Does the Fire Kids Edition Really Work?

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fire kids editionThe little kids want to be just like the big ones and whether we like it or not they are becoming very tech savvy at a very young age. So the best approach is to make sure they get the right technological start and you can do this with the Fire Kids Edition.

The Fire Kids Edition is a child friendly 7″ Fire tablet that allows the kids to have their very own device. It can be used for learning as well as entertainment like watching their favorite movies or game playing with the quad-core processor that means no delays. It boasts of 8 GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 128 GB with microSD.

The Claim
The company claims that there is no need to worry about the kids outgrowing it quickly which means more money to step it up a notch. It has plenty of storage capacity to keep them going for awhile.

The Hype
The promo materials for the Fire Kids Edition responds to almost every “I want” that your youngster has given you when it comes to having their own tablet. Part of this is the Amazon FreeTime camera and photo software that comes with the device. You are going to soon be quite impressed with the quality of images that your young one produces with this high resolution photo taking resource. Plus they can have some great interaction with their friends and grandparents with the front facing camera that is ideal for videos.

The Cost
You are probably holding your breath thinking this one is really going to cost you, but the Fire Kids edition is only $99.99 and what is super impressive is the two year warranty guarantee that comes with it.

The Commitment
The only commitment you are going to have is coming to the realization that your youngster really wants to be like the rest of the family and have their very own tablet. There will be some set ups to do but the kids probably will be ahead of you in that regard.

Overall the Fire Kids Edition really is a great alternative to having to share your devices with the kids. It is sturdy and meant for the punishment that the little ones might subject it to, which cannot be said for the adult designed tablets.

Final Fire Kids Edition Tablet Review

We are going to give the Fire Kids Tablet a Thumbs Up Review. It has a four star rating on Amazon out of 2,182 reviews. So it definitely has been both parent and kid tested for acceptance and value. We really like the two year replacement guarantee that covers a great deal. The fact that is has a kid proof case is a big bonus. You are surely curious as to what age group this is applicable to and will be pleased to know it is appropriate for ages three and up.

Our Recommendation
While the Fire Kids Edition is specifically made for the hands of little ones now is the right time to start teaching the proper care that electronics such as this demand. If your little one is just not quite old enough for this form of electronics as yet, you can always introduce them to Cloud Pets which is the beginning of opening up the doors of communication to the world around them.

What do you think? Does Fire Kids Edition work or not?

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