Does the Comfy Bright Light Really Work?

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Does the Comfy Bright Light Work? When it comes to convenience most of us are all for it especially if it involves our entertainment. For those that like to read one of the biggest complaints they have is having the right type of lighting in the area where they find it the most comfy. So this makes a product like the Comfy Bright Light worth looking at. It is a mobile light that you can wear around your neck to provide the right type of lighting exactly where you need it. Yes, there are plenty of products very similar already very popular on the open market, but just maybe this particular product has something special about it. Let’s find out if this is true.

There are a lot of reading and writing opportunities that present themselves but unfortunately without the right lighting to depend on for these opportunities they cannot be taken advantage of. Many times the busy person doesn’t get a chance to settle down with a good book until they crawl into bed. Then they have to fight with a bunch of pillows to get them propped up so they are compatible with the bedside lamp, or have to depend on the overhead lighting. Not the ideal situation. The Comfy Bright Light is a padded half pillow that comfortably wraps around the neck and has a very sharp light engaged in the one end. The neck wrap can be adjusted so that light emits exactly where you want it to. Now there are other similar products that are probably just as effective but most likely not nearly as comfortable.

The Claim
The Company claims that the lighting their product produces is perfect for those that are in a low light setting but want to be able to read or write without straining their eyes.They claim that the design of the wrap around neck wrap is filled with soft plush comfort foam.

The Hype
They hype for this product centers around two specific needs that avid readers and writers have. First they need good convenient lighting that is workable in a whole bunch of different settings. This is addressed by the marketers who claim that this product is ideal to utilize in all types of situations. It can be used when traveling on a plane,for night time reading when you don’t want to disturb others, and even when you want to sit at your desk in the dark and do some writing. The second need that is addressed is the one that creates the unique selling proposition for the Comfy Bright Light, and that is that is has been built for comfort. You can use other similar type products that consist of metal adjustable neck wrap arounds, or rely on the plush smooth offerings of the Comfy Bright Light. These two selling points are the foundation for the product hype.

The Cost
For the price of $27. which includes the shipping and handling you are going to receive your choice of product either in solid black or zebra. There is a 30 day minus the shipping and handling charges guarantee. This is a battery operated product and your order will include both the light and the battery.
The Commitment

As we mentioned there are several similar products on the market that are going to provide you with the type of lighting that you need, but the point is are you going to receive the same level of comfort that this product promises to deliver? To really evaluate the product you almost have to set a price on comfort and what are you willing to pay for it. For the lighting benefits we did a review on a similar product called the Hug Light Night. Currently this is selling on Amazon for around $9. before shipping costs. While we rated it as a worthy product we have to admit that after seeing the built in comfort feature of the Comfy Bright Light we believe that it really increases the value of this type of product. Now you can end up paying a whole lot more for a similar product like the Beam N Read LED 103M Hands Free Crafts Light also available at Amazon which sells for about $32. but it has some additional features like a magnifier attached to it which allows it to be used for additional purposes.


Final Comfy Bright Light Review

We’re going to give the Comfy Bright Light a serious Try/Buy Rating. The reason we didn’t go all the way with a thumbs up because really you are paying the extra money that this product costs for the comfort features. It is not something that everyone will find important. Some people are quite fine with the lesser priced low light alternatives that wrap around the neck with a simple bendable bar.

Our Recommendation
We are recommending this product based on it’s additional comfort features, but we also like to look at potential additional benefits and uses that a product could meet. While the marketing material depicts this as being ideal for the adults, it really is a product that the young people could put to good use as well. If they happen to be going on a long car trip and want some extra lighting to read or maybe even catch up on a bit of homework it might be ideal. Then there are the seniors to consider as well where often standard lighting is just not enough for them to be able to read effectively. One slight hesitation that we have about the Comfy Bright Light is that there is only one light whereas many of the similar products have two. But after taking a closer look at the product we really don’t think this is going to be an issue because the wrap around can be easily adjusted. Plus if you are using a product such as this in a room where you don’t want to disturb others, then you really don’t want to have excess lighting to deal with.

What do you think? Does the Comfy Bright Light work or not?

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