Does Zyppah RX Really Work?

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Does Zyppah RX work?Zyppah RX is an anti-snoring device that says it provides a custom fit and has two features to try and solve your problem. On paper this would put it a few steps ahead of similar devices, but let’s see what the verdict is on whether or not it really works.

Snoring creates a problem not only for you, but for those around you, especially your partner. Getting the snoring to stop can make for a good night’s rest not only for you but for other members of your household. If your snoring has been putting a strain on your relationships then you definitely owe it to yourself to try to find a solution to get back the normalcy to your life.

The Claim
The most impressive claims being made by the makers of Zyppah RX are that it stops snoring instantly, from the first night that you use it. They also say that it’s 100% guaranteed, and that you’re able to try it for free, but of course they do charge you for shipping. They say it is the result of over 10 years of research, and that it was developed by a dentist that has turned most of his attention on helping to solve snoring and sleep apnea.

The Appeal
Long-time snoring sufferers would definitely be interested in a product that works right away, and one that doesn’t disturb their natural sleep cycle. Some people can’t get to sleep with a snoring device in their mouth, since most are made from hard plastic. Higher priced, custom-fit models are supposed to solve that problem, so the Zyppah RX is getting you the best of both worlds since it is supposed to provide a custom fit while still being inexpensive, relatively speaking.

The Cost
There is some flexibility to how much this costs, with a total price of $80 or $90 depending on if you pay all at once, or in payments. If you want to try it out first without putting a lot of money down upfront, you can choose their $10 trial offer, which sends you the device for $10, and let’s you try it out for 30 days. If it’s working out for you and you keep it they charge you $40 twice for a total price of $90. If you just want to get on with it you can pay $80 with no more payments, and are still covered by the 30 day guarantee.

The Commitment
This is where most people will have trouble staying on with it. Getting used to having something in your mouth all night while you’re sleeping can be hard. It can also fall out several times, making you put it back in if you wake up in the middle of the night. This can cause you to get broken sleep as well, and you might feel that you’re trading one problem for another. But if you stick with it long enough you’ll get used to it, and you’ll find that it doesn’t pop out as often, or keep you from falling asleep.

Because it works on two different levels, you’re likely to get a better experience from using Zyppah RX than you would with other guards that just work to move your jaw forward. Most devices use this method because it’s easy to see that it’s effective, if it can be done right. You can even test the theory out for yourself right now. Simply lie on your back and let your jaw relax. You’ll find that pretty soon you’ll start to make that distinctive snoring sound. Now simply bring your jaw forward. You’ll notice that the sound goes away and the airway reopens.

They’re taking it a step further by making it so your tongue doesn’t get in the way either. The combination of keeping your tongue clear, and keeping your jaw forward is one that works. They say it doesn’t initiate the gag reflex, even though it’s keeping your tongue from moving into the airway.

They accomplish the customized fit by making this “boil and bite” meaning you boil it to soften it up and then bite down as directed so that it molds to your teeth and always fits right in place. If you compare that to a snoring product like ZQuiet where it isn’t custom fit and is supposed to stay put in your mouth, it’s up to you to determine which approach would be more effective. This boiling method is pretty popular, and is similar to the way they’d fit you at the dentist’s office.

Final Zyppah RX Review

The Zyppah RX is getting our Solid Try rating. They’ve done all they can to make this a must try, putting the cost down to just $10 to try it out. Most would agree that if it’s working in the first week they’d happily pay the remaining balance to stay snoring-free. Since it’s supposed to work from the very first night you have plenty of time to evaluate it with the 30 days they give you.

Our Recommendation
Solving the snoring problem usually takes a multi-tonged approach. We’ve seen people get success by making a combination of adjustments to the way they sleep, and often this includes the use of both a snoring device, as well as a special pillow. Others only find success if they switch to being a side sleeper. Since this product combines two different tactics to help rid you of your snoring, it might be all that’s needed for effective relief.

What do you think? Does Zyppah RX work or not?

254 Customer Reviews on “Does Zyppah RX Really Work?

  1. Used the Zyppah for about a year or so with marginal results. Did it stop me from snoring, no. It lessened it to an extent. No real jaw pain and was easy to get used to once you get used to it. It will “loosen” over about 3-4 weeks, you just need to re-boil it and re-fit. After about a year or so I went to a sleep specialist and got on a CPAP which totally eliminated my snoring altogether. I guess if you have mild snoring it can help a lot of people, just did not eliminate it for me.

  2. Make sure to only purchase through the official ZYPPAH website >

    If you’re purchasing through any other source your quality cannot be guaranteed nor can the refund be promised.

    ZYPPAH definitely does stand by their 90 day warranty and makes sure that customers who return their devices within the 90 day window receive their refund.

    If you try to request a refund while out of warranty of course you are going to get denied.

    ZYPPAH’s customer service is great and always responds.

    Best thing too is, if you can’t reach them through email they have a Facebook page which you can message in and they get back to you super fast.

    ZYPPAH really does care about its customers.

  3. After reading all the comments on this website I will not be purchasing the Zyppah mainly because the customer service reviews. Why offer a 90 day money back guarantee when the do everything possible not to honor it. I’ll look for another product………

  4. This device did not work for me. I returned the device, but they claimed they did not receive it and denied my a refund. Be forewarned that if you order from them, they will do everything in their power to deny you a refund. Ensure you have appropriate documentation on the return (tracking numbers, insurance, delivery confirmation, delivery signature, and anything else available). The device is hard to adjust to, and they will do everything they can to keep your money. Buyer beware.

  5. I have read the reviews saying that when people returned their product that they have a hard time getting a refund. I really need a product that works but if you don’t stand by your guarantee I am leery of buying your product.

  6. I was considering purchasing this product but if they don’t stand by their guarantee how can you trust them? I have read that people are having trouble getting a refund. Tell the Zyppah representative your going to dispute the charge. They’ll be charged $25 and your money will be refunded by the credit card company.

  7. I’ve been using mine for about six months now. Yes, I have a little pain in my jaw in the morning but by the time I’m out of the shower I’ve completely forgot about it….cuz it’s gone! And that’s just about how long the pain in my ribs lasted from my wife elbowing me, before I got my Zyppah. I sleep better and I’m now ordering my third one. Is it perfect, no, but then, neither am I or I wouldn’t need one of these. Most of these complaints I’ve read sound like they’re from the “everyone gets a trophy” generation. I’m a little older than that and I like the product.

  8. Warning that if you do return the zyppah you will have trouble getting a refund and may not ever receive it. For me, the zyppah was too small. I emailed the company and told them it was too small and received a return email from them with instructions on on to return it. However, the refund was not forthcoming, even though they sent a refund notification. I’ve disputed the transaction using PayPal and my cc now. Still no refund.

  9. Buyer beware! This company claims they will issue a full refund if you are not satisfied, but that is not the case. I did not like the mouthguard at all,and returned it a few days after purchase. For the past 2 months customer service has promised to issue a refund but they have not delivered. Their last response said I would see a refund within 24 hours. That was a week ago. Clearly they are not honiring their publicly stated guarantee. This is not a reputable company.

  10. I’ve use this for several months and it does reduce but not stop snorting.

    But now I have developed severe jaw pain and can no longer wear the Zyppah. It takes several hours for the pain to subside.

    Hopefully I will find a better answer…

  11. Yes. This has messed my jaw up, too. Never had issues before. Not only having trouble getting my mouth to open very wide, but it is causing my jaw to shift a bit to the right when I do chew. It gets better the longer I am not wearing it, but I am not going use this product any longer. Shame, really, because it did seem to help with my snoring. There is an app called sleep talk that you can use to help check your snoring level out.

  12. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this issue! Been wearing it about a week and a half and my jaw is completely mis-aligned now. Hurts really badly to line it back up properly. I will have to stop using it!

  13. i have had snoring problem for years. no matter which way i turned, i always snored. i have tried several different snoring devices. this one WORKS !!! i have had for 6 days now and no snoring. my wife is finally sleeping all night and no elbows to my ribs all night every night !!! it does make mouth and teeth a little sore like all of them do. the combo of forward jaw and the little tongue strap did the trick !!

  14. That don’t mean sh!t. You can have the crappiest product and the worst service on earth but as long as the company acknowledges that they received the complaint they keep their A rating.

  15. I have to say I initially liked this product after the initial “getting used to it” phase because I did sleep better and my wife and I both were happy about that… Initially it took a few days to get used to having something in my mouth at bedtime. Secondly, I had to try to figure out a way to swallow because the band that keeps your tongue forward prevented swallowing for the most part. Thirdly, it took time to get used to mouth saliva just being in the mouthpiece, etc. Then reality hit about 10 to 14 days after using it… a) my right jaw started aching badly when I woke up. It was all the way into my ear and above. I had never had this problem ever. So I decided to not use it for 2 days and my jaw was fine. My wife told me I was snoring again so I tried it again and the jaw ache came back and oddly enough that same evening… b) the band came separated from one side of the mouthpiece and c) the top right of the mouthpiece separated in the right back. After this happened i started examining the mouthpiece and was surprised at how poorly the band and pieces are joined to the main body of the device. But I decided to get a replacement and give it one more chance…The company basically jerked me around by saying they had shipped the replacement over the next few weeks and finally after several calls I received the replacement in the mail.. I tried it last night just to give it another chance and woke up this morning with the worst jaw and ear ache ever so I am done with this product… Now I know why they have a disclaimer in their shipping package that limits their liability to $10k and only through arbitration and not court… I think they have had many complaints about the Jaw issues… buyer beware!

  16. It worked for me…at first, and still does but not as well as in the beginning. I felt great in the morning and well rested. I can’t remember the last time I awoke feeling energized like that. However, I noticed the my jaw was out of alignment in the morning and the right side was sore. I literately had to push my chin into my pillow for a minute or two in order for my jaw to close properly. I thought I just needed to get used to it as it was stopping my snoring. But, it is like that every morning I use it.
    I also noticed the green stuff was “disappearing”. I suppose I am swallowing it during the night. The form has changed a bit and I think I need to re-set it. I still use it frequently but now my Girlfriend says I am snoring again but not as bad. I cannot use it every night and have to take a break from it as the band across the mouth piece leaves a sore spot on my tongue.

  17. This company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and they have an A rating. I know nothing about the product or how reliable it is, but having worked at the BBB I can say that if one has a complaint,he or she can file it with the BBB and get immediate attention from the company who pays and desires to maintain that high rating. Don’t settle for poor customer service!

  18. I wore it 2 nights and now have major jaw pain. I’ve never had TMJ before and I’m seeking treatment for it now. I’m totally upset and may seek attorney’s help for reimbursement for my medical bills.

  19. This product plain and simply doesn’t work. My wife bought the cute pink one as a Father’s Day gift to me. Each time she uses it fails to stop her snoring in any way. It in fact makes her snore even more then she did before putting in her mouth. So angry that we wasted our money on this bogus piece of junk product. Total scam for us.

  20. Thank you all for the honest truth about this product,
    I made up my mind to order this today until I read the reviews,
    it does sound like a product that will not deliver what it promises, but over all,
    the Customer service behind is the deal breaker,
    they should treat the customers with respect before purchase and after purchase as well,

  21. SCAMMERS….their advertising is totally false and they try to make life so miserable for you, most people won’t take the time to get their money back. I just made my 3rd call to “customer support” which is an oxymoron for them. There are no support people just well trained “Con-Artitists”. First you have to sit on hold for 15 minutes or more just to reach these morons. Then they will fill you with BS about where to send the package, how long it will take to get a refund, etc. etc. I was just told it will take 3 – 5 days to get a credit on my credit card. Over a week ago, I was told it would take 72 hours from the day they received the package back. They got it 5 business days ago. There is no value to what you are returning as it is a cheap piece of plastic that was in someone else’s mouth, so returning it is just their way of making life miserable for you. By the way, their website says it “lasts for months”, but the brochure that comes with the “Ryppah” says it needs to be replaced every 4 months…why don’t they say 4 months on their website. They say they will charge you two payments of of $49.95 but they dinged my credit card for $95.95 right after I called them within the 30 day period saying I was returning it. There is noting “Risk Free” about the “Ryppah”.

  22. I was allergic to the stupid thing . I woke up first night with a severe rash on my face and in my mouth and has very bad diarrhea. I was pooping the bed all night

  23. Bought this for my boyfriend. Did not work. Falls out of mouth unable to adjust. Returned mouthpiece they said they never received it. I lost my tracking number from usps and they charged me 95.00
    Would not refund any of the money. Asked to talk to supervisor and i was put on hold for 10 seconds and was told supervisor was busy and there was nothing tbey could do. What a scam.

  24. The Zyppah worked great on my husband’s snoring, and we were really pleased with it. After a month or so, though, it started falling out in the night for some reason, and if we didn’t “rescue” it right away, we knew one of our dogs would soon adopt it as a chew toy. Yep, that’s what happened. I’m trying to find out why it started falling out after he was asleep when it didn’t do that for the first several months. We felt it was an effective product!

  25. Stay clear from this product, customer service is rude, product didn’t fit, caused headaches and jaw problems. Missed my return date by 1 day, now stuck with this useless product.

  26. Thanks for your reviews people.I’m definitely steering clear from this bogus crap.

  27. The worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Tried to get order corrected they couldn’t do it said call back in 24 to 48 hrs I called next day they then said sorry it already shipped. I explained that I needed order corrected why did they then ship it. Basically told me too bad !! I’m sending back and have to pay postage this should have never happened. Awful company to do business with avoid them.

  28. Got this product and it was horrendous. It did not fit my mouth width. The part that doesn’t soften does not widen. The forward gaping of the teeth causes headaches and losens teeth after a few nights. The neat tongue depressor actually causes raw taste buds. The kind that bleed and hurt when you eat something salty. I do have to say I didn’t snore because I didn’t sleep well either. I was really excited about this product. Then they lost me when they wanted extra money (about $6) to ship it within 3 days. Not shipping, just boxing it up and getting it out the door. They actually waited the 10 days to ship it. What losers! They should be ashamed of the marketing of this +$90 piece of plastic junk. 

  29. For me, it’s either this or I need to get a surgery. I have a morbid fear of needles and blood, so the idea of getting a surgery is a big horror to me. I don’t really know how I’m going to fall asleep with this thing in my mouth, but if I don’t do something about my snoring my wife has warned me that I’ll have to sleep somewhere else other than in our bedroom. I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to sleeping with a mouthpiece though…..

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