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Does Our Time Work?Dating sites have definitely grown in their popularity. A true testament of this is seen with the number of sites that are available to those looking for there soul mate. One that is among the group of sites for dating is Our Time.

In many ways Our Time is very much like the average dating site. But, there is one big difference in that it is geared for those over the age of fifty. Many that are in this group that are looking for a companion or for just dating and enjoying the company of others appreciate a site that is specifically for them.

The Claim
Our Time indicates that they have set their site up so it focuses on those within the 50+ age group. They are claiming that the site is easy to use and individuals can meet other singles within two minutes of becoming a member of the site.

The Hype
The hype for Our Time focuses on the age specific members which is supposed to be in the 50+ range. For many in this age group they may have some reservations about joining dating sites in general. Knowing that they are going to be able to make contact with those that are within a specific age group helps to reduce some of the concerns that some may have.

The Cost
The cost for Our Time. There are different price schedules for Our Time. For those that want a limited membership in respect to time they can sign up for one month at a fee for $7.49 per week which works out to $29.96 for the month month. Or if they wish to sign up for 6 months the weekly cost is $4.49 per week at a total price for the six months being $107.76.

The Commitment
As with any dating site the commitment for Our Time is being active on the site and engaging with those of interest. Quite often those starting out at first will be quite involved but as time passes the interest diminishes. With dating sites it often means practicing perseverance.

The good aspects about Our Time is that members are able to browse the profiles that are interest to them. They will algo get alerts to daily matches to help with making some choices of who to contact it. There is no personality testing. Also, if one wants to cancel their membership they must do so otherwise there will be an automatic renewal.

There have been a fair number of reviews of Our Time scattered across the web. Several of these are negative based on different experiences. Some complain that hackers have filtrated the site. Others have indicated that there are parties on the site that are part of the romance scammers groups.

Final Our Time Review

We are going to give the Our Time a Try/Buy rating. The price is certainly reasonable, and the site is user friendly. The concerns are with the reports of hacking and the credibility of some of the profiles. For those who do decide to sign up for Our Time they are going to have to be alert as to some of the negative reviews that exist. Consumer Affairs is a good resource to use to get a variety of feed back comments.

Our Recommendation
Chances are if you are interested in dating sites you will want to check out an alternative. One that we talked about in the past was OKCupid.

What do you think? Does Our Time work or not?

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