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Does RealW8 work?RealW8 is a weight loss pill that says it uses all natural ingredients to help you bust your sugar cravings once and for all. It’s clear to see that no more sugar addiction would lead to weight loss, so let’s see how they go about it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an all-natural supplement that was proven to work to lose weight? It would be especially great if it acted to help neutralize the sugar addiction that many of us suffer from. In a world where so many products contain either High Fructose Corn Syrup, sucrose, fructose, or refined, industrial-grade sugar. These sugars are responsible for many of the health problems people experience, including obesity and diabetes.

The Claim
The makers of RealW8 say that it helps to provide safe weight loss that actually works by reducing the effects of being addicted to sugar. They say it helps you crave sugar less, but that it doesn’t use any stimulants to do so. They also say that the ingredients are all-natural, and that they are scientifically proven to be effective.

The first ingredient that they claim to work is a form of seaweed that they say is sourced out of France. It is supposed to block the production of certain enzymes in your stomach, essentially inhibiting your body’s ability to digest sugars and fats. The second ingredient is nopal, or prickly pear, which is said to contain antioxidants and other health benefits. And last, they say it contains organic coffee extract providing the weight loss benefits of caffeine.

The Hype
If someone is pitching you on RealW8 they are most likely trying to make a sale and have bought into the business opportunity. This is one way to hype up a product, by getting people excited to make sales and speak glowingly about what you’re offering. At the same time, it’s also a weight loss product, and those have inherent hype in them due to the strong desire of individuals to lose weight without a lot of extra effort spent.

The Cost
The per bottle price of Real@8 is $130 if you don’t want to set yourself up to receive it on a monthly basis. They knock off $30 if you sign up for auto-billing. In the world of diet pills that is rather high, and even if you do get the price down to $100 you’ll be paying twice or even three times as much as some of the leading weight loss pills on the market. There’s something to be said for using high quality ingredients, but at the same time you have to find a balance between affordability and sustainability and effectiveness.

The Commitment
You’ll need to take 2 pills before lunch, and 2 before dinner in order to take this as directed. In theory you would only need to use this until you’ve conquered your sugar addiction, but you may find that you relapse once you stop taking it and start loading up on sugary foods again. At four pills a day it’s more of a commitment than some pills that only require 2 per day, or even one per day in some instances.

Even though they have a link titled Science and Research it simply takes you to a whitepaper that doesn’t contain much in the way of science and research, and merely restates the benefits that are already listed on their website. In fact, we couldn’t find anything that would suggest that any studies have been conducted on RealW8, whether independent by a third party, or by the company themselves.

It’s interesting to note that they also offer a business opportunity behind this, with a compensation plan and bonuses paid out. The reason it’s interesting is that the focus appears to be on making sales of the product, rather than recruiting people into the program. Most of the money making set-ups we evaluate focus largely on getting people into your downline and it seems that everyone wants someone else to be the salesperson. Here they appear to want you to move a lot of product as your primary goal, and build your team as a secondary goal.

Final RealW8 Review

Overall, we’re giving RealW8 the Thumbs Down rating, based on a lack of science and research, an inflated price tag, and limited user feedback. There’s simply no need to spend an extra $30 on a product just because you don’t want to receive it monthly. Also, if you’re going to hint that you provide science and research regarding your product, you should back that up and actually provide it.

Our Recommendation
We couldn’t find a reason to drop $130 or even $100 a bottle on this. There are plenty of other all-natural diet pills that make similar claims, and have good user feedback over several years, that also cost far less and don’t require you to sign up for automatic shipments in order to enjoy the savings.

What do you think? Does RealW8 work or not?

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