Does The Wall Really Work?

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Does The Wall Work?Every single day, companies are coming out with new television technology. Samsungs The Wall creates a theatre like setting using MicroLED technology.


The Wall by Samsung is a huge 219-inch television with an interactive screen.

The Claim

The claim to The Wall is the amazing microLED display technology. The unit comes with many applications.

The Hype

The hype about The Wall is that it is a modular television. It can be expanded and shrunk to different sizes.

The Cost

The cost of The Wall has not yet been released. It is estimated it will be in the mid-six figures.

The Commitment

The commitment of The Wall is ensuring you fully understand the multitude of operations and applications for the unit. This television is a huge investment. You will want to make sure that every person that will be using this television knows exactly what they are doing. Purchasing an extended warranty would be a wise choice.


The Wall appears to be an amazing entertainment system. With its microLED technology and array of applications, it’s like bringing the theatre home. Brilliant colors are displayed on the screen by millions of inorganic green, red and blue microscopic LED chips. The 219-inch screen has over 4K UHD resolution. Not only when utilizing the screen in tv mode, this hidden framed unit can be used as a piece of artwork and a feature wall.
This model must be ordered through a custom installer adding to the overall cost of the unit. However we are sure if you can afford to purchase one, you can afford the installation fees. With a purchase this large it would be important to contact your insurance company for coverage.

Final The Wall Review

We are going to give The Wall a thumbs up. Most often, the tv room is the center point and meeting place for the family. Having a screen this large would no doubt be a huge attraction for the entire family. However, not too many middle-class families could really afford this gigantic unit. It was first produced for the commercial clientele. However, there are smaller versions of the Samsung MicroLED technology based televisions. The 75-inch screen would be much more suitable for the average family. Due to the fact that the 219 inch The Wall by Samsung is a huge investment. Purchasing it commercially would be a better fit. If you own a sports bar, this would be ideal. It would also be great in the office boardroom for the use of office applications. Recreational centers would greatly benefit from a unit of this size. This would allow them to generate income and community events like movie night, for example. Sporting facilities could also generate income by purchasing pay per view sporting events and charging admission for viewing. Bottom line, we would recommend this size screen for commercial use, unless you live in a mansion with a home entertainment room.

Our Recommendation

If the price of the Wall is a little out of your price range then check this television out.


What do you think? Does The Wall work or not?

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