Does GrandPad Really Work?

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Does GrandPad Work?There are not many that would argue that we live in a world of technology. There are very few that seem to walk around without having a mobile phone or iPad in their hands. An exception to this may be some of the seniors who are somewhat overwhelmed with this new and amazing technology. But, there seems to be a solution for this and its called GrandPad.

GrandPad is a mobile device that has been specifically made for the seniors who have a desire to enjoy some of the latest technology without all the complexity that can come with it.

The Claim
The claim being made about GrandPad is that it is built with simplicity in mind. It is providing a way for the older generation to be able to keep in contact with their loved ones by using new technology that they can relate to.

The Hype
The hype around the GrandPad is that it is made with an easy to read interface and large buttons for easy handling. These components set the seniors up for video chatting without having to go through some of the difficulties that standard devices present.

The Cost
It means signing up for a GrandPad subscription which includes the tablet. The cost is a up front $200. Payment then a monthly fee of $40. This is provided through Consumer Cellular.

The Commitment
There are two levels of commitment that may exist. There may be that on the part of the person buying the GrandPad for their senior. Then there is the commitment of the senior themselves. At first, there may be some reluctance on the part of the senior as they are being presented with a device that they may have some reservations about. The commitment for the buyer will be to convince the senior that this is technology that has been made for them.

The GrandPad possesses easy to use software but that which will easily allow the seniors to connect via video chat with their family and friends. There is the ability to send and receive photos and send voice emails. There are plenty of other options that the senior can enjoy as they become more familiar with the operation of the GrandPad. Such as some popular game playing and listening to music of their choice. All of this is accessed in a very simplified way. Most seniors catch on to this very quickly and when they do they are most pleased with what the GrandPad has to offer.

Final GrandPad Review

We are going to give the GrandPad a thumbs up even though it is a new product/service. When comparing the costs of iPads to the GrandPad the price is quite reasonable. It really is a solution for those seniors who feel a sense of being left out of what the modern day world has to offer. The monthly fee can also be considered reasonable. There are quality safety features built into the GrandPad, which is a concern for some who may be buying this device for their seniors.

Our Recommendation
A lot of people are on the lookout for products and services that can make life easier for seniors. Another one that we have talked about that is totally different is the Comfy Bright Light.

What do you think? Does GrandPad work or not?

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