Does Go Girl Energy Drink Really Work?

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Does Go Girl Energy Drink really work?In an industry mostly fueled by testosterone, it’s nice to see a product like Go Girl Energy Drink which caters to women. From its pink design to its name this product screams feminine power. There are even active in local communities to support things like breast cancer, further proving that this one is for the ladies. But how does it taste, and how does it compare to other popular energy drinks on the market?

Just because it’s called Go Girl doesn’t mean guys can try it too. There are even some guys out there that have been man enough to say they’re addicted to it. IF they can get past the fact that it comes in a hot pink can and one of its slogans is “Beautiful Energy” guys might find that they actually enjoy the taste and the energy burst it provides.

But if girl power isn’t what you’re after you might want to leave this one for the ladies out there. It’s got a cherry flavor to it, with just a hint of citrus and a little bit of cola mixed in for good measure. It drinks easily and is sugar free, so you don’t have to worry too much about it making you fat.

The Claim
The claim with Go Girl Energy is the same as with any energy drinks. They claim that their product actually gives you energy, but it is not the same sort of energy that you get from eating healthy foods, it is a manufactured feeling that you get that is mistaken for energy. The industry is not highly regulated, and the FDA still lets these companies call themselves energy drinks, even though they are not providing real energy. In fact, they actually deplete the body of nutrients and cause severe dehydration, making them one of the least healthy things you can put in your body.

The mix of taurine and caffeine cause your heart to beat faster, even when you’re not doing anything strenuous. This makes you feel like you have energy, because your brain thinks you need to justify the fact that your heart is beating more rapidly. This is why you’ll talk fast, feel antsy, feel focused, or feel like pushing yourself at whatever it is you’re doing.

The Hype
Anything that is marketed and developed just for women is bound to get some sort of hype. That takes a lot of commitment, as it basically cuts your market in half, and you are only going to be reaching out to a select few women out there that want to go all out and drink energy drinks.

The Cost
Go Girl Energy provides pretty good value for the dollar, which is important in this economy. It’s less than $2 a can in most places across the country, which puts it at about average compared to its competitors.

The Cause
With every can of Go Girl Energy you buy, you’re helping to fight breast cancer and raise awareness for this worthy cause. This is because they make large donations to finding a cure, and sponsor many events that are designed to help people cope with the disease.

The biggest factors when it comes to energy drinks are taste and energy. If it doesn’t taste good, you won’t want to drink it again, and if it doesn’t give you the needed energy boost, what’s the point of drinking it in the first place.

They’ve followed the lead of brands like Monster and Rockstar and have come out with an assortment of spin-offs and alternative flavors including Sugar Free, Pomegranate Star Fruit, Peach Tea, Pomegranate Blueberry Tea, and Lemon Drop Sugar Free. This seems to be a successful way of capturing even more of the market segment that wants something different, or didn’t quite like your original offering.

Final Go Girl Energy Drink Review

We have to give Go Girl Energy our thumbs up approval. It’s one of the only socially conscious energy drinks on the planet, and we love that there’s an entire product line made specifically for women that want to get more done while they’re awake. The product is well thought out and well executed, and the next time you’re in the energy drink aisle, definitely grab one or two and you won’t regret it. Yes, even you guys out there!

Our Recommendation
If you’re into energy drinks you owe it to yourself to give Go Girl Energy Drink a try. It ranks highly on taste, and packs just as much punch as some of the big boys. It is designed and marketed as may be a lighter alternative in regards to calories and sugar, but it makes up for this with a nice taste that other drinks seem to lack.

What do you think? Does Go Girl Energy Drink work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Go Girl Energy Drink Really Work?

  1. I need Go Girl to get things done. I have a thyroid issue and I am just sluggish without my drink. Good or bad I need it. I love its sugar free, tastes great and supports women.

  2. By the general standards of the energy drink market, this is a great product. It’s just a shame that it’s marketed in a sexist fashion to women only. It’s pink. Guys don’t like holding and drinking something from a pink can, generally speaking. But why shouldn’t guys try this energy drink? I’m a guy, and I like getting an energy boost with low carbs and low sugar. Come on, Go Girl, make a Go Guy in blue so I can get energy without chugging an allegedly manly half-liter can of Rockstar energy drink or some other sugary swill. Get out your beer koozie and wrap it around this can. It’ll look much manlier.

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