes and dislikes?

    Thank you for your response in advance

  3. It’s been proven scientifically that intense UV lights do kill bed bugs and does a pretty darn good job at it, but what happens after you kill them? The thing about UV wand is that you kill the bugs and they’re still on your bed or on your pillow and that thought really disgusts me. UV ultra vac basically completes the feature that the UV wands have been missing and that’s getting rid of the dead bed bugs after you fry them. My nose will thank me when I get this. Thanks for clarifying the buying process by the way. I’m going to pay the $120 so I don’t pay the $15 trial fee.

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