Does NHL Hockey Really Work?

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Does NHL Hockey Work?The question of does NHL hockey really work, could pertain to several different components. Like does it work for the fans? Does it work for the players or does it work for the economy? In this review we are going to focus on does it work as inspiration for the young up and coming hockey player who dreams of making it to the big leagues.


No matter what sport a young person becomes interested in, for the most part they have a goal in mind that they want to reach. It could be the big leagues for the baseball lovers, or the world golf tournaments for the young golfer. For the hockey lovers inevitably they envision themselves as one day putting on a jersey that depicts the Nation Hockey League. For many this remains a dream, but for those who go beyond this, what does it take to get there?

The Claim

If you listen to the claims made by any young NHL rookie they will most often tell you that being drafted into the NHL has been their dream. They will reiterate the work and dedication it has taken for them to get there. Just being drafted doesn’t mean that their future as a NHL player is secure. They are up against plenty of competition and the hard work gets even harder.

The Hype

What is the hype that drives these young hockey players to making the big league? It begins with their own passion for hockey in general, and then they are no doubt spurred on by the great love that is shown by the fans for this sport. When you put this much emotion into something it is only natural that it will become a driving force.

The Cost

When we think of NHL hockey players in respect to costs, as fans we tend to focus on how much money they make. Unless you happen to be the parents of these sports professionals you may have no idea of the costs that have mounted over the years,both for equipment and additional training. This doesn’t even include the enormous time commitments that have been made by all family members. Usually for those amateur players that are showing promise, there is extra training involved besides just putting on a pair of skates every day and heading out to the ice for a few hours. There are numerous training programs like Hockey Training Pro which offers additional off ice hockey training.

The Commitment

The commitment to focusing on becoming a NHL player is often a family commitment. More often than not the entire family has to attend the many games that are played throughout the years of the young player. Then there is the uncountable practice hours taking place on the ice, and perhaps even more off ice training. Aside from the skating skills and shooting the puck any NHL player will tell you there is a lot more to it. Speed is a big factor and there are many training programs that can help with this like the Truth About Quickness 2.0 that we talked about in another review.


Our focus here is about whether NHL Hockey as the ultimate goal for the young hockey player is ideal. We have no doubts that this organization plays a huge role in spurring on the aspiring hockey player throughout many years as they develop as an amateur.

Final NHL Hockey Review

There is no way that we couldn’t give NHL hockey a thumbs up rating, in regards to being the ideal inspiration for any young hockey player that is setting his goals on the big league.

Our Recommendation

As parents we want to encourage our children to follow their dreams. Fortunately there are organization like the National Hockey League to inspire them. What is just as important however, is to not make it the only priority. When it becomes the single goal of the hockey enthusiast and they happen to be one of the many that don’t make it then it can be devastating for them. Keeping them focused on enjoying what they do and the game itself should be part of their inspiration.

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What do you think? Does NHL Hockey work or not?

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