Does Colortastic Really Work?

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Does Colortastic Work?Once January arrives it seems like we have a few months where we tend to get a little bored as adults. After all we probably didn’t receive some nifty toys to keep us occupied like the kids did. What we can resort to in order to cut the boredom maybe is Colortastic

Colortastic is actually a selection of coloring books that have been designed for adults. They can be used with pencils, crayons, water colors and markers. The pages are really super detailed and there are a couple of selections of themes.

The Claim
The company claims that these intricate patterns for coloring that they are offering you is not only going to be fun but be relaxing as well.

The Hype
They focus their hype on their product offering which consists of two 100 page coloring books,12 colored pencils, travel size coloring book and a relaxing CD.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping.

The Commitment
First you are going to have to find the time to just sit and enjoy this coloring experience. Then you might have to get past the embarrassment of indulging in what many consider as a kid’s activity.

Coloring really is a rewarding experience that is not just reserved for the kids. In fact, in some business environments they have now started coloring sessions. This is because they have discovered that it is a fantastic way of relieving stress and just escaping from the worries of the world for awhile. It is really becoming quite a trend. There are many doctors that have prescribed coloring as a form of therapy for their patients that suffer with stress and anxiety

Final Colortastic Review

We are going to give Colortastic a Thumbs up review. However, as this trend continues to grow you are going to find a lot more selections of adult coloring books at your local stores. This way you won’t have to wait for delivery. Plus, you will have a lot more selections of themes. One good thing about Colortastic is that the sheets made for coloring are on acid free paper. This is good quality. A lot of people like to take their finished pieces and turn them into art pieces that they can display in their homes, or give them as gifts.

Our Recommendation
Many of us have sat down with the kids and colored along with them under the pretense that we are having quality time with them, when really we are getting great enjoyment out of this activity. Well, we are now coming out of the closet as adult coloring enthusiasts and admitting that we really do enjoy this. No longer do we have to pretend and we have our very own adult coloring books to choose from. Colortastic has given us an easy opportunity to do this. Now if you wish to expand upon this relaxing experience you could take a look at Doodle Bright which we originally suggested for the kids but might be quite appropriate for you too.

What do you think? Does Colortastic work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Colortastic Really Work?

  1. This is not a review. I don’t think you even tried the product. For instance, they claim you can use watercolor – did you test that claim? That’s the medium I use and I wanted to know before ordering.

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