Does Radioactive Energy Drink Really Work?

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Does Radioactive Energy Drink really work?If you’ve ever wanted to drink something that glows in the dark, Radioactive Energy Drink might be just the thing. That’s their gimmick as they try to find a place in a crowded energy drink market. Their slogan is “Catch the Glow” and they seem to be winning over a loyal following. But is it all just glow-in-the-dark nonsense, or is this drink the real thing?

Count on companies to come up with every trick in the book in order to get you to buy their products. Whether it’s the shock value of naming your beverage Cocaine, or trying to embody the rockstar lifestyle by naming it Rockstar, there’s no telling what will come out next. The makers of Radioactive Energy Drink have come up with a clever marketing and packaging campaign, but this alone doesn’t make a great product.

The Claim
Radioactive Energy Drink claims that their can and the actual drink glow in the dark. The can is left out to absorb the sunlight before it is shipped off, and therefore can produce a nice glow when the lights go out. The drink is infused with a chemical that makes it glow when placed under a blacklight. It is also designed to provide the same amount of energy and kick as its competitors, such as Red Bull or Monster.

The Hype
The product uses a gimmick in order to encourage sales, and it is pretty cool to see your drink and can glow at the club. However, it’s all lost in a sea of other energy drinks that use the same strategy of clever names for their drinks, and very eye-catching cans and packaging.

The Cost
Radioactive is about the same price as the other energy drinks out there, and they aren’t trying to price compete the way Rip It or Rockstar does.

The Taste and Energy Felt
One way energy drinks can build a solid fan base is by making theirs taste better than the others. Radioactive energy drink definitely tried to compete in this area, by making their product go down a lot smoother than some of the sweeter alternatives. It drinks well, and you can finish even the larger sized can without getting sick of the taste.

As far as the sort of kick you will get from it, of course it will vary by person, but most say that it will keep you going for several hours. The good thing about their mix is that you don’t get that antsy, panicky sort of energy that you might get from other brands. Instead it gives a nice sustained buzz so you can be productive without looking like a madman.

Overall, they’ve gotten a lot right with Radioactive. It’s got a fun premise, nice packaging, and the actual product inside delivers on what you’d expect from it. It’s a nice break from the more mainstream and popular brands, and will definitely turn a few heads if you order at a bar or club in order to sustain you through the night.

Some people out there have noted that there are added vitamins in Radioactive, and have even called it a health drink. This is by no means healthy for you, and the scant amount of vitamins that they put in it is completely compromised by all of the caffeine and taurine and the damage these do to your body. To be clear, you are not doing yourself any favors by consuming this drink.

Final Radioactive Energy Drink Review

It’s hard for new beverage makers to find a home in the energy drink market. The big boys have pretty much taken all the shelf space, and keep expanding their product lines in order to keep the competition out. But Radioactive Energy Drink has done well to carve out its own sub-niche, and definitely makes the grade for those that want to amp up their nite life.

Our Recommendation
If you’re into energy drinks you should give Radioactive a try. It definitely satisfies your energy needs, and it’s always nice to branch out from your rut and try something new. Especially when you’re out at night, Radioactive energy drink will be helpful in starting conversations as well as fueling the fun for a long night out.

What do you think? Does Radioactive Energy Drink work or not?

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  2. hahahaha i have 20 cases of this but yeah kids stop drinking the energy drink like all these dumb ass people are saying. go out instead and grab some crack or crystal meth that will keep your little asses up.

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  4. Come on folks! What are we doing to ourselves? Choosing to drink something called “Radioactive”, really??? I have had a long talk with my sons regarding this brand and other energy drinks. After having a nephew be hospitalized for drinking too many energy drinks, I strongly urge all teens to avoid these drinks. If you’re really into glow in the dark things, then wear glow in the dark jewelry. I also think it’s important to set limitations. My sons have a curfew and a bed time. I’d rather that they get their energy from a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast.

  5. This is obviously not aimed at the conscientious individual- the can glows in the dark! Wow. Clearly this is aimed at young people who are going to clubs and who are going to mix this stuff with alcohol. But of course they can’t advertise it as such, because they limit there ability to market the product. This way, they can sell it right across the board to anyone. It’s just caffeine and sugar, obviously. You need to keep drinking them t ‘keep you going’. You might get a little kick from the first one, but you are putting your body under stress to do so. So in effect, it does the opposite of what it claims.

  6. It sounds like a quite the party drink especially with vodka. But I can take a gander that its effects are similar to Monster and Rockstar where even though it may taste great it, it doesn’t give you a lot of energy and will eventually make you crash. I’m curious though Ashley, does it actually glow in the dark as it claims? Because that alone would be fun to see. But if you’re looking for energy you can rely on, you should get plenty of rest, drink at least 2 gallons of water a day (not in one setting but spread out throughout the day) and eat healthy foods. But vodka and energy drinks can also do some gnarly damage to your health if you’re not careful.

  7. I own 3100 shares of this product through GZ Gourmet Food and Beverage, Inc. can I sell these back to this company?

  8. this stuff keeps me going all the time.
    When i’m hitting the clubs sometimes the other drinks can be too sweet and don’t taste very nice at all.
    Radioactive seem to have hit the spot with taste and as i say, it keeps me going for hours.
    Add a touch of Vodka and you’ve got a drink to get you wasted! 🙂

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