Does Rockstar Energy Drink Really Work?

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Does Rockstar Energy Drink really work?Coming in third as far as market share goes, Rockstar Energy drink is trying to differentiate itself from its competitors. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, they are very similar to Monster, which had a headstart on them. They also directly compete with Red Bull, which dwarfs them in annual sales. But is Rockstar any good, and how does it stack up to its competitors?

Its original gimmick was to offer twice as much product for the same price as a Red Bull. This allowed it to gain ground with consumers that wanted more value for their money. Debuting 4 years after its closest competitor, Monster Energy, they have managed to steadily chip away at their lead, and most estimates put them neck and neck in 2011. They are basically the same product, with just as many spin offs, so it’s easy to see why they split that market segment.

The Claim
Rockstar energy drink claims to help you recover from an athlete or rockstar lifestyle. But most people use this as a way to get their day going, or to combat the drowsy feeling they get in the afternoon when they’re still expected to be getting work done.

The Hype
Energy drinks by their very nature are pure hype. Since they aren’t giving your body true energy, but rather a sugar and caffeine rush, the entire market is one big hoax. But people still buy plenty of them, and think that they are actually doing something healthy for their body. It’s baffling.

The Cost
Rockstar gained market ground by being the cheaper alternative to Red Bull and Monster. They are still the cheapest of the bunch, which allows them to appeal to consumers that want to feel like they’re getting a bargain. You can usually find a can for less than $2 at most convenience stores.

Copying the Monster business model, Rockstar Energy drinks come in a wide variety of flavors and gimmicks. They have tried to address each of the complaints of the original formula with each spin off they’ve released.

Original – This is what they started with and when it came out it was in a big 16 ounce can that touted that it had the same sort of kick as Red Bull, and you got twice as much of it. Definitely aimed at the consumer that ignores the advice of not drinking more than one of these energy drinks per day.

Sugar Free – The biggest complaint about the original formula is all the sugar it contains. To fix this they just took all of the sugar out, but tried to retain the flavor. The consensus is they got the flavor right.

Zero Carb – If carbs are what you’re watching, you definitely couldn’t drink the original, and this version promises that you won’t intake a single carbohydrate, while also getting the same energy rush.

Punched, Punched Citrus – This is a mix of tropical flavors, hence the name, but they also included extra ingredients like guarana, ginkgo, ginseng, and milk thistle, all while delivering the same energy burst as their original formula.

Energy Cola – This is one product they have that Monster doesn’t. It’s like drinking a Coke or a Pepsi, but getting an energy boost at the same time. It’s different than the caffeine high you get from regular soft drinks.

Juiced Mango, Guava, Pomegranate – The original Rockstar mixed with different flavors of fruit juices.

Recovery Lemonade, Orange, Grape – All of these products include electrolytes, and they are designed to chip into the dominance of Gatorade in the sports recovery market. It’s still got the original Rockstar mix of ingredients so you also get an “energy” burst.

Pink – This seems to be marketed to the ladies, the pink color is a dead giveaway. It contains no sugar and no carbs, and just 15 calories.

2x Energy – They get this by adding twice as much caffeine. Caffeine doesn’t give you energy, it just speeds up your heart rate as your body tries to process this unnatural additive. It also severely dehydrates your body, leaving you with far less energy than when you started. This should not be consumed by humans.

Final Rockstar Energy Drink Review

The key to Rockstar Energy drink is that they want to be edgy. Located in Las Vegas and catering to a clientele that fancy themselves rock stars, their products are marketing as being extreme and for those that live life on a higher setting than most.

The average person does not need these products, and they are not doing your body any favors by consuming them. You may feel that they’re giving you energy in the moment, but it’s nothing more than a parlor trick using potent chemicals to create a physiological reaction in your body. It is not true energy, the kind you get from eating wholesome foods that have absorbed the energy of the sun.

These companies are profiting millions and in some cases billions of dollars by providing something that is very unhealthy for people. They aren’t vilified the way cigarette companies are, but perhaps one day people will see them for what they really are.

Our Recommendation
You don’t need these faux energy drinks if you are treating your body right. Eating healthy foods and getting exercise on the regular will greatly reduce the desire to take these artificial uppers. They only serve to deplete your body of real energy by dehydrating you quickly and powerfully.

Most people will not drink the amount of water needed to recover from ingesting 16 ounces of Rockstar Energy drink, which means they’ll be severely dehydrated by the end of the day. This creates a vicious cycle, as the next day you’ll wake up feeling lousy again and find yourself reaching for another can of Rockstar.

What do you think? Does Rockstar Energy Drink work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does Rockstar Energy Drink Really Work?

  1. Originally I did not enjoy any energy drinks, they tasted horrible to me. Until I found the first I could bare as I was doing finals at university. Fruit punch, which began to taste terrible eventually. But something, their Lime Freeze, which I never stopped liking, made me stick with their product. I found a second I surprisingly enjoyed, Tropical Passionfruit. Now, both in my area are being taken of the shelf. They’re extinct just as such is my interest, unless they come back. Because every other flavor tastes akin to an extreme dose of vitamins and caffeine. They’re disgusting. I will continue taking my friends to Monster products until either one comes back. I doubt care uf it’s just one ir both. Luckily I have a fair amount of friends who follow my advice, because they don’t see the difference and went to those flavors per my suggestions to begin with.

  2. This is what I was wondering. I work 8am to 6pm. Im studying for my Massage Boards coming up on June 2nd from 6pm to 9pm Monday through Friday.
    How far before I leave work should I be drinking this?

  3. this is the first time ive drank the regular rockstar and let me tell you, it taste nasty. like redbull skull fucked a goat and this s the after math that oozed from its eye holes (poor goat) seriously do not recommend, just go have yourself an ol’ glory or a monster, hell the dollar enery drink i can get at aldis taste better

  4. I love how some many people are bashing energy drinks and quoting on eating healthy; although, energy drinks are not healthy they work wonders in a pinch. If somebody says do not drink energy drinks just eat a healthy meal, they obviously have never been in medical school and had to stay up over 24 hrs studying for boards. Energy drinks have been great in a pinch when medical boards where coming up, but they are not recommended for every day use due to dependence and dehydration.

  5. I started drinking Rock Star when they had “Recovery” there was not really a taste to it and I could flavor it however I wanted it, Black Berry was my choice, however as most things they decided ot add to their line and away went Recovery, now they have hat they call Boom (whipped Orange or Strawberry) these are good!

  6. I only use the Rock Star Sugar-free. It’s taste is reminiscent of Dr. Browns’ Sugar free celery soda. I like the taste. I also could use the energy. It’s really lovely to hear those smug people proclaiming that, if you eat healthy food and exercise, you’ll have energy. Right. If all bodies were created equal, then we’d all have diabetes (or not), we’d all be able to eat what we wanted and not gain weight (or not). Platitudes are really annoying, as are the people who spout them. It takes coffee and time for me to awaken, easily 2 hours. Despite exercise (which leaves me ravenously hungry), I’m exhausted and lose little weight. I need all the help I can get in terms of energy. And since the FDA decided to become helicopter parents to fully-grown, self-supporting adults (forbidding instead of informing), there’s no longer the option of using a well-performing diet drug like phentermine, which helped me to loose 50 lbs. And, I kept it off for many years, even without the pills. So take your halo off, stop shaming people who use energy drinks. Life (and physiology) is more complicated than your uniform philosophy allows.

  7. I think all energy drinks are gross, but I have a friend who swore by Rockstar sugar-free. I tried it a couple of hours before we were going to play a show. It didn’t really boost my energy that much, tasted like total crap, and made me jittery because I needed to pee so often. Also, it gave me a stomach ache. Especially since I have low glycogen storage (like Andres said up there, it’s blood sugar), I think these energy drinks just make me feel ill, unless they have a decent amount of caffeine. Then I feel awake and ill. I think a lot of people in my boat would be better off getting a light meal of protein and slow carbs, and a cup of coffee.

  8. Didn’t this come out on the back of some rapper’s new single or something? Wasn’t it like, some Rap stars signature drink? Probably. It’s a strange product of the branding machine that occupies the commercial landscape like a fascist regime- the celebrity beverage. Essentially all of these ‘energy drinks’ are exactly the same. They are just caffeine and sugar and they spike your glycogen (blood sugar) levels and make you feel like you have more energy. You don’t have more energy, you just have a confused endochrine system. It will last around 10 minutes then your body will be depleted, having had to overcompensate for the ‘boost’.
    But if we know a celebrity endorses it, then we think it’s good.

  9. It gives you some energy but overall it’s going to make you crash like any other energy drink out there. This is usually my go-to drink if I don’t want a Monster. The pink one is probably the only sugar-free energy drink that actually tasted good. However the carbonation from that one hurts my stomach when it goes down. I like their wide variety of flavors to choose from. Especially the bubble-berry flavor. But if anything it’s not something you should consider if you’re looking for long lasting energy. Also a word of caution: Don’t drink on an empty stomach! They have the potential of causing heart-palpitations. Plus many of the flavors like Monster, have high-fructose corn syrup as an ingredient. So it really isn’t healthy and should be avoided in the long run. But if you need a quick pick me up, it occasionally works. Don’t heavily rely on it though.

  10. This is a half-liter of energy drink, because that’s just how rock stars do things. They live to excess and die young. Rock stars are also rich. You are probably not rich. You’re just tired from working hard for too little money. That’s why you’re imbibing this disgusting half liter of “Rockstar” sugar, caffeine, and who knows what? This is like drinking rotgut wine if they removed all the alcohol. Avoid it. I should also mention that this drink was spawned by the people that brought the world Girls Gone Wild, so know that you’re supporting that concept with each purchase of Rockstar Energy Drink. Proceed with caution.

  11. I’m wondering if Rock Star Energy Drink really makes one feel like a rock star! Upon taking your first slip of this acclaimed beverage, you might think two things; first, there’s a strange aftertaste that lots of individuals might not favor. The first swig of the beverage isn’t what you should judge it by. First impressions are undoubtedly bogus with energy drinks. Be cautious, since Rockstar is proclaiming to be one of the strongest vitality drinks available. One complete can may not be advantageous for your health should you not know this fact. RockStar isn’t suggested for people who are sensitive to caffeine. It’s not suggested for kids, or women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. Feel free to plunge right in to have a flavor of the Hollywood life, should you not fall into these classes.

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