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Does Bosley really work?You might be familiar with the Bosley company as they’re no strangers to running advertisements on TV. This is not your ordinary hair loss product, this is actually hair transplants in which they take hair from the sides and back of your scalp and move them to the places where you need them. But everyone knows a botched hair transplant is often worse than being bald. So does Bosley produce quality results?

Bosley Medical has been in the business of helping men restore the look of their hair for over three decades now. Safe to say that this is no fly-by-night business and they must be doing something right in order to stay afloat for so long. Most people are familiar with the Hair Club for Men, their main competitor because of the commercials with the guy that cities not only the president but also a client. Bosley offers similar services and products.

The Claim
The claim made by Bosley is that they’ll be able to restore your hair to its original condition by transporting follicles that are known to grow your whole life to the top of your head where your hair is thinning. The procedure can be rather extensive, with anywhere from 600 to 3000 grafts taking place depending on how bad your condition is.

The Hype
There is not much hype involved with Bosley, because many people write it off as being too expensive and not something they can justify. It does seem that this procedure is geared towards men that have tried everything else and are willing to spend a small fortune on restoring their hairline to its original place. The commercials provide some hype, but they do well to avoid over exaggerating the kind of results you’ll see. They have gotten into some trouble by understating exactly what the procedure entails in regards to pain and suffering.

The Cost
This is one of those products where the saying “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” comes into play. Although they have a payment plan that can put you in the $150-$250 ballpark per month, the overall treatment can cost over $10,000. If your hair is very important to you, like it is with most men, this might seem worth it if it provides the results promised by the before-and-after pictures in the ads.

The Commitment
Aside from the financial commitment you’ll also have to show up to receive the treatments. This is not a one-shot deal where you just walked in and they replace everything in one day. Is done in phases so that your hair has time to heal between visits. If you are a busy guy you might find it rather inconvenient to go to the office so many times. However with the price you’re paying, most men find the time to have it done.

When a product has to justify a $10,000 price tag it had better deliver. Being in business well over 30 years there really isn’t a possibility that Bosley doesn’t work. There’d be a large uprising of disgruntled customers demanding their money back for a lousy job done on their heads. Of course, there will be those patients that could not be helped by the Bosley method, but overall it must be effective.

It’s easy to find negative reviews for something like this because results will vary from person to person and from surgeon to surgeon. There is no one surgeon that is doing every single operation, and not every man has the same scalp condition and overall health.

As technology improves the method can get more and more streamlined and work on a smaller scale. As long as Bosley stays current with the new technologies that emerge the results should get better and better. They also combine their transplants with products that contain minoxidil and scalp cleansers to make sure that the newly grafted hair follicles take root and stay put for years to come.

Complaints and Controversy
It is important to note that Bosley Medical is not without its fair share of criticism and court cases. Any company that has been in the business world as long as they have is bound to have people saying they were taken advantage of or that they’re not conducting business properly. Many of the complaints were with the type of advertising they do, and the kind of claims they make which some say misrepresents the actual procedure.

Final Bosley Review

There’s no way to say with any definitive proof whether or not Bosley works. This is a rather expensive coin flip that could go either way. It can’t hurt to get a consultation to see what kind of information you can gather about your own personal situation. Of course they will try to sell you on getting the procedure done, but they can’t force you to do it, and at least you’ll know where you stand in relation to how many grafts you’ll need.

Our Recommendation
We would recommend going with Bosley only if you tried other hair loss treatments with no success, and have a rather large bankroll. This is the closest thing you’ll ever get to turning back the clock in regards to your hair. When you use hair growth treatments like Rogaine you have to keep using them indefinitely to maintain whatever results they provide. With something like Bosley your hair should continue to grow like natural and match her hair color exactly for the rest of your life.

What do you think? Does Bosley work or not?

22 Customer Reviews on “Does Bosley Really Work?

  1. If there were an option to give this place ZERO stars I would gladly do it. I had mild recession on my hairline and after seeing so many of their late night infomercials I decided to save up enough money to get this procedure done with them at their Bosley Washington D.C. office.

    The initial consultation was great and the sales woman promised me the moon and the stars stating that Bosley Hair Restoration was the industry leader and committed to excellent results and satisfaction.

    The day before the procedure I was called in to come in as a replacement for a “cancellation” (which I believe is some sort of tactic that they do). I came in and the doctor was trying to rush me into the procedure room. He didn’t even ask what sort of coverage or hairline I wanted, he just quickly drew some abnormal line on my forehead and said let’s go. I stood my ground and told him to at least take my input into consideration prior to the procedure. Long story short…1 year post op, little to no growth and a HUGE scar on the back of my head.

    2nd correction procedure: Came in and met with a different doctor who concurred that the previous procedure was less than ideal and agreed to do a corrective FUE. When it came time for the procedure he now backtracked and “nickle and dimed” me on the amount of grafts they would do which would end up being 200 grafts which was 80% less grafts than what had been done in my initial procedure. Whereas only 40% of the initial grafts from my first procedure had grown. Simple math would suggest that this would not be enough. They went ahead and did the procedure. 9 months later….NO GROWTH.

    3rd corrective procedure…Had a consultation with yet ANOTHER Bosley doctor who profusely apologized for my lack of growth and stated that they would do the procedure again with an FUT but that I would need to sign a waiver and that this would be the final correction. I stated that I was fine with that, believing that was only fair since it would finally be fixed.

    I am now 1 year post op my 3rd corrective procedure with Bosley and not only has there been NO GROWTH but I actually suffered shock loss and all of my native hair that was in close proximity to the transplanted hair has permanently fallen out in addition to the transplanted hair not growing and the FUT scar on the back of my head is bigger than ever!!

    I am actually in a worse position than I was 3 years ago prior to undergoing my procedures with Bosley. I am sure that when I contact them about this they will blame me or my scalp or anything else to avoid taking responsibility that their doctors might be lacking the necessary skills required to perform these procedures successfully.

    I feel cheated and that my life has been ruined by Bosely Hair Restoration. Please do your research before choosing them. They are a hair transplant “Mill” that only cares about profits and number of new clientele not about actually providing quality and satisfactory outcomes for their patients.

    I found a new hair loss website that provides great information about male pattern baldness called that is in the process of listing and rating good and bad hair transplant clinics. You should check out their website if you are suffering from male pattern baldness and seeking honest and accurate information.

    I have also posted my story there with pictures to warn others and you can also read it and leave comments to share your similar experience as well…this is the link

  2. I was 40 years old when I noticed the lacking of hair on my front hairline. At the time I was living in LA and had some money saved so I decided to check it out with Bosley. I had to start by paying $5,000 for the first procedure. I thought about it a lot and was a hairline close to doing it but at the end decided against it. They told me people stop losing hair after 40, and that is not true. If I paid 5k for the first treatment I would have to keep digging for more money as I kept losing hair. Then I thought about the scars I would have. I’m now 68 and shave my head for the low count of hair I have left. I had my share of romance, have a family, and didn’t die because of the baldness. Being a musician and a rocker is my life, and having a full set of hair would have been nice, but when I look myself in the mirror I conclude it’s not that bad. If you really feel bad about it, just get yourself some nice hats…

  3. I realize that Bosley are one of the most successful places to get your hair redone. Their clients are generally satisfied except for those who do not follow their plans.

  4. I did a lot of research and got to see a lot of unhappy Bosley patients and even some wanted to get suicide after getting real bad stip scars…that really freaked me out. in my research, i came to know who is the best and most innovating in the field so I chose Dr Shapiro for my first procedure and then Dr Cole from Atlanta for my 2nd which was extremely successful

  5. Twenty-seven years ago, I was on a plane flying from Dallas, Texas, to Little Rock, Arkansas, en route to one of the first-ever Hair Transplant meetings in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I got to chatting with a fellow passenger about Australia and my curious occupation. I did not notice immediately that the passenger on my other side was also listening and asking some very perceptive questions. He told me that his name was Larry, that he too was a full-time hair transplant surgeon, and that he had recently opened a Clinic in Beverly Hills. He seemed a shy man, a few years older than me, but with very definite beliefs about the art and science of hair transplantation and ambitions to build a world-class Clinic. His name meant nothing to me, a 37-year-old hair doctor from the other side of the globe, but for the record, he was L. Lee Bosley. As most hair transplanters at that time were practicing dermatologists or surgeons performing the occasional transplant, we were immediately attracted by each other’s single-minded approach. I was doing 6 procedures a day and he and his staff even more, which was a very high turnover by the standards of those days (or even now). During the course of the three-day meeting, I met many other hair surgeons and was told that Dr. Bosley was regarded as a maverick in the newly emerging HT profession. In fact, he was virtually a pariah by virtue of his unseemly practice of advertising for patients. Many other doctors avoided speaking with him and he did not present a paper at the meeting. I have since learned that he was not the first to advertise; Drs. Frankel and Chambers had beaten him to it, but Dr. Bosley was certainly to be the most successful. I am pleased to say that I ignored the advice that I should avoid him, as I felt there was much we could learn from each other. I have since visited with him many times over the past 28 years, have met his wife and sons, and our friendship has lasted to this day. I memorised this little rhyme when I was a small child and it has stuck in my mind: “A friend is not one who’s taken in by sham, A friend is one who knows your faults and doesn’t give a damn.” Larry has attracted criticism since he first opened his doors in Beverly Hills in 1974, and today is still a topic of conversation. Fortunately, the comments these days are mostly those of grudging admiration when it was learned that, after a couple of years on the market, his nation-wide chain Bosley Medical had been sold to a Japanese company, Aderans, for $47 million (U.S. currency). Life at the Top So what happened in the 30 years between first setting up in L.A. and the present time? How did Larry Bosley come to be so big and at times so vilified, yet remain so successful? More particularly, do we all owe him a debt of gratitude for being the market leader and breaking the ice for us in matters of promotion and advertising? He bore the brunt of attacks from the California Medical Board and licensing authorities. The legal and emotional costs were enormous, but he contested every challenge. In addition, he had legal challenges concerning contract disputes from some ex-MD-staff members. There were heavy financial and emotional costs on both sides in these “take no prisoners” legal contests, which sometimes resulted in bankruptcy for the MDs concerned. The resentment of some of these men has lingered on, and the tales gather pace over drinks in after-meeting watering holes. While undoubtedly based on some degree of fact, these tales have done much to spread the Bosley legend of a hard-driving, unforgiving businessman. In 2000, a dissatisfied former patient set up a Website with the object of publicizing some of the legal problems of the Bosley Medical Group. BMG regarded this as libellous and has filed a lawsuit that is still pending. The Website did little to encroach on the fame of the Bosley name, however, as the vast majority of patients were happy with their hair transplants. Early Days Larry Lee Bosley was born on September 19, 1931, in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was the first child of Alice Bosley and her schoolmaster husband Clifford Lee Bosley. Clifford was a dedicated educationalist and rose to become Principal of a number of high schools in Nebraska and later Superintendent of Schools in Eaton, Colorado. On graduating from York High School, in Nebraska, in 1948, Larry attained the Regent’s scholarship to the University of Nebraska, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1952. He enrolled at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine the same year and graduated in 1956. After an internship in Tacoma, Washington, he volunteered for the U.S. Army Medical Corp. Commissioned a Captain, he served one year each in Heidelberg and Munich, Germany. While still in the Army Reserve, Larry did a year in Family Practice in Tacoma Washington, and then entered a 3-year Dermatology Residency in Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. It was in San Francisco around 1962, during the third year of his Residency, that Larry saw his first hair transplant procedure. In 1973, he joined Lakewood hair transplant surgeon Dr. Edward Frankel for a few months before opening his own Beverly Hills practice in Hair Transplantation later that year. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Craig Hope joined Larry in 1976 as his first affiliated MD. With intensive advertising campaigns and excellent workmanship, Larry steadily built his empire. While I have heard many criticisms of the Bosley work over the years, I have certainly seen no evidence of this personally. While visiting his numerous operating rooms, I have always gained the impression that the work performed by his doctors was superior to the majority of the work being performed in the USA at that time. And so it should have been. Because Dr. Bosley insisted on high standards, the doctors got plenty of practice and were assisted by welltrained, competent staff. While some rivals claim that he received more complaints than anyone else, this, even if true, must be put into perspective. The Bosley Group did far more work than anyone else, and BMG statistics show that the complaint rate was always well within an acceptable 1%—a figure that few of us could better. “Warts and All” If Larry had a fault, it is a reputed brusque and insensitive manner, which results in a difficulty in retaining staff and surgeons. Of the more than 50 MDs who have joined the Bosley Medical Group over the past 26 years, only 2 have remained 10 years or more, and only 20 have remained for 4 years or more. The average over the first 13 years was 2.5 years. These men were certainly not without ability and many have gone on to be leading HT practitioners in their own right: Drs. Paul Straub, Michael Elliot, Randall Sword, Alvaro Traquino, Gerry Seery, and Marc Pomerantz are well-known and respected members of our profession yet. Dr. William Rassman, a skilled administrator and former general surgeon, was employed as President of the Bosley Medical Group for a period of time in 1989 but never performed any transplants while with the Group. Family Life Larry married first in 1962 and son John was born in 1966. Larry divorced in 1968, and in 1970 he married Sandra Neubarth, daughter of a Californian Judge. Their son Bradford was born in 1984. Twelve weeks premature, he has been left with residual cerebral palsy affecting his lower limbs. Despite this disability, he has developed into a fine young man, with good school grades and a delightfully engaging personality. He is hoping to enter college in September 2003 and to pursue a career in Computer Science. Older son John, now 36 and a successful businessman, lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Lisa. Extracurricular Activities Larry did well at all sports in high school and particularly excelled at basketball. He later took up tennis, skiing, and swimming with an equal enthusiasm, until a succession of hip and knee operations curtailed these activities. Coming from Nebraska, Larry enjoyed hunting and fishing with his father from an early age. In 1994, he built a log home in Sun Valley, Idaho, and, with his family, enjoys both the summer and winter recreation that the region has to offer. Big-game hunting became a passion in later years and he had five very successful trips to Africa between 1968 and 1982 in pursuit of a wide variety of game. In addition, he’s shot ducks in Mexico, grouse and pheasants in Yorkshire, England, and enjoyed deepsea fishing in Mexico and Australia’s Barrier Reef. Larry obtained his pilot’s license in 1966 and flew regularly until 1998. He owned a Cessna Skymaster twin for a number of years and then replaced this with an Aerostar 602P. Recent Events In spite of the well-known legal problems (or because of them), Dr. Bosley remained the best-known name in North America, if not the world, in regard to hair restoration surgery. When Larry made it known that he was interested in selling his company, he was not short of potential purchasers. Discussions continued for over a year before he settled with the giant Japanese Hairpiece Company, Aderans. The legal transfers were completed on August 1, 2001, and Dr. Bosley has continued as a consultant to the company, which has retained the brand name “Bosley.” He has the right to continue to service his private hair transplant clients and continues to see patients and perform HT procedures several days each week for several weeks each year.✧

  6. Stating the fact that Bosley will never guarantee you a good result after getting the procedure. You just made this website for your own benefits. Yes there may be some negative feedbacks and reviews about Bosley saying that it is a scam and seems that you really know what Bosley do. I am 30 years old now and experienced baldness after graduating in college, I am so frustrated that time I really can’t go out with my friends feeling shamed that at my very young age I am already bald. So I decided to do something about it, searching online and looking for possible treatments. But before doing anything I also consider a lot of advised from my family, friends and online websites. Almost every clinics provides free consultation, I’m not being hesitant going to all those offices because I really want to do something with my hair. During those times I saw a lot of negatives reviews about Bosley: there procedures their treatment and even there free consultations so I am really confused that how Bosley considered the world “most experience” hair restoration expert. Is it because of their worst services and products? I noticed that Bosley offers informational kit so I checked their website and filled out the form where they be able to send the kit, and what annoys me that time is the everyday call from Bosley representative who wants to sell me some products and inform me about their free consultation. I was able to agree with their consultation and set an appointment but what makes me hesitant going for their consultation is what if they will force me to sign or something that makes me forced to what have not supposed to be done like what I saw online that it is not really a consultation, It is just their strategies to force perspective patient to buy their products and take advantage of service they provide, ” I don’t want to feel obligated for anything that I am not sure”! Aside from that is the comments and advised of all the clinics(Not to mention the name of those practicing the art of HT) where I did my consultation, saying that Bosley is really expensive without any assurance that will provide something that can justify, I was able to open up an idea of going to Bosley. After visiting many clinics and spoke with a lot of specialist and physicians I was thinking of visiting the Bosley office and take advantage of what they say free consultation or what so ever. What makes me surprise is the things that I didn’t expect from Bosley. It is very incomparable that Bosley is the leading brand for hair restoration, with the facility, technology, staff and Dr. they have. I noticed that yes they are very expensive but during my consultation they provide me options to take advantage, They provide me a better understanding of what should be done or what are not, but one thing that makes me impressed is what they told when I asked them If they are sure that they are better that any hair transplantation company and will give me a guarantee of a best result of HT procedure, what they advised me is to visit other medical group for better understanding of their capabilities because as per them, they really don’t know exactly what others is doing, what a humble advised from Bosley that makes me realize why Bosley is number one in this industry. They were able to provide me all the information in detailed without doing any obligation for them. I spoke with the Dr. who are very professional and was able to discussed me everything especially the possible procedure that should be done to achieve the desired look, He evaluate my hair to know how many grafts are needed to achieve my goals as well as the cost and some promotions they have for me to take advantage, I never feel forced to do any commitment for them. The Dr. told me that he want me to be 100% sure with my decision he just there to do the procedure to visualize my goals help me achieve my natural hairline and desired outcome.. After my procedure, the Dr. discussed and provide me post-operative care. The Dr. also called me to check me after the procedure and to remind me of my follow up visit at the 8 and 12 month procedure anniversary. Take pictures monthly of my progress! Well, I began to see hair growth after 4 months. One year later I was told I would need another procedure to reach my desired look. So having another procedure for number of 1500 grafts for…$ :).. Then here I am now, enjoying my own hair but not so proud saying that I did a hair transplant procedure since it is look so natural that no one noticed I had it. What a fantastic experience and I am looking forward to seeing some excellent results over the next year. Do your homework and when you check out the competition, you will see certain” deals’ out there that may seem attractive. However, when it comes to a real “artistic” approach to hair restoration and superior and competent office staff, you can only come to one conclusion…Bosley I respect everyone’s opinion, but the problem is that you are only giving an opinion. There is no decent study, by independent parties, of satisfaction rates, even at the best clinics. Your response only proves my point. I think that any person who is learning about hair transplants is not seeing the large number of dissatisfied patients out there. Even from the better surgeons, I would guess.

    As I stated, there is no good data. Maybe some top surgeons are batting 90 per cent satisfied patients. There is no way for us to know. What I do know is that I am a very satisfied patient and there are a lot of people like me who never come onto these forums to comment. I am commenting only because I think that persons contemplating hair transplant should hear both sides of the story.

  7. It’s been a year since I conducted my treatment in San Diego with Bosley. 1458 grafts for 6,000. Best money I ever spent. Full restored hairline in one treatment. I was told all results are not this good but for me it was a great experience. No more sunglasses on the head to hide my receding hairline. I continue to take the finistride daily. One tiny pill. Highly recommend. I was so nervous after reading all of the negative views and though it was not real. It’s great. Would’ve spent triple to be more confident. Great team at dr Mayer’s office.

  8. Wow. After reading Yelp reviews, one might think Bosley is great!. Obviously Yelp is compromised. It’s all in the genes folks.

  9. Bosley are the biggest crooks out there. My self and 3 other people I know got the same results. No results, they are the biggest con artist. They’re just good sales people. In other words, biggest bullshitters. Don’t believe anything they tell you. You only pay for a huge scar and a bunch of rude arrogant doctors to tell you lies. Bosley has to be the most immoral and disgusting company I’ve ever dealt with.

  10. I am very frustrated by how stupid I was for going to Dr. Bosley, I knew the Asian man on their commercial’s, Roger completely let me down, I work with him at a company in Van Nuys. He only talked about his looks when he was young, he should have let me know that he had gone through several procedure’s, he never clued me into this part. You look at him, he is fairly bald, then he has a full head of hair as do the other’s on their commercial’s, the sad thing is it never dawned on me that there was more to what had to be done, I have more hair than him, that is the sad and frustrating thing here. The other disturbing thing is they put a person’s hair line at a point that will never be in the realm of restoring a person’s hair to a natural look, you pull it back, you have a high forehead and see it looks bad, so why spend thousands on their procedures ? I wish I had gone to someone who was honest and would not lie about what they were after, milking me for more money, that still would not give me the look Roger got, he is also not reachable and out of state, I let them know he was my contact, big mistake as Rachel who worked there is also gone, I wish my 13 thousand was back in my pocket, at least I did not have them sucker me into a second procedure – Good Luck if you give them a try, wasted money to me.

  11. Hey Everybody!!

    So i just turned 44 and I’ve been contemplating some sort of hair replacement for 15 years. I used to have a decent head of hair til i was about 25. I used that spray on hair that basically spray paints your hair for over 5 years. Crazy, right? I feel like I’ve always felt more confident when ive had hair or some sort of cover up. Anyway, i have a bald spot in the back of my head and a little bit of thinning in the front. I usually just shave my head. I guess i want to know if Bosley or Hair Club for Men really truly has any chance of working? My hair isnt going to fall out anymore. Whats gone is gone. I’d just really like to get that bald spot to regrow or have hair. Is there any way or is it a lost cause? I’m completely ok w being bald, but if there was a shot of getting that hair back, gosh, that would be sweet! Any comments or ideas? Thank you.

  12. Thank you men and women above.
    I will not be investing in bosley. I will listen and not give my money.
    I will continue with my accepted hairline and ask god to make me look younger and fuller in heaven.

    Bless you all.
    Smart money in my pocket.

  13. I paid $6500 for 2000 graphs and was told it would solve the minor thining spiral problem. I also purchased the laser comb. I saw no change, not even a little ever. 1yr after surgery I tried to resolve this & went to the office and was turned away. Tried to sell me something else.. Now ontop of the hair thinning problem that hasn’t changed, I now have a huge scar that draws the wrong attention. I get questioned a lot, it’s embarrassing. The money loss paying for a scar and not getting any results….the recovery… all the looks I get… bosley not only did not have a good service that works. The robbery seeing the procedure did not work. Bosley did not improve my life style. They damaged my appearance and affected my entire physical life so negatively I wrote this and will be looking to take this further… do I really need a lawyer for people to do right? Just shows the respect and trust you can have for this company..

  14. Why would you even bother with this sort of shit? Maybe its an american vanity thing… Ive had blading thin hair since I was about 22. Im 31 now. Obviously id like to know what id look like with hair and trying different styles would be cool, but shaved properly a balding head can look fine. Its part of being a man, it doesn’t bother me at all, but then I have a decent face, if I was butt ugly maybe id feel different.

    London UK

  15. In December of 2013, I had 1900 grafts and paid $8950 for my hair graft procedure at Bosley.
    I met with Dr Lorenz and he walked me through the procedure that he would perform. To my surprise, Dr Lorenz of Bosley allowed technicians to perform the grafts instead himself. I would have utilized a different company instead of Bosley if I thought the board certified Doctor would not even perform the hair transplant. The cut in
    the back of my head was very long and remained numb for a year and one half. To my complete disappointment very few of the grafts took hold and my hairline is much the same prior to the surgery. Obviously the procedure performed by the Bosley technicians was a disaster for me with such a minimal improvement to the thickness of my hair. I reviewed all the pictures that Bosley provided on their website and unfortunately based on my experience I must assume that all the pictures are false. I have friends that have had a hair transplant with other companies with great success.

    I would highly recommend that if you are considering a hair procedure that you steer clear of Bosley so you can avoid my terrible experience. I feel as though Bosley simply stole $8950 for me.

    Mike Moran

  16. So I jus this done yesterday (June 16, 2016) this is my 2nd my first was back in 2009 and yes it did make “huge” difference the first time.

    Since then I have lost my native (hair that was not replaced), well most of it on the top leaving behind approximately 95% of the 1792 hair follicles so i say it worked great that is why i decided to go back. What I learned this time around is stay proactive on the maintenance. You have several choices.

    Here is the website:

    No yesterday they put in about 1600 grafts and I am excited once again that I will get my hair back. I am happy and yes their will be people who will complain, but keep in mind if Bosley was not the real deal, after 30 years they would be been out of business by now or they would have not opened new locations over this time.

    Look at the end of the day, if you want to improve your hair and the things you tried does not work then this is a great option. My son told me before had the 2nd procedure “Dad this is like a boob job for men”. He’s 20 and a thick head of hair and has a way with words. The best of luck to whatever you do but just research ask all the questions you have. It’s your money and your hair.

  17. (For those reading: feel free to post this elsewhere to warn others.)
    I had a hair transplant procedure done at Bosley over two years ago. I waited until now to write this, because everywhere I looked I found that most people who were not seeing results from their procedure were told to practice patience, that with time the results will come. Needless to say, I practiced patience, but the results never came.
    I went in thinking I was making an informed decision. I had done a bit of research prior to my consultation. Every time I came across a review or complaint by a dissatisfied client, I read responses to such reviews and complaints. The responses always indicated that this customer’s experience was unusual and not typical and that the majority of transplants were very successful with a high yield of results. I searched various sources for information and felt confident in my decision. In hindsight I realize that maybe desperation played a role in the weight I placed on the responses I read. But I realize now, that the places where I thought I was reading reliable information, I was merely stepping into trap after trap that convinced me to act with such a terrible decision.
    A decision that has cost me both a lot of money, and a lot of hair. The area where they remove the hair to be transplanted to thinning/balding areas, becomes scarred and that hair never returns. They don’t just remove the hairs, they remove a chunk of your scalp.
    The people they have speaking to customers during consultations are not physicians. Yet, they do what only physicians are supposed to do including examining patients, making a diagnosis, and recommending the next course of action.
    If you decide to go forth with your procedure despite the warnings, be prepared to say goodbye to a good chunk of change, and a good chunk of your hair and scalp.
    If Bosley is good at one thing, it is MARKETING. I wish it was hair transplants that they were good at, but it’s not. Good advertizing does not equal to good results.
    They also told me to continuously apply minoxidil 5% even after the procedure. That should have been enough of a red flag for me but it wasn’t. I could have bypassed the entire procedure altogether and simply applied minoxidil, but my judgment was clearly clouded at the time.
    I’ve complained to Bosley, and they’ve offered me a second procedure for free, but I will not make the same mistake twice.

  18. just some info you may or may not want to elude to or advise of:
    I had hair transplants 30 years ago, when I had them , it was mostly for the front hairline, they worked fine in restoring the hairline, 30 years later, that hair loss has progressed mid scalp. yes the hairline is still there but real thin hair behind it, I comb it and stick it in place so it covers fairly well, but lots of people never think about what will happen to their hair loss 10,20 or 30 years down the road. also, as you age, your hair doesn’t stay healthy and luxurious , it gets dry and brittle. hair transplants do not fix that. I’m not bald but I don’t have a youthful head of hair either. just some insights from a guy who spent 10 grand 30 years ago with the expectation that I would have youthful hair for the rest of my life.

  19. Real Men Go Bald – Shaving your head is an act of boldness.

    Men With Shaved Heads Appear More Dominant, Study Finds:

    Men shaved bald perceived to be better leaders:

    It’s funny that both these articles use Bruce Willis as there main photo for these articles… There are so many other bald actors they could have used.

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