Does Ikigai Really Work?

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Many people have had occurrences in their life that leads them to change their lifestyle, whether it be physical health issues, mental health issues or just a sense of overall well being. Adapting the Ikigai theory can help many achieve the changes they are looking for.


Awakening Your Ikigai is a book written about a Japanese secret theory based on Ikigai. The book is written by a neuroscientist lecturer and best selling author, Ken Mogi. Ikigai means your reason to live. This theory dates back to the Heian period A.D. 794 to 1185. In the last ten years, this ideology has sparked the interest of millions of people from all over the world.

The Claim

There are many positive claims about Ikigai. Discovering your personal reason for waking up each morning can lead to a long happy life. Finding personal meaning in life along with a mix of diet, exercise and good genes can greatly improve your chances of achieving the best fulfilling life you can lead.

The Hype

The Hype about Ikigai are the health benefits it provides when choosing to follow the theory of Ikigai. Finding your inner reason to get up in the morning is accomplished by asking yourself several questions. It is also a form of soul searching. In the book Awakening Your Ikigai, there are five core pillars of ikigai which are outlined which can enhance your inner Ikigai to blossom. The five pillars are as follows:

the first pillar is Starting Small when you start small, great things follow.

The second pillar is Releasing Yourself, self-acceptance is the key to this pillar, being happy with who you are is extremely rewarding.

The third pillar is Harmony and Sustainability, which makes it much easier to reach your goals. Keeping a positive attitude and harmonious surroundings will help you to stay on track.

The fourth pillar is The joy of small things, simple things that you in enjoy, like taking a walk and observing nice scenery and fresh air, or enjoying a cup of tea or coffee should be a great motivation for getting up each morning.

The fifth and final pillar is Being in the here and now. Practicing mindfulness keeps you in the moment and deters you from becoming overwhelmed by things that may be going on in your life.

The Cost

The cost of the book, Awakening Your Ikigai is $16.22 for a hardcover book and $8.72 for a soft cover book.

The Commitment

The commitment to ikigai is having the ability to practice and apply this theory to your life every day. Following the five pillars makes it very easy to achieve a flourishing, healthy and long life.


Following the fundamentals of Ikigai is a great way to live life. Practicing this theory can only have a positive outcome and is a very positive way to live life.

Final Ikigai Review

An absolute thumbs up for living life the Ikigai way. Changing your lifestyle in a positive way can only enhance your way of living a happy, fulfilled life.We would highly recommend everyone and anyone to introduce Ikigai into their life. We would also recommend reading other books written by Ken Mogi such as The life-changing magic of tidying up.

Our Recommendation

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What do you think? Does Ikigai work or not?

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