Does Video Traffic Academy Really Work?

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Does Video Traffic Academy really work?Video Traffic Academy is all about converting YouTube videos into traffic to your website or offer. Many of us already know about the importance of using videos to generate traffic and links, but don’t necessarily know the best way to go about it. It’s obvious that YouTube gets millions of visitors every day, and it would be nice to channel some of that your way. But his VTA the way to go?

Is not the first product of its kind that promises to show you how to properly leverage your videos so that you can use them as a way to generate traffic. What is unique about it is that it breaks down exactly why it’s so important to have your video show up in the search results for both YouTube and Google. Of course you’ve noticed that for several searches YouTube videos show up in the Google search results. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these videos get more views than others.

The Claim
The claim here is that by using the Video Traffic Academy system will be able to target certain search phrases and optimize your video so that it beats out all the other videos going for the same search term. When that happens, you become the video that will show up in the search results.

What will then happen is your video will receive more views, and the theory is more people will click through to your website or your affiliate offer and you’ll end up making more money. Of course, this is how it should work, but oftentimes what sounds good in theory doesn’t pan out in the real world.

The Hype
The hype comes from just how easy Video Traffic Academy makes it seem to rank your video in YouTube. It’s a competitive marketplace and everyone is vying for that coveted spot. They say that it might be easier to rank your video in YouTube than it is to rank your website in Google, but neither one is easy on its own. So while what you’re learning here might give you the edge, you’ll still be competing with all of the other web professionals out there.

The Cost
At the time of this writing the cost of Video Traffic Academy is $97. This gives you immediate access to all of the different modules, and also lets you download Cliff’s notes, PDF guides, and transcripts of the videos in case you’d rather read the information than watch it. You’re protected by the ironclad 60 day guarantee, so you never have to worry about losing your money.

The Commitment
The program does offer a lot of valuable information, but it will not click your mouse or type your keys for you. You have to be the one to sit in front of your computer, digest the information, and take the action steps necessary to test it out. It’s the only way you can fully tell if the method works for everyone, and isn’t just working for the author of the program.

After going through several modules, I would have to say that this program is definitely worth the investment. I definitely learned a few things, including tips and tricks I hadn’t thought of in regards to video marketing. If you’re a total newbie when it comes to using video in your promotion efforts, you’ll benefit from all of the modules. If you’ve been around the block then the first few modules will basically be something you already know. However he starts getting into more advanced techniques from module three onwards.

The most useful thing I learned came early in the program, and was a unique way to think about how to choose which search terms to go for for the best likelihood of my video showing up in a Google search. I hadn’t thought of it before, but it just makes a lot of sense, and when I heard it I was pretty impressed.

Final Video Traffic Academy Review

Video is big, and only getting bigger, and YouTube is poised to be the place where everyone goes to get instant visual information. The longer you wait to figure out how to optimize your video marketing campaigns, the harder it will be and the sharper the learning curve will be. By learning the information contained in this program your putting yourself in the position of knowing just about as much as those who are currently ranking number one.

Our Recommendation
You can’t go wrong when it comes to picking up a copy of Video Traffic Academy. The amount of traffic and sales that you generate as a result of implementing the techniques shown will more than pay for it in a short time. Just be sure you don’t buy it and forget about it, because you have to implement the system and follow the steps in order to see the results.

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What do you think? Does Video Traffic Academy work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Video Traffic Academy Really Work?

  1. If I didn’t say I wasn’t in the slightest way suspicious, I would be lying. There’s so many programs out there on telling you how to make money online that it’s difficult to know which ones are effective, out-dated, or just flat out scams from the very beginning. But if this video can provide excellent tips on how to build traffic naturally and without paid link exchanges, manipulating the search engines, etc then I’m sure it’s worth the price. But then again it’s just a guide too so you have to actually make an effort on your part in order to become successful.

  2. This is a great video marketing program! James Wedmore overdelivers on the content with easy to follow instructions for video success in your online business.

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