Does Tricovel Really Work?

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Does Tricovel Work?Hair loss and thinning is a big problem for so many people, and for this reason we like to bring as many products that may be able to help with this to their attention. Tricovel may be one of those products. In recent years there has been a lot of progress made with helping with hair loss and thinning and for this reason new products are hitting the market all the time.

Tricovel is not a product that is used externally but instead addresses the problem from the inside out. It is taken in pill form and for those that have difficulty swallowing pills they offer the product in vial form. Tricovel is supposed to be a product that has a patented formula that uses Biogenia.

The Claim
The company claims that their product Tricovel has the ability to decrease temporary hair loss due to telogen effluvium. This is a condition that occurs when there is a change in the number of hair follicles that grow hair. It is not really known what causes this condition. The results can be thinning or hair falling out in specific regions and not necessarily over the entire head.

The Hype
One of the factors about telogen effluvium is that it is reversible and this is what the company focuses on. They zero in on their product being able to stimulate new growth and creates more volume and increases the size of the hair shafts.

The Cost
It will cost you $39.95 plus $8.95 shipping and this is enough to last you for one month.

The Commitment
First you have to feel comfortable with taking something internally in a pill form for your hair loss. Secondly you really should see your health care provider to properly diagnose the reason for your hair loss and thinning. Then once you have decided that Tricovel is something you want to try it is suggested that you stay on the product for at least 60 days. Although it is being reported as having permanent results even when you stop taking it.

There are so many hair growth products on the market that make all kinds of products it is difficult not to be skeptical. However, modern technology and studies and research has really advanced when it comes to hair loss so it means really becoming a little more open minded when it comes to product claims.

Final Tricovel Review

We are going to give Tricovel a try/buy rating. Hair loss and thinning is an individualized problem and every person is unique. So because of this some individuals may get better results than others. If you have tried other products and haven’t got the results you wanted then it may be worth trying Tricovel as you may be one of those individuals that gets really good results.

Our Recommendation
You really need to review any product that you are going to try for hair loss carefully. Look at what the ingredients are then do a bit of research on this. Keep your expectations realistic because results will vary. The one aspect that we do like about Tricovel is that the results are suppose to be permanent. In the past we talked about another approach to hair loss called the Theradome but it had more negative reviews than positive ones.

What do you think? Does Tricovel work or not?

276 Customer Reviews on “Does Tricovel Really Work?

  1. I love this product, my head stopped itching, my hair feels thicker and shiner , I recommend this product 100 Percent . I noticed that when my head was so itchy that was a sign of my hair getting thinner, I have tried so many hair pills before but nothing has given me the results like these pills. Also my hair had lost so much volume it would be so flat on the top of my head , now I have volume and fullness thanks to tricovel
    I give this product a 5 star

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