Does the Sense Arena Really Work?

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Does Sense Arena Work?Today’s newest technology offers brain training systems. The ability to improve performance in athletic training is among these latest innovations. The Sense Area converts brain training into serious athletic training.


The Sense Arena is a reality-based hockey training platform, utilizing a virtual reality helmet along with software and a custom designed stick.

The Claim

The claim to the Sense Arena is that this product allows for focused hockey skills training while off the ice.

The Hype

The hype about the Sense Arena is that this system can be utilized at home as well as training centers and the gym. The skills of hockey can virtually be improved anywhere. However, the cost factor may limit home use.

The Cost

The cost of the Sense Arena is grouped into packages. There are packages available that have a combined purchase value with a monthly subscription value. The optimum package includes everything within monthly payments of $1999. Some packages require a 12-month commitment, while others do not require any form of commitment.

The Commitment

The commitment to the Sense Arena is establishing the package that suits your needs best. Ensuring you continuously make the monthly payments of the package you selected will keep you in good standing. To ensure you are getting the full value of the product, regular use is highly recommended.


The Sense Arena is an amazing idea. The cost of this product is relatively high and would probably be purchased on more of a commercial end. Training Centers and gyms would highly benefit from this product. Not only would athletes utilize this program, but they may also be inspired to participate in other programs the centers offer. Hockey camps would be a great place to have this system set up, as it can be used during the time of ice. Sense Arena requires you to take three easy steps. First, take your baseline diagnostic test. Secondly, read and understand the results of the test. And finally, choose your training plan. This virtual reality system comes with a helmet headset, software program, and a specialized stick. This system provides professional hockey training without the use of ice.

Final Sense Arena Review

We are going to give the Sense Arena a thumbs up. Professional hockey player David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins endorses this system. This program focuses on six core hockey game skills and five core cognitive skills. Feedback from those who have viewed the demo video is all positive. One reviewer stated he was shocked by the sense of the weight of the virtual puck on the specially designed stick.We would highly recommend the Sense Arena to hockey organizations and training facilities. As the cost of this product is a large investment, not many could afford to purchase it for home use. However, professional athletes would definitely benefit from home use.

Our Recommendation

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What do you think? Does Sense Arena work or not?

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