Does the Body Collar Really Work?

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Does the Body Collar Work?With the warm weather fast approaching many dog owners are really looking forward to being able to take their dogs out for a walk where both owner and dog can enjoy the beautiful weather. Dog walking is not always a pleasant experience especially if the dog doesn’t want to cooperate when on the leash. The Body Collar may turn an unpleasant dog walking event into a pleasant one.

The Body Collar has been designed by a dog training expert that recognized the many problems that come with a standard collar and leash. With the traditional types of dog collars or the harnesses they can be uncomfortable when trying to control the dog. The Body Collar is a two piece unit that allows the walker to take control of the dog and it stops the repeated pulling on the leash by the dog.It is designed in such a way that it exerts enough pressure to stop the pull without causing pain.

The Claim
The promoters of body collar suggests the gentle pressure is emitted away from the neck where most collars apply it and it can cause discomfort.

The Hype
One of the best features about the Body Collar is that it is designed so it doesn’t interfere with the natural gait of the dog, which many harnesses can do. It doesn’t twist, pinch or chaff the skin. One of the hype measures is that it allows for better control of your canine friend.

The Cost
The cost will depend on the size of the collar you need to order. For the small its $19.95, for the medium $24.95 and the large will cost you $29.95. You may get free shipping on any of your orders.

The Commitment
Like with any collar you are going to have to get your pooch to adapt to the Body Collar. You will need to take the time to introduce him to it and then work on training him properly.

The Body Collar makes sense when you compare it to some of the walking problems that are created during a dog walk. Having pressure applied without aggravating a dog who is already hyper is a good approach.

Final Body Collar Review

We are going to give the Body Collar a Thumbs up rating because we like the thought and research that has been put into it. Nobody knows better about handling dogs than an individual who has been trained in this and is experienced. We like the approach because the concept makes it workable without causing stress or discomfort on the dog. This is particularly important when working with puppies.

Our Recommendation
If you really are a dog lover then it takes no convincing to encourage you to use products on your dog that are going to benefit them. Walking your dog is one way of spending time with them and is so important as part of their exercise regime. The Body Collar most likely is going to make this a far better and more pleasant experience for you and your dog. For other quality pet care products you may want to check out the Petplicity offerings.

What do you think? Does the Body Collar work or not?

Customer Review on “Does the Body Collar Really Work?

  1. Our 55 lb. dog not only continued to pull while wearing the Body Collar, he pulled out of the Body Collar entirely. The Body Collar was properly fitted with two fingers of space and was unsuccessfully tried multiple times. Not deserving of any stars!

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