Does ProVia Really Work?

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Does ProVia work?ProVia is a hair loss product that claims to be able to help you keep your current hair, and even bring some of it back. It’s using Procapil instead of the popular Minoxidil, so let’s see if this can actually work.

If you’ve been browsing the hair loss market for products you’ve no doubt noticed that there are dozens of products, if not hundreds, and they each have their own theory as to why you’re losing your hair, and how their product can help.

The Claim
The main claims by the makers of ProVia are that it can help to make your hair stronger and improve the health of the roots of your hair. They also say that it works to increase the blood flow to your scalp, so that your hair follicles are getting more nutrients. In addition to this they say that you’ll be targeting the follicles directly to make sure that they are circulating properly to avoid unnecessary and premature aging of the follicle. They say that the end result of all of this is that you’ll be helping to fight premature aging in your hair as well as hair loss.

The Hype
Every hair loss product carries with it a bit of hype because of the strong emotions that losing your hair conjures up in most men. The thought of getting your hair back, or at least stopping the shedding is enough of a reason to try out a product and see if it works, especially if it makes sense from a scientific standpoint, or if the price is right.

The Cost
The cost of ProVia is $149 for a three month supply with shipping included. They say that this is 33% off the actual price. You’ll also be signing on to receive a new supply every 3 months at the same price, and you’ll need to call or email their customer service in order to cancel your next shipment if you’re unhappy with the results. This might be easy to forget about, since future charges and shipments won’t show up for three months, so it’s a good idea to leave a note to yourself on your calendar so that you don’t get charged again unless you want to be.

The Commitment
They ask that you try this out for 12 weeks, or 3 months, and they have it set up so that this is how much you’ll be receiving on your initial order. It’s also the amount of time that you have on their 90 day money back guarantee. We couldn’t find the details on the guarantee, but it would be assumed that you’d be able to use the product and evaluate it during this three month window to decide if you want to keep it or not.

ProVia is using Procapil, which is an all natural hair loss treatment that is produced by a chemical company based in India. Anyone can buy this chemical from the manufacturer and use it in their own line of products. That’s why you’ll find other products with similar names like ProGrow all using the same active ingredient, Procapil. There are supposedly studies to show that it works under certain conditions and at certain concentration levels.

The percentage that ProVia uses seems to be in line with the percentage that was used in the studies cited by the manufacturer. User feedback suggests that it does show signs of working, as long as it is being used in a comprehensive approach to fixing your hair loss problem. There are many things you can do in conjunction with using a product like this, such as making dietary changes, changing the way you style your hair, and also changing the types of products you use to shampoo and condition your hair.

When evaluating which hair loss products to try, you have to use a process of elimination, as well as try to determine what is causing your specific problem. This product is claiming that DHT is the cause of hair loss, so if you’ve tried other DHT inhibitors and didn’t see much success, you might not see success with this one either, or it could be that this is a better product that what you’ve previously tried.

Final ProVia Review

Overall, ProVia is getting our Solid Try rating, based on positive feedback from users, a reasonable price point, and the fact that they are approaching the problem of DHT with a new solution that few other products are using. We like that they send you enough for a thorough evaluation, as 90 days should be long enough to see some signs of improvement, and anything short of that wouldn’t give you enough time to decide. It would be nice if they provided the details of the guarantee, but there’s really only one way you can provide that sort of assurance, and that is to accept open and empty bottles. Since the shipping is a small fraction of the product price, this is set up in a consumer-friendly way so you’re risking little to try this.

Our Recommendation
IF you’ve tried Minoxidil in the past and didn’t get the sort of results you wanted, it makes sense to try a new approach with a product that contains a different active ingredient. With so many products out there using Minoxidil as their solution, it’s nice to see a new option that deals with a common problem.

What do you think? Does ProVia work or not?

169 Customer Reviews on “Does ProVia Really Work?

  1. I notice they do not answer any questions. From that you can conclude it is a fake.

  2. Can 15 years girl use ProVia.
    She is loosing hair due to genetic component inherited from her mother.

  3. I was a total skeptic, but since the wads of hair on my shower drain each day was very disturbing, I was prepared to try anything. I’m nearly three weeks into my treatment and there is no longer any hair in the shower drain…none. Zero! I am in amazement. We will see what happens from here, but so far I’m sold!

  4. You didn’t even mention that the principal cause of hair loss is DHT. This is an inferior form of testosterone. unless the product can block DHT it isn’t going to stop loss in focilies that are DHT sensitive. Men who develop alot of body hair ironicaly suffer the most from DHT because they produce more tetesterone which in turn means they will produce more DHT. So unless the product states that it blocks DHT from getting to the hair fociles hair loss can not be prevented.

  5. Thanks for the review of Pro Via. Trying to find the best value but their website actually says it now costs 139.95 every 2 months. Wow that is really expensive. Even rogaine has a 3 month supply for $60 bucks program right now… seems like a bad value over all

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