Does RealDose Really Work?

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Does RealDose work?RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is a diet pill that claims to be able to help you burn more fat, eat less, and feel better than you normally. But can a pill really do all of those things simultaneously?

It can be hard to lose weight, especially if you’ve tried before and it didn’t work out. The reason is both psychological as well as physical. If your body gets into the pattern of yo-yo dieting, of losing weight and then gaining it back, it becomes harder to stick with a diet going forward. And psychologically speaking you’re more likely to beat yourself up for past failings and recall all of the times you cheated on a diet or crashed completely.

This leads many to consider taking diet pills to help get them through the dip, over the hump, and to the Promised Land of their goal weight. It’s important to know exactly how a diet pill will affect you, and what is expected of you while you’re taking it.

The Claim
RealDose claims that their Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is responsible for increased fat burning, while at the same time helping to reduce your appetite so that you don’t eat as much, and also elevating your mood so that you don’t succumb to cravings and make everyone around you miserable. They say it has ingredients that have been proven to double the amount of weight loss than if you were to just change your diet and start exercising more.

The Hype
Diet pills in general have a lot of hype attached to them. The promise of weight loss in a bottle makes for an intriguing concept, since the general rule is that diet and exercise are the only ways to get true and lasting results. These have some hype to them because of the trio of results you’re supposed to get from them.

The Cost
You can get a bottle of RealDose for $67 which provides a 30 day supply. The savings occur when you order multiple bottles, which is pretty standard with dietary supplements like this. $327 gets you 6 bottles, bringing the per bottle price down to $54.50. This is still a pretty high price for a diet pill. A cursory glance at competing products reveals that it’s twice the price or more if you’re just buying a single bottle. But since it’s like 3 pills in one and because it’s supposed to have the actual ingredients it claims to, it seems the price may be justified.

The Commitment
Your lack of commitment is the major selling feature when it comes to a pill that is designed to help you lose weight. Simply follow the directions for use which involves taking one pill 3 times a day 30 minutes before you have your meal. Do this while dieting and exercising and you should end up maximizing your results, while avoiding some of the snags that can claim even the best of us, including crabbiness and moodiness. These come about due to hunger pangs and going without our favorite foods while dieting. This pill is supposed to nix those feelings, and also give a boost to your fat loss while consuming fewer calories.

This is actually a pretty smart mix of ingredients. The addition of ingredients that are meant to serve as stress relievers is a nice break from weight loss pills that rely on stimulants and are known to give you the jitters and a rapid heartbeat. The big question that everyone has when they see a diet pill that doesn’t use harsh stimulants is “is it effective?”. There is typically a correlation between pills that have no side effects and ingredients that don’t cause problems, and pills that don’t work. It’s hard to make an effective pills that only does what it’s supposed to without any adverse reactions.

But they claim to be using a proprietary blend of ingredients that individually have been proven to help with weight loss, while at the same time are naturally sourced and not as hard on the system as some of the chemicals and synthesized products that often get pulled from store shelves.

Final RealDose Review

Overall, RealDose is getting our Solid Try rating based on the path it’s taking towards weight loss, which is one that is focused on safer all-natural ingredients that don’t contain any caffeine and yet still manage to assist you in your dieting goals. They have a one-year money back guarantee, so they’re pretty positive that you won’t be sending their products back. Their business model is set up so that they’re focused on putting the actual ingredients into the product that are listed on the label, which not only makes for a better feeling purchase, but also a product that you can use with confidence.

Our Recommendation
Anytime you decide to use diet pills be sure to have a clear goal as to how you will be using them, including how you will stop using them. Many diet pill manufacturers like to give bulk discounts but you should only be on weight loss pills for a finite amount of time, with a goal weight set and start weaning yourself off of the pills when you reach your goal. Since these pills are stated as being non-addictive it should make it easier to ease off of them and not regress to your old ways once new habits are established.

What do you think? Does RealDose work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does RealDose Really Work?

  1. I can see wanting to warn people against being scammed, but I failed to understand the comments that have been left here. I came to this article looking for information and possible guidance as to weather or not this was a viable product. And to find out if, together with sound diet and physical activity, weight loss can be achieved. As just diet and excersise doesn’t work for me. I would have expected comments to have come from people who had tried the product, as the website claims. Is there a separate section I am missing?

  2. Thanks , I’ve just been looking for information about this topic for a while and yours is the
    greatest I’ve found out till now. However, what about the bottom line?
    Are you sure in regards to the supply?

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  6. It is always hard to say with these products if they can be helpful or not. The key is always a healthy diet and exercise. The question is, can this – combined with the diet and working out increase your output, or make you lose additional weight quicker? The only way you can know that is by trying the product. The fact that it seems to have legit ingredients as well as a hefty price suggests it could be worth a shot but I would always advise to just try dieting and working out first, and then if you feel it is not happening quick enough – move on to trying to boost results with a safe weight loss pill.

  7. Yikes.
    Just like exercise programmes and equipment, anything being sold that seems to be too good to be true, is definitely TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
    The makers of these things always stipulate that they should be taken alongside right diet and consistent exercise. That’s because any weight loss you encounter will be as a result of your dieting and exercise, NOT BECAUSE OF THE PILLS!
    In our information rich times, it’s getting harder for companies to rip off the consumer. We can check things out, do research and consequently demand that our rights be met. As such, this product is at least coming from a view point of health and nutrition. That’s a good thing, but it should be made abundantly clear that there is no such thing as a pill you can take that will make you thin.

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