Does ZOX Pro Training Really Work?

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Does Zox Pro Training really work?Many of us feel that we’re not using our brains to their full capacity, but can something like ZOX Pro Training be the answer. They promise to be able to revolutionize your life by getting you to take in and retain information at a dizzying pace. While it makes sense that you could change your life by changing how much information you can process, it still leaves the question of whether this is the program that can get you there.

ZOX Pro Training has been around in some form for the last 4 years. It represents a compilation of several different programs into one. Their system involves audio, PDF guides, and videos. It is a sort of hybrid of lots of different training programs, many of which were developed by “The Father of Mental Photography” Richard Welch.

This is not really speed-reading, because you are taking photographs of the book, magazine, or blog that you have, so you can instantly recall the information. It’s designed to be better than speed-reading, since you’re not trying to read each individual word, or trying to comprehend what you’re reading as you’re reading it.

The Claim
They basically claim that you can become superhuman. If you saw the movie Limitless where the guy from The Hangover uses all of his brain by taking a pill, they are basically saying they are that pill.

Their biggest statement is that you will be able to read and retain at a speed of 25,000 words per minute by taking mental pictures of the pages you read. You’ll also have improved concentration, and you won’t be able to get distracted.

In addition, they say you’ll be able to have enhanced peripheral vision, and your eyesight will improve. You’ll also be able to relax more, and stress less. You’ll even be able to get less sleep than you currently get, but still feel better than you currently do.

You’ll also be able, they say, to start using more of your subconscious mind, letting it solve your problems for you and allowing you to work smarter than you ever have before. They also make the vague claim that you’ll have greater self esteem and a ton more confidence.

But here’s where they’ve tripped up: They also state that hundreds of thousands of people have used thier product with success and have achieved phenomenal results. Looking around at the world today it must be the 1% of the population that everyone has been staging protests against. It’s hard to point to hundreds of thousands of people that are living their lives at this capacity.

The Hype
A product with so many claims is the epitome of hype. The products out there that work usually only make one claim and do their best to back it up. With so many giant claims it seems unlikely that any system, no matter how comprehensive, would have trouble living up to them.

The Cost
Zox Pro Training is not cheap, but if it does all it says it’s the biggest bargain on the planet. Clocking in at $197 it involves several modules that you’re supposed to take in sequential order. They will give you the first module free in exchange for your name and email address. This includes a simple technique they say came from Albert Einstein, as well as a one-hour lesson in mp3 format that you can listen to.

The Commitment
You have to put the time and effort into learning their system, and this can require more time than some people are willing to give. The first module alone entails listening to a rather dry one-hour long audio that seems like it was recorded in the 80’s. If you have a high desire to reach the levels they talk about, you will likely be able to stick with it and learn the method.

ZOX Pro Training uses a method from a man named Richard Welch, and is a combination of a lot of different types of information. This is good because different people have different learning styles. Some will respond well to the audio programs, while others will enjoy digesting the PDF guidebooks.

Final ZOX Pro Training Review

Since everyone is different there is really no way to know if you’ll respond to the teaching that is in ZOX Pro Training. It isn’t a scam, because it’s backed with an iron-clad guarantee, and it actually gives its best effort at trying to teach a new way of learning. You may have to listen to the modules repeatedly before the information and techniques start to sink in.

Our Recommendation
If you’re serious about expanding your brainpower, it can’t hurt to give ZOX Pro Training a try. Even if their program works only a 10th of how they say it does, it would still be beneficial. Imagine reading at 2500 words per minute instead of the typical 240 for the average adult. That would be worth the purchase price alone. As for all their other claims about how much it will improve your life overall, that’s for you to decide.

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What do you think? Does ZOX Pro Training work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does ZOX Pro Training Really Work?

  1. I TRIED IT MYSELF…………..DOES NOT WORK! I “PHOTOGRAPHED MENTALLY” THE INFORMATION AS SHOWN IN DEMO LESSONS AS WELL……….ASKED QUESTIONS……………..NO RECALL AT ALL………..NO ANSWERS AT ALL…………..NO NO NO NOTHING AT ALL! “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” as the saying goes. I saw for myself, yeah. Nothing works. Its just like them Photoreading manuals. IT SUCKS………..BIG TIME…………..I would like to thank the system for helping me to FAIL MY EXAMS.

  2. It is an absolute scam. I bought this program and tried it for a couple of months and nothing worked out for me. I contacted Shan Panzo to get my money back but he gave free advice about how this can be done and so on but this was not at all useful. Waste of money. Stay away from them.

  3. This site is a scam! It promises to deliver the holy grail in mental photopgraphy but alas! its bareface lies. i bought the program regretably; and i am horrily disappointed at the so-called exercise catgeorized in eight modules. i practised the steps as indicted in each modeule which made me looked stupid without acheiving anything. As amater fact, it left me in owrst state of mid! its utter farce and complete waste of time.

  4. It indeed is a scam!
    First, They dont claim its reading at 25000 words a minute, its the rate you put the information in your subconscious areas of the brain.
    Second, This tremendous rate of information feeding is of no use unless you train your brain to retrieve it back from the subconscious to the conscious memory. And this is where the magic lies.
    Third, Though the equation is easy, -‘putting information at the rate exceeding 25000 words a ‘minute and getting it back to conscious memory, it doesnt quite happen so easily. And even if it does, you need to be a very gifted person.

    There are many who have gone through this course only to end up frustrating even after serious and dedicated efforts. There are many courses like this namely, photoreading, reading genius 2.o, quantum speed reading etc.. all are refurbished speed reading programs and nothing else. Photoreading is the worst of all. Dont ever think of buying this garbage, if you feel to satisfy your curiosity, borrow photoreading book from your library. Derren Brown himself has analyzed this course and found it utter useless. He states his experience with photoreading with his book, tricks of mind.

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