Does Stacker 3 Really Work?

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Does Stacker 3 really work?Losing weight can be a struggle, and if you’re fed up with the process you might be considering Stacker 3. This is billed as an ephedra-free way to help get rid of the stubborn fat in your body. It does this by binding to the fat and helping it find its way out of your system. But does it really stack up to its claims?

Chitosan is the primary active ingredient in Stacker 3 and is supposed to be better than previous weight loss methods that have since caused a lot of controversy and been pulled from shelves, like ephedra. It is supposed to reduce your body’s ability to absorb the fat that you eat, so you actually end up retaining less calories

The Claim
This is supposed to give you increased energy in addition to making your body fat-proof. It’s the usual miracle solution in a bottle rhetoric, but the only difference is that people are reporting having success with it.

The Hype
The hype is in place because the makers of Stacker 3 have been making this sort of product for quite some time. They started with the original Stacker, then the sequel and have now made it a trilogy. There is added hype because of the fiasco with Stacker 2 being banned by the FDA. They say all press is good press, and people don’t care if a product gets banned as long as it produces results.

The Cost
Stacker 3 is around $20 if you go with the one-month supply option. You can sign up for auto-shipments and pay less per month.

The Commitment
Every diet pill out there promises the lowest level of commitment, and that’s why they’re so appealing to those that want to lose weight without putting the effort in. It’s normal to feel this way, especially if you have previously tried very hard to lose weight, and now you just want something quick and easy instead of slow and painful.

But this is dealing in extremes. You don’t have to push yourself to the limit, or pop a diet pill in order to lose weight. It might seem like your only options, but there is a third option you don’t hear quite so much about. A slow, steady, sustained focus on losing weight is your best option. Going hard out trying to lose weight fast will always backfire. Diet pills can’t be taken for the long term. Here’s the solution:

Start making subtle changes that your body won’t even notice. If you don’t get any exercise, start taking a 10 minute walk everyday until you don’t even have to remind yourself. When 10 minutes seems to short, bump it to 15 and continue on with that until you don’t notice the extra time. Keep adding to your activity level gradually, and before long you’ll be taking 30-40 minute walks daily, and it will seem natural.

At the same time you are increasing your activity level, start making very small changes to the way you eat. Don’t try cutting your daily calories or watching what you eat. Just identify one thing that you know you can give up or cut back on without much pain and suffering. For example, if you drink a lot of soft drinks, try cutting those out first until you don’t have to wrestle with the urge to drink them. Then move on to potato chips or another vice.

The Danger
You are putting yourself in harm’s way by trying something like Stacker 3 on your body. Don’t treat your body like a science experiment, and don’t be a guinea pig for a company that obviously didn’t do enough testing when they released Stacker 2 and had it banned by the FDA.

What People Are Saying
The reviews are in, and an overwhelming majority are saying that it has worked for them. They report everything from increased energy to losing over 50 pounds while on it. However, it is important to note that these same users combined a healthy diet and exercise in order to get these kind of results.

Final Stacker 3 Review

Going with diet pills like Stacker 3 is almost always a bad idea. Not only is it not sustainable, but it can flat out be dangerous. The weight you do lose will probably be regained when you stop taking the drug, and you’ll be right back where you started, if you’re lucky. You could even establish worse eating habits while you’re on the medication, and you could gain even more weight than you had before you started.

Our Recommendation
You can see our recommendation in the Commitment section above. We advocate slow, steady weight loss without the use of diet pills. We also recommend several fitness programs once you find yourself looking for something more challenging to do for your exercising.

What do you think? Does Stacker 3 work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Stacker 3 Really Work?

  1. Just started taking them. Notice some energy increase. Wow Ms. Darla Lane… How fast did you type that? How many do take a day? I need that type of energy for sure. I can just tell from your review you are in 5th gear! Jealous jwrr

  2. I been always a energy junkie, even turned to opiates for my super energy and now since I’m clean off them I’m turning to stackers.. they making me feel lots better I tell u, don’t make me sick at all or the shakes but yes everyone is different on medicines.. I’m not sensitive at all with caffeine cuz I been always taking uppers for so long and drinkin coffee after coffee a day .. even I drink a cup of coffee still and I’m ok.. but still scares me so I don’t overdue it but ya it helps me curve my appetite where I don’t eat so much so that’s great and as long as it helps me and I have no problems especially takin them when suppose to then I’ll keep taking them 😁👌👍

  3. I’ve battled with my weight for all of my adult life. I will say I am in a much better place than I was before, my heaviest weight was 346 lbs I’m now at 251. My goal weight is 160. I just bought my first pack of 3’s basically cause I couldn’t find any 2’s. I can say the first couple days I took three… big BIG mistake! My heart was racing and I was sweating like a pig on a spit and sleep… what was that lol! After cutting down to one pill when I first woke up it gave me energy to get through my day without a nap and I was able to sleep at night. Most days I had to remind myself to eat.

    I do exercise and eat sensible now and I’m not looking for the pills to be a miracle overnight fix. I just need to extra boost in my energy. I wish you all the best of luck on your weight loss journeys. This is not at all an easy journey and I will not say that stupidness, “If I can do it you can too.” Everybody’s road is different and if this pill helps you the go for it!

  4. I can tell you by use of a controlled experiment I performed: as for me, yes, it does work. Take note: it may make you very hypertensive due to the caffeine content, so I would suggest only taking them when you are about to engage in your already sensible diet and exercise routine. These are NOT for those who want to lose weight while sitting on the couch. Avoid caffeine with them. Eat food with them. Take one per day at most due to the caffeine content and the liability of addictiveness. Have a good day and get fit.

  5. I used to take Stackers a few years ago and now I am back on using them again to lose some pounds. They have no negative effect on me, they help me to curb my appetite and they give me more energy.
    My pulse/ heart rate is on the slow side and if I try to lose weight, my energy goes down the drain, which makes it hard to take care of a family, work F/T and pull myself off to go to the gym after kids are in bed.

    My husband on the other hand can’t take them because his heart starts racing.

    So I guess everybody has to find out what works for them. 🙂

  6. I’m at 205 lbs 5’5
    I used to take 1 stacker 3 pill a day when I weighed 185/190 it was not necessarily combined with a healthy diet because I still ate junk food and stuff. But I can say this.
    Stacker 3 DID curb my apitite, so I was eating unhealthy food less often. And it DID give me added energy which I spent on working out because I didn’t have a tv.(long story lol)

    After about 2 or 3 months I dropped to 160 and was happy with results and so I worked out more, stopped taking the pills and ate healthy on my own.

    After about a year, I fell into my old habits and regained the weight over the course of a year.

    Today I weigh 205 but 3 weeks ago I weighed 215. I’m trying to be healthy again so I stared taking the pill again.

  7. “…a company that obviously didn’t do enough testing when they released Stacker 2 and had it banned by the FDA.”

    It wasn’t just Stacker that used Ephedra. There were many companies using it in their weight loss and performance enhancing products. It was also used by companies for allergies and hay fever; nasal congestion; and respiratory tract conditions such as bronchospasm, asthma, and bronchitis.

    I can tell that you don’t like Stacker or perhaps you just don’t agree with weight loss products at all, but you shouldn’t place all of the blame on one company when there were many companies using the ingredient. Perhaps the blame should be placed on Congress and the FDA for not regulating supplement ingredients more stringently.

    And just a side note; the high profile folks who died weren’t using Stacker. They were taking large doses of non-diluted Ephedra supplements.

  8. It just…It never ends! It really does blow my mind just how many different brands of weight loss pills are available on the open market. I guess as long as they don’t actively cause you harm, then they can sell as many as people are willing to buy. Any weight loss you experience whilst taking these or any pills like them will be as a result of the exercise or diet regime you happen to have undertaken at the same time. Hell, they probably have a really high incidence of placebo effect. If it helps you great, but please know, it is not the pills making you thinner.

  9. Be careful when taking stacker!
    I used Stacker 3 a few months back and had to stop after only a few days.
    It started making me get hot flushes and sweats, then getting what felt like heart palpitations.
    shocking stuff from what is sold as merely a ‘diet pill’.
    I can’t vouch for it’s weight loss ability as i didn’t use it long enough, but please check with your doctor before taking these!

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