Does Fun Buns Really Work?

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Do Fun Buns workFun Buns are hair accessories that are supposed to be better than normal scrunchies, bobbie pins, hair ties, and clips. They have a special spring action to them that keeps the hair in place and allows for different styles. But how well do they actually work?

There’s no shortage on the number of hair accessories that are hitting the market. From feather extensions to all of the different things you can put in your hair like a bumping accessory, there’s just a ton for you to choose from if you’re looking to upgrade your style. But it can be hard to know which ones are good, and which ones don’t work out so well.

The Claim
The makers of Fun Buns say that you can use their hair clamps to put your hair in lots of different arrangements. What we aren’t noticing is whether or not they give you a guide on how to make styles with these. They say that they don’t weigh very much, so you don’t have to worry about your head being weighed down by a heavy accessory. And they also say that when you’re not using them in your hair, you can use them to cinch up your clothing. Kind of a strange second use for these, so you might want to just stick to using them in your hair.

The Hype
The hype comes from so many women that want to have their hair looking good without having to spend a ton of time and money on it. A unique system like this one would definitely give the hair a new look, but without taking up a lot of time.

The Cost
Fun Buns start at a price of $10, but then tack on a $7 shipping charge, as well as an additional $7 for the “free” second pack of bun ties. This brings your total to $24 and you end up getting 6 of them. Why should you be concerned about the pricing structure? Because if you don’t like these and want to take them up on their 30 day money back guarantee you have to be aware that you’ll only get that original $10 credited back to you, and $14 will have been wasted.

The Commitment
They say that it only takes a second to get these into your hair, you just pull the hair through and then push the shape through to keep it in place. When you compare this with the normal way of getting your hair ready you’ll see that this is preferable. And you have to admit that it looks more modern and chic than a scrunchie, which is so 80s. These have almost an Asian feel to them, simple, sophisticated, and they make it look like you spent a lot longer on your hair than you actually have to.

Fun Buns has done a good job of making their case, and the design is simple enough that it should work. A few questions have been raised about the quality of the manufacturing and how well these will stand up to repeated use. That’s because they’re using what appears to be an elastic band of some sort to hold it in place. If that gets worn out, which it will over time because it’s holding in all that hair, these hair clips will be rendered useless.

When it comes to getting that perfect hairstyle it’s all about having the right tools at your disposal so that you can choose just the right thing for the moment. These could find a place in that arsenal, and you might find that they give you a sophisticated look without taking up too much time in the getting ready process. There will no doubt be shapes that you lean towards more, and the flower might not make the cut most days because it looks a bit chintzy.

Final Fun Buns Review

Fun Buns look like a good idea, and should function as shown on the TV promo. However, there is a chance that these might not work for all different hair types. It might be better suited for those that have thin and straight hair rather than thick and curly. There needs to be enough space to fit both the hair and that back of the clip so that it can stay in place. If your hair is too thick you might have trouble getting it into its place.

Our Recommendation
There are a few ways to look at these: You could say that they’re worth $4 each, and since they’re delivered to your door it’s not a bad offer. Or you could think that they’re worth about the $10 that they’re listed at and not really feel like paying $14 to have them shipped to you. It might be better to wait until these are available in stores before making the purchase, so you can return them for the full amount if you’re not satisfied.

What do you think? Does Fun Buns work or not?

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