Does Theravent Really Work?

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Does Theravent Work?Whenever we see a lot of interest in one of our topics, then we know it is about something that is really important to a lot of people. We have found that there is a keen interest in the problem of snoring. So we wanted to see if Theravent could be a solution for those where other products just aren’t working for them.

When looking for alternative snoring solutions for our readers to look at, we wanted to be careful not to just review ones that are similar to the types we have already covered. For example, previously we talked about SnoreRX. This device is a form of mouthguard. Now with Theravent the stop snoring approach is a different method. Here a small adhesive strip is applied just under the nose to keep the air passages open. In order to know if this is a concept that would really work then you need to know what is the cause of the snoring in the first place.

The Claim
The company claims that Theravent has been clinically proven to reduce or even stop snoring. Results are supposed to be noticed on the first night when used. They are claiming their anti snoring product works because it is based on patented microvalve technology.

The Hype
One of the biggest complaints that a lot of people have when trying different snore solutions is the inconvenience and discomfort that comes with using them. Some are bulky mouth guards that may work only because the user can hardly get to sleep in the first place so of course they aren’t snoring. Then there are some sprays that leave an after taste that is most unpleasant. Finally there may be an option for surgery, but not too many people are keen on this. The Theravent hype has made it clear that their product does not involve any of these other approaches to the snoring problem.

The Cost
The one advantage to many of the other offered solutions is that once you buy the device then that is the end of your cost. With Theravent it is going to mean repeat purchases if it works for you. The Company is offering a 14 day trial period where you will pay only $4.50 for shipping and handling and you will receive a 14 day trial pack. You will automatically be enrolled in their 30 day quiet nights loyalty club and you will be shipped a 30 day supply for the cost of $27.49. This will re-occur monthly. If during the 14 day period you decide that Theravent is not for you then you must cancel your membership through their customer service.

The Commitment
Just like with any anti-snoring device you are going to have to learn how to use or position it properly according to directions, then remember to use it every night. If you are going to be away from home then don’t forget your Theravent.

A simple explanation of what causes snoring is the vibration of soft tissue in your head and neck.The muscles in the roof of your mouth as well as your throat and tongue shift into the relaxed mode as you begin to drift off to sleep. As they do this they can partially block your airway, and the tissues begin to vibrate. The more you relax the more they vibrate and the louder the snoring becomes. So it would seem to safe to say that if you can get enough air through your airway then this is going to help with the snoring problem. The Theravent has approached this by their device using a technology for creating a back pressure as the sleeper exhales through their nose.

Final Theravent Review

We finally decided to give the Theravent a Thumbs Up Review, when at first we were thinking of just rating it a try/buy. What changed our mind is the amount of positive feedback the product has received. It is highly unlikely that we will ever come across a simple anti-snoring product that works for absolutely everyone because each of us are unique.

Our Recommendation
If you are dealing with a snoring problem the first step is to talk to your Doctor about it, to rule out any other potential causes that may need medical intervention. Then discuss with your Doctor that you are going to try Theravent if this is your decision or any other corrective measure you may be contemplating. Also, try to determine if there are additional measures that you can take to help with your snoring issue like a change of lifestyle for example. It is believed that alcohol consumption, or even being over weight can contribute to the snoring problem.

What do you think? Does Theravent work or not?

152 Customer Reviews on “Does Theravent Really Work?

  1. I never write reviews but feel a need to defend this one. I snore and when I travel with my my fiance,who is a light sleeper, he ends up moody by the end of the trip from lack of sleep. he has even thought about getting extra hotel room for a night. I got the tria pack. I will admit when I first put them on I felt like I was suffocating. I had to focus on breathing the way the instructions said for a while before I went to sleep. I ended up ripping it off in the middle of the night but when my man reported that the first part of the night had been snore free, i decided to try them a second night. by the third was pretty used to it and the snoring was gone except for mild nasal whistles when the seal wasnt tight. I was able to reuse a strip for a second night at least once. but when we ran out, we actually took an uber during night out so we could get to store before it closed -just to get more strips.
    I think the adhesive would bother me if I wore them every night but they are a godsend for our trips or nights when the guestroom has to be used for actual guests

  2. Really, really helps. Doesn’t completely eliminate snoring but my partner is sooooo much happier.

  3. You will feel like you are suffocating, no they do not work.
    Get a bed/mattress that raises and that will help quite a bit, with nasal strips that OPEN your nasal passages.

  4. I didn’t snore as much with Theravent. But I didn’t sleep well at all. Every time I started to snore I woke up and felt like I couldn’t breath.
    Not for me.

  5. Theravent works for me. No more nudges from my wife in the middle of the night. I’m very happy with them. They take a little getting used to, but they are definitely worth trying.

  6. This used to work for me a few years ago when I had an enlarged thyroid. Now, it no longer works. The new snore I get is when I breathe in and not out. This does not solve that problem.

  7. I have been snoring for several years, but never enough that it woke me or caused me problems more than occasionally. Two years ago I quit smoking and consequently gained weight. I began snoring so badly that I was constantly waking myself and my husband during the night. I was feeling the negative effects of not getting sleep – being distracted, poor memory. I was desperate for sleep and began looking online for possible solutions. I came across Theravent Max and decided to try it, and am I glad I did! I sleep much better now. I won’t say that I never snore – I still do when I am sleeping on my back, when the seal on the bandage breaks or when I am breathing through my mouth when first falling asleep. It’s OK though, because my snoring has been GREATLY reduced, I am finally feeling more rested and the negative effects of not sleeping have also gone by the wayside. I am, in fact, so happy with this product, that I have spread the word and have even given some of my product to friends to try! I realize that losing the weight I gained is the best option – and I am trying to do so – but in the interim, I am happy to use Theravent Max!

  8. There are many other nasal type stop snoring devices which work on a very similar principle. Much cheaper than theravent too! I agree there are many lifestyle changes you can make to help – particularly losing weight. Excess fat around the neck and weak neck muscles are major contributors to why we snore

  9. My lovely wife snoreing like Bomber B-29 before, now almost like B-52.
    Send me your product and I will definite let you know whether it work or not.

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