Does Rip It Energy Drink Really Work?

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Does Rip It Energy Drink really work?If you’re familiar with Shasta or Faygo, you might suspect that Rip It would be a generic brand looking for its share of the energy drink market. And you’d be correct. They are trying to grab those customers that don’t feel like paying a premium just to get a shot of energy into their system. So how does it compare in taste and value to the big boys?

Energy drinks are surging in popularity across the globe and more and more brands are entering the market. The Rip It brand is interesting because it is manufactured by National Beverage, which tries to compete with the big soda brands Coke and Pepsi with its various products. It basically threw its hat into the ring and said “me too”. Fifteen different flavors later they seem to be treading water in a volatile industry.

The Claim
They say that it is real energy for real people at a real value. This is definitely something that will resonate with consumers that don’t want to pay twice as much for essentially the same product. Other than that, their claims are rather understated, they don’t go to great lengths to oversell their product, and basically have copied the structure of other popular brands.

The Hype
The entire energy drink market is pure hype, because they are basically selling consumers toxins that make the body have a physiological reaction that is mislabeled as energy. Rip It doesn’t hype itself up any more than its competitors do, and apart from some risque advertising and cleverly named drinks, it is pretty tame as far as hype goes.

The Cost
This is where Rip It hopes to compete. By offering a can for about half the price of the market leaders, their goal is to attract the market segment that doesn’t feel like getting price gouged. The very fact that they are able to sell their drink at this price and make a tidy profit shows that companies like Red Bull, Monster, or Rockstar are profiting from huge mark ups.

The Taste
So if it has the same ingredients as the other energy drinks you can buy, what about the taste? Because if it tastes the same, and provides the same energy burst, why pay more for the other brands? The consensus is that is just tastes so-so. Nothing to write home about. It tastes good enough for the price, and provides enough kick to make it worth the buck or so you’ll pay for it.

The concept is solid, and one that would normally have it’s competitors shaking in their boots, but the delivery is a little off. By taking the low road in regards to price, they really put themselves in a great position. There’s really nothing to lose. People aren’t going to fault you too much for not getting the taste 100% right. For $1 they know what they’re getting into, so expectations are set low. If it tastes better than they thought it would, they might buy it again, and it doesn’t they still might buy it again on price alone.

They got it right by offering so many different flavors, and this is simply a matter of following the lead of brands like Monster and Rockstar. The more flavors and varieties you produce, the better your chance of attracting more of the market.

3-Way – Perhaps their most risque name.

A’tomic Pom – Pomegranate flavor with a kick.

Citrus X , Citrus X sugar-free – A blend of fruit flavors, plus the same Rip It Energy drink recipe

Code Blue – one variety of their 2 oz shots.

F-Bomb, F-Bomb sugar-free – The F is for fruit.

G-Force, G-Force sugar-free – The G is for grape. Hopefully they use the same grape flavoring as they do in Faygo Grape pop. Yum!

Lime Wrecker – Margarita flavored energy drink.

Le-MOAN’R – Lemon flavored.

Power, Power sugar-free – A crisper taste than the original.

Red Zone – Maybe a reference to Red Bull.

Sting-Er Mo – More of everything you’d want in an energy drink.

Final Rip It Energy Drink Review

If you’re fed up with paying to much for your energy drinks, you can stick it to the man and get yourself a Rip It. You’ll get the same punch from the same ingredients, but you might suffer a little on taste. At the end of the day an energy drink is an energy drink, so knock it back, get the rush, and get on with your day – all with a little extra cash in your pocket.

Our Recommendation
We give Rip It our seal of approval because it exposes the energy drink industry for what it is, a giant sham. By showing people just how little the ingredients cost that goes into these products, and showing that a company can turn a profit with such low retail prices, they are basically shedding the light on Red Bull et al being total rip offs. Buy Rip It instead of the overpriced brands if you simply must have an energy drink.

What do you think? Does Rip It Energy Drink work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Rip It Energy Drink Really Work?

  1. Not gonna lie, Rip It is all around my favorite energy drink now. With drinks like Bang and Monster reaching nearly $3 and tasting nearly the same I was fed up with it for a while. And a few days ago I walked into a Gas Station to pick up a Bang and saw a drink on the bottom of the shelf that said “99 cents” and so I picked it up and it was a rip it can with orange camo, so I thought why not and I picked it up. When I tell you it’s the best I mean it, I’ve read up on that cans flavor and I think it’s Orange Cream. I love it. Personally, I think it tastes better than any bang or monster I’ve ever had, it’s giving me the same kick and energy I’ve had with bang and monster and I’m spending less than a $1.15 on them. I can see why the military uses them. They’re amazing and underrated.

  2. Pieces of shit who can’t or won’t make enough of these to consistently get them. Today was my last day giving these assholes a dime. Take your fucking drink and shove it up your asses, if you can find any.

  3. I’ve been drinking the sugar free citrus for maybe 10 years and the sugar free orange for almost as long.
    They are the best tasting soft drinks I’ve ever had. Caffeine seems to has no affect on me, so I just drink them for the flavor and the vitamins. Please make more sugar free options!

  4. When I was deployed overseas in the US military, this got me thru the day, working sometimes 24 hrs straight. They were 8 oz cans, so I would take a few with me. We didn’t have ice all the time so I got use to these cans warm, and I gotta admit… I prefer these over monster, red bull, rockstar, or amp. And the price?!? Who would pay more for the same thing? Sugar-free Power all the way!

  5. Energy drinks are just sugar and caffeine. If someone thinks these “energy drinks” actually give you energy then the mass marketing of these scammers has worked on the feeble minded simpletons who don’t have a clue about nutrition.

  6. Rip it really works well for me.tribute is my favorite awesome taste and flavor.I wish it had a more Caffeine though:)

  7. I love rip it
    All kinds I just feel wonderful..not sleeping as much and the big boost of energy I get wow I’m impressed keep up the good job.

  8. Rip its works for me let me tell you. As a long haul trucker they give me the energy I need to lure in transient hookers, dismember them and still have enough energy to dispose of their rancid remains, they are worth a try!

  9. I bought a couple cans yesterday and drank one. I was skeptical at first because energy drinks are full of caffeine . But to my surprise I didn’t get a rush and I was full of energy and that’s a big win for me, because I suffer from fatigue. I drank my second can before work today and I’m still full of energy! I’m going to buy cases of Rip it! I just feel so alive and good.

  10. For 99 cents you can’t beat Rip It for an energy drink. Most still have 200 mg of caffeine per can while most of the mainstream ones toned down the caffeine to around 160 mg per can. However some of their flavors are just not that great. However, grape is awesome and they have a lemonade one that is good too. Though, energy drinks aren’t good for you in the long run. For the sake of my teeth, liver and blood glucose I usually only have one or two a week.


  12. The Rip it Sugar free Citrus X is my favorite. They taste wonderful and the price I pay is only $1.05 Out of all the Monsters and other energy drinks at the convinece stores in my area I’d prefer to drink my Rip it. Crisp taste with sustainable energy. Love it

  13. I am actually drinking a Rip It F-Bomb as I write this. While I am not a fan of pop, these work in a pinch. They are one of the cheapest energy drinks you can buy and the flavors are decent, too. I prefer energy shots as I do not like high-calorie drinks, but when those aren’t available, I sometimes reach for a Rip It. The sugar-free versions of any energy drink do not work for me, so basically it is just calories being converted into energy. I wouldn’t suggest regularly consuming energy drinks with sugar as they are hard on your teeth and are nothing but empty calories. For the occasional boost of energy though, Rip It gets my approval.

  14. It was basically like drinking pop. It did absolutely nothing for me even though it tasted semi-decent. I mean at least Monster gave me some energy. But these are just more or less soda pop with more or less ability to give some people energy I suppose. But I wouldn’t rely on these alone. Just for a good pick me up but even then there’s much better options to choose from. Not much energy if any at all and more like a sugary beverage or if you get a sugar-free flavor, a carbonated diet soda like Diet Coke.

  15. I work long days and long hours and depend on drinks like these to keep me going through the sometimes 14 hour days that I work. There are several drinks out there and they seem to becoming more and more popular. This drink, however, is by far one of the favorites of mine. I enjoy the delicious flavors that it offers, as well as the quick results that are provided. The fact that it is also cheaper than the other energy drinks on the market also keeps this a top choice on my list. There is no bad aftertaste, and a 16-oz. can of Rip It works to quickly help you feel alive and energized.

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