Does the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box Really Work?

Does the Bentgo Kids Children

There are a several different items that have to be purchased to equip the kids for back to school. Some will manage to last the full school year, while others will need replacing by at least half way through. Lunch packing for the school kids can always be a challenge. The Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch […]

Does Affresh Products Really Work?

Does Affresh Products Work?

Usually when we are buying cleaning products we like to focus on the all purpose ones. However, buying ones that are designed for a specific purpose can sometimes do a much better job. Affresh has a line of cleaning products that are geared to intended uses and a lot of them for cleaning the inside […]

Does the Selfie Mic Really Work?

Does the Selfie Mic Work/

There is no doubt that the Selfie stick made a big impression on a lot of people, now as technology would have it there is a newer version with some extra benefits called the Selfie Mic. So is this going to become a raging sensation or is just gone a bit too far? Overview The […]

Does Holy Crap Really Work?

Does Holy Crap Work?

It may seem like a strange name for a product, “Holy Crap” but it certainly is an attention grabber, and one that is consumed too. Some call it a cereal while others consider it more as a supplement to add to their other breakfast choices. Overview Holy Crap has no GMO, is gluten-free, high in […]

Does Genbook Really Work?

Does Genbook Work?

Its always great to read reviews of the many different items that we need and use around the home. It is just as important however, to read reviews about items that are business related which opens the doors for taking a look at tons of different types of software. With so many starting online businesses […]

Do Amazon Gift Cards Really Work?

Do Amazon Gift Cards Work?

Whenever you have to buy a gift for someone it can be a real challenge. When in doubt one fail-safe gift to guy is a gift card. However, this can pose a problem too. Which store is the favorite of the gift recipient? There may be a great solution for this if you consider the […]

Does the Original Gorilla Glue Really Work?

Does the Original Gorilla Glue Work?

While there are many repair items that are needed around the house one that you will usually find in the home repair kit is some kind of glue. There are tons on the market which means we usually end up buying three or four different types just in case one doesn’t work. There might be […]

Does the Ion Snap Cam Really Work?

Does the Ion Snap Cam Work?

We live in a world where picture taking has never been easier. Thanks to our Smartphones, but now it has even gotten easier with the Ion Snap Camp. Take instant photos in the moment with this device which is even better than what you can do with your phone. Overview The Ion Snap Cam is […]

Does the Bose Sound Touch Really Work?

Does the Bose Sound Touch Work?

Finding a sound system that is affordable and compact and lives up to its expectations is not always an easy task. The Bose Sound Touch just may provide you with everything that you are looking for in a quality sound system. Overview The Bose Sound Touch is the latest from the Bose family of small […]

Does the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Really Work?

Does the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Work?

Taking care of our pets can be quite a job and when it comes to feeding them it means trying to balance this between our hectic schedules and when they feel hungry. The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser just might be a great alternative of having to be at home at a certain time […]

Does Cooler Shock Really Work?

Does Cooler Shock Work?

There are many times when we have the need to transport food and drinks and we want to keep them cold. The standard way of doing this is by filling up your cooler with as many bags of ice as you can get. There may be a far simpler solution to this and one that […]

Does the OutXPro Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Really Work?

Does the OutXPro Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Work/

During the hot weather we have to be concerned about dealing with different types of bugs. Some have gotten to the point where they can be a real nuisance and potentially dangerous in some instances like mosquitoes. This is leading a lot of people to seeking out more repellent options and the OutXPro Mosquito Repellent […]

Does the Polar Vortex System Really Work?

Does the Polar Vortex System Work?

One of our most popular topics here is anything to do with weight loss and fitness. This is understandable with so many people looking for solutions to these problems. There never seems to be an end to something new hitting the marketing promising to be that one magical product that is going to solve the […]

Does the Ion Wireless Air Mouse Really Work?

Does the Bellco Ventures Ion Wireless Mouse Work?

Being as many of us are glued to our computers for numerous hours each day we want a mouse that is going to be a top performer and maybe speed things up a little. It could be that we need the Ion Wireless Air Mouse.This is a wearable mouse that straps to the hand and […]

Does the Drain Strain Really Work?

Does Drain Strain Work?

There are lots of drain cleaning products on the market and we usually resort to these after the problem occurs instead of using them as a preventative. It just comes down to finding the time to do this. A possible solution may be the Drain Stain which was designed specifically for bathroom drains that tend […]

Does the GB Pocket Stroller Really Work

Does the GB Pocket Stroller Work?

There are tons of strollers on the market to choose from. The real focus has been aside from the safety features, is just how easy it is to use and to carry along with you. The GB Pocket Stroller may be a great choice for Mom’s on the go who need the most compact and […]

Does the Awake Chocolate Bars Really Work?


Whenever our energy starts to diminish then a lot of us tend to look for another cup of coffee or a hit of sugar to give us that quick spike that we need. Is an easier solution the Awake Chocolate Bars? If so, what makes it different than the ton of energy drinks that are […]

Does Dr. Mist Really Work?

Does Dr. Mist Work?

It used to be that any deodorant would do as long as it worked. Now with the public becoming more knowledgeable about the harmful chemicals that so many of these products may contain that we use on our body, we are becoming much more cautious and that includes our deodorant. Based on this you may […]

Does the Cake Beauty Rush Brush Dry Shampoo Really Work?

Does the Cake Beauty Rush Brush Dry Shampoo Work?

With the fast paced lifestyle that many of us live keeping up with our hair care can become quite a challenge. Not always do we have time to wash and style it, so so does this create a good reason to maybe think about using a dry shampoo like the Cake Beauty Rush Brush Dry […]

Does Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil Really Work?

Does Art Natural Beard Oil Work?

It could very well be that a lot more men are now growing beards because they are a lot easier to maintain thanks to the products that are on the market to help them with this. Gone are the days of the dry itchy beards when one is using a product like the Art Naturals […]

Does the OLizee Creative Fruits Plant Kitchen Multi Tool Really Work?

Does the OLizeeTM Creative Fruits Plant Multi Kitchen Tool Work?

No doubt that you have at least one kitchen drawer that is full of gadgets. You may want to think about the OLizee Creative Fruits Plant Kitchen Multi Tool as one to add to your group, but not to hide it away without using it. If you have fruit preparation to do, then you won’t […]

Does the V-Shape Trainer Really Work?

Does the V-Shape Trainer Work?

More often than not when we are looking at body shapers we tend to lean towards the needs of the ladies. To be fair to our male followers we thought we would talk about the V-Shape Trainer. That doesn’t mean that you are necessarily going to want it though, then yet again, maybe you might. […]

Does the A2S Paracord Bracelet Survival Tool Really Work?

Does the A2S Paracord Bracelet Survival Tool Work?

Occasionally we like to take a look at survival gadgets, tools, and even advice. There are a lot of survival enthusiasts now more than ever, and it has become a hot topic. So will the A2S Paracord Bracelet Survival Tool fit into their collection of must haves in the event they find themselves in tough […]

Does the Wizard Mat Really Work?

Does the Wizard Mat Work?

There are a lot of extras that we can buy for our vehicles. When we want to protect them or maybe help spruce up the interior we may look to floor mats to help with this. A new concept called the Wizard Mat which is a multi use item may be something that you are […]