Does Brez Really Work?

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Does Brez work?Brez says you can get a good night’s sleep with their clinically proven snoring device. Stop snoring products all seem to make similar claims, but then their real world results are spotty and they get mixed reviews. So let’s see what the clinical trial discovered, and what real people are saying about its effectiveness.

There are many anti-snoring devices on the market, and each one seems to take a different approach to the same problem. Some are worn in the mouth, and are designed to bring your lower jaw forward, others are worn outside the mouth and attach to the head itself. And still others are clipped to the nose, in an attempt to widen the breathing passages. It doesn’t really matter how they go about it, you just want something that works at stopping the snoring.

The Claim
They say that you don’t have to wear an uncomfortable mouthpiece, because Brez is a nasal insert. They also say it works to help with congestion, allergies and other respiratory problems. They say it gets rid of the heavy breathing, and snoring by increasing airflow through the nose by 40% in each nostril. They say that once it’s in place it’s almost invisible, and that you can even where this while working out so that you free up the airway and can breathe easier.

They also say that because of the way it’s designed it will stay in place all night and you won’t have to readjust it or wake up to put it back in, a common complaint of mouthpieces.

The Hype
Snoring is big business, and there is a hungry market for anything new that shows promise of being the solution. When something like Brez comes along that says it’s clinically proven, people will give it a chance. You have to cut through the hype a bit, and realize that there probably isn’t anything out there that’s going to stop your snoring 100%, so try to find something that gets you as close as possible.

The Cost
You get 21 Brez for $28. These are reusable and also disposable when they get gross so you don’t have to worry about washing them, buy there is an added expense to maintain your usage if you find that they do the trick. If you compare this to the one-off cost of a mouthpiece it is going to be much more expensive in the long term, but many mouthpieces are ineffective so it’s all about getting value for your dollar.

The Commitment
All that you would need to do is clip this on at night before you go to bed. The nose is made of cartilage and after wearing this for a little while they say you won’t even realize it’s there, the same way you forget about your sunglasses on your head. Compared to other snoring treatments this seems to be winning the case for comfort.

They liken wearing Brez to the way you feel after eating a mint, you can feel the cool air rushing through your nose. That’s why proper placement is important, and you’ll want to follow the instructions carefully so you get a good fit. In addition to the independent clinical study showing positive results, the feedback coming in from real users is supportive. In many cases it’s the peer response that is more important than any clincial study, because these are real world results, not a laboratory setting.

Of course there are those that say it didn’t work for them, but they are in the minority. What you’re looking for here is a positive trend, a consensus. In this case most people are saying that it worked for them in various degrees. Even Brez says it reduces the number of times you snore, and won’t eliminate it completely in many cases. But a reduction definitely helps, and is enough for most people to consider the problem solved.

When you snore it’s not just a personal problem if you’ve got a partner. They’re effected too, and in many cases worse than you are. You’re often not awoken by your own snoring, but by the elbow of your partner trying to get you to stop. This means their REM cycle has already been disrupted, and they are getting intermittent periods of sleep and won’t wake up feeling refreshed. That’s why it’s important to get this worked out, and to stay on it until you do.

Final Brez Review

Brez is definitely worth a try if you’re suffering from the effects of snoring, such as low energy, poor work performance, or a feeling like you just need a little more sleep. Perhaps the biggest draw is that the clinical study shows that over 80% of bed partners reported getting a better night’s sleep. That’s enough for you to try this out right now, or buy it for your partner if they’re the ones with the problem.

Our Recommendation
The process of trial and error, while it seems a bit archaic, is really the way to go when it comes to your snoring problem. It’s sort of like a snowflake, each person’s snoring problem is a little bit different. It’s not just that you snore, but also your sleeping patterns, the position you like to sleep in, the environment you sleep in, and how much time you dedicate to sleep each night. Finding the product that fits your unique puzzle might take a few attempts, but you’ll eventually get it right.

What do you think? Does Brez work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Brez Really Work?

  1. I have worn them successfully for several years but I had to turn them vertically in the nasal openings -not inserting them horizontally as instructed.

    With my deviated septum, they actually worked very well for a few years.

    Gradually, however, their stiffness started noticeably decreasing by boxes and they stopped working. It went from fully half the boxes having wimpy siffness until 80% or more were limpy. Only 20% of the boxes I bought worked anymore.

    Then, I had to start trying other methods. Brez needs to get their quality under control. No wonder users are saying they don’t work.

  2. My snoring has gotten so bad that now my wife and I sleep in separate rooms. I realized that I was waking up to my own snoring and that’s when I knew I had to sleep separately so my wife could have a goodnight sleep. The mouthpieces are not for long term use, those things are terrible. I can’t really get surgery now because of money and because I can’t afford to take a break from work right now. Everyone’s feeling the pinch right now with this economy, but I have to do something about my snoring. Brez looks promising and I know it has some good reviews, so I just really hope it’ll work for me.

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