Does Strikingly Really Work?

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Does Strikingly Work?Many people love having their own website whether it be for personal or business use, and in either case for those who are not technically inclined building a great website can be quite a challenge, but Strikingly may just be the solution to make this task quick and easy.

There are tons and tons of places on the internet to go to that will allow you to build your own website for free. That is just the first step,the big problem that then arises is having the skills to use all these free resources. This is the time that frustration sets in and many people abandon a half completed site. Then there are those sites that offer to build your website for free which can create a whole new gambit of frustration because the site simply isn’t “you”. The Strikingly promoters offer you the chance to build a website with a very simple and easy to adopt format. This lets you get the site that you want built the way you want it, without putting a great deal of learning pressure on you and a consumption of your time.

The Claim
The Company claims they can offer you the opportunity to build your own website that will be absolutely gorgeous and mobile friendly. These are two very important components to a successful website of today. Both new and experienced web owners who have been involved in building their own sites have been faced with the challenge of presenting it in a mobile friendly way. While one may have a great website if it is not impressive in its presentation on a mobile device then it has lost much of its usefulness.

The Hype
With so many offers for free website building being available on the web today, it is most difficult to come up with a unique approach that is going to stand out amongst the rest. Perhaps the most impressive hype affiliated with this website building opportunity is the media attention it has gathered. You will see this Company featured in impressive media outlets such as Forbes,the and USA Today Inc. just to name a few.

The Cost
There actually is a free version of Strikingly being offered which gives you one website and 5 gb of bandwidth. If you want to step it up a notch then you have the choice of a Pro package for $16. a month or a Limited Package for $8. per month. Each package has its own specific offerings.

The Commitment
It doesn’t matter how simple a website is required or able to be completed it still requires some thought and planning. However, when the technology that you are using like that offered through Strikingly is so simple yet impressive to use then it allows you to focus on your the message you want your website to deliver. Often because building a website can be so complex it draws all of the energy of the web owner to designing and mastering the steps required to complete it that its functionality and purpose is lost.

One of the main reasons we chose to review Strikingly is because it has its eye on the future. It is focusing on offering the necessary web building tools for the mobile approach first. This is critical to successful business representation and presentation in the business world today.

Final Strikingly Review

We have chosen to give the Strikingly website builder a Thumbs Up rating. Any new company that is able to raise $1.5 million in seed money from investors has to have something very significant to offer. We like the business approach of targeting the mobile market because it is the way of the future. We have looked at other website builders in the past where they will actually get you started by doing the work for you. While this is enticing it really doesn’t keep you in control. If your website happens to start bringing you success then you certainly want to be in a position of having full control over it and not having to rely on a company to do it for you.

Our Recommendation
First you need to determine the purpose of your website. If this is a personal website then you really should find the free version of what Strikingly has to offer more than adequate. If you are in the process of building a business online then you may want to consider starting out with one of the paid packages that the Company offers. In any event take the time to fully review all of the options being offered by Strikingly then base your final decisions on what you discover that may be beneficial to you.

Official Website: Strikinlgy

What do you think? Does Strikingly work or not?

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