Does Theradome Really Work?

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Does Theradome Work? Most men care about their appearance just as women do and when it comes to hair loss this is something that can really cause a panic situation for both genders. Lately there have been some really good resources for this problem for both women and men, and we are about to see if Theradome is one of them.

Thereadome is a hard cap actually being called a laser helmet, that has been designed to treat the hair follicles via laser diodes. It is backed by individuals who are highly educated and knowledgeable about hair loss. One of the biggest concerns that comes to mind is it really safe to be zapping your head with laser? It is said that the FDA has approved this device for home use. It has currently been approved for women, and the manufacturer’s are presently waiting approval for the FDA to approve this for men.

The Claim
The Company has a fairly extensive faq section on their promotional site where they answer a lot of questions. They are claiming that this product is of the same strength as you would find for the same type of treatment in a clinical setting, however it has been approved for home use. They also state that it is 100% safe with no side effects. While all of the promo material is presently geared towards women, they are stating that their device will promote the growth of new healthy hair,and doubles the follicle size of the hair you already have. They further claim that it can slow down and stop hair loss.

The Hype
At present all of the hype for Theradome is being directed towards women because of the legal limitations. They are focusing on the fact there are fewer resources for women to turn to for hair loss and thinning compared to men. There are a lot of women that do suffer from hair thinning so the marketers have certainly made the right approach. Another big concern is while there may be other resources available that promote the same results the cost factor for these may be much higher.

The Cost
As you may have already guessed the cost of the Theradome is going to be pricey. But then you need to determine just how much are you willing to spend to encourage new hair growth and stop hair loss, provided the system works. This product is currently selling for $795. It does come with a 120 days full money back guarantee for those purchasers from the USA. Now they are indicating that you will start to see results within 18 to 24 weeks. So this is a minimum of 126 days, which means you may have to decide whether you want a refund before you actually see results. This is a bit of a risk.

The Commitment
The Theradome is not a miracle hair grower, and you are going to have to do your part in using it faithfully if you expect to capitalize on its hair growth benefits. It is being suggested that you use the device twice weekly for 20 minutes per session. If you follow the instructions properly and faithfully the promoters are stating that between 18 to 24 weeks you should see cleaner more manageable hair that has good luster and body, and also the hair will have larger hair shafts and be less oily. Then 26 to 50 weeks you will note thicker and longer hair and your scalp will not be so itchy and irritated. After 100 weeks you will see fuller and thicker hair. You can easily see from this information that the Theradome is not a quick fix and you are looking at almost two years before you see total results. Also, be aware that in order to maintain the results it would appear that you must continue using it indefinitely albeit at a reduced schedule.

We really do hope that this product can do all that it says it can because there are so many women and men that have real issues with hair loss and hair thinning. What really stands out however is that the Theradome may not be for everyone. When you look at the promoted test results it is based on various skin types. There is a chart on the site that shows 6 different skin tones and the product appears to be only successful for those in the first 4 categories, indicating it is not effective for those with darker skin tones, or at least it has not been documented as such.

Final Theradome Review

Our final decision is to give this product a Try/Buy rating based on a few factors. Some researchers claim that treatments similar to this may be viable for those who hair loss and thinning problem stems from hereditary factors. Some say that this form of treatment should be used in conjunction with other proven hair growth stimulating products. The Theradome while it may have some unique components it is not the only one of its type on the market, as there have been similar versions promoted, however they are quite costly as well.

Our Recommendation
There is no down playing the effects that hair loss and thinning can have on an individual. It is a topic that we have approached in the past and have reviewed several different types of hair loss resources. We recommend that you certainly do not give up trying to find a solution for your particular hair thinning or loss problem but that you proceed with caution. It really is easy to blow a small fortune on all the possible successful products and devices that are being marketed. Remember, to get past the hype of the marketers that are promoting these items and take a close look at the research and any possible family history concerning hair loss that may affect the results.

What do you think? Does Theradome work or not?

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  1. Hello,

    I am hoping you will be able to help me. I am doing a graduate studies paper on hair loss and the effect it has on both men and women. Part of my studies is some online focus groups. I need to find people who have used one of these in-home devices to grow hair. I will pay them for their time. I imagine it will take about an hour and it will be done online so they don’t even have to leave their house. Any suggestions for how I can find about 15 of these people — any device would work.
    Please help. At a loss.

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