Does Cup Board Pro Really Work?

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Does Cup Board Pro Work?There are many different gadgets and devices that come in handy when working in the kitchen. A lot of them end up being shoved in the cupboard and forgotten about. One that might not fit into this category and prove itself to be of great value is the Cup Board Pro.

Cup Board Pro is a bamboo cutting board that has a side attachment called the cup for catching all the leftover cuttings. This cup is easily removed for disposing of these items and for clean up.
The Claim
According to the promoters of Cut Board Pro being that it is made of bamboo, it means that the surface is a natural antimicrobial surface. Which should be able to resist bacteria easier. Another claim that is made about bamboo is that it isn’t as harsh on the knives that are used with it. While there are other bamboo cutting boards what makes this one unique is the catcher that can be removed for cleanup.

The Hype
Cutting boards are considered to be a must-have in the kitchen. But, they can be difficult to clean. This Cut Board Pro has proven to help make this task much easier. Cleaning the catcher itself is easy as it is dishwasher safe.

The Cost
The cost for Cup Board Pro is $40.

The Commitment
Not much of a commitment is needed as anyone that is involved in food preparation know they need a good cutting board to rely on.

Overall the Cup Board Pro is a good idea. There are similar versions on the market, but this one is made of bamboo with an easy to handle design to it makes it a good choice. There is a sad story behind the Cutting Board Pro. It was developed and designed by a firefighter Keith Young who lost his life due to cancer as a result of the 911 tragedy. His children decided to promote the Cup Board Pro on his behalf. They took this to Shark Tank and were successful at getting a deal with all five sharks. The only issue that is present right now is that Cup Board Pro is sold out at the many locations that offer it. There is some indication that it should be back in stock soon.

Final Cup Board Pro Review

We are prepared to give the Cup Board Pro a thumbs up. A lot of those that bought this item have indicated that they partly did so because of the circumstances behind the promotion of this product and they wanted to supports the children’s efforts. But at the same time, they were very impressed with the product itself.

Our Recommendation

It is always well worth the time to check out these small items that can be so useful in the kitchen. If you are looking for just a good quality bamboo cutting board, then there is the Organic Cutting Board.

What do you think? Does Cup Board Pro work or not?

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