Does Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming Really Work?

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Does Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming Work?There are a lot of people that enjoy a good book, and there are a lot of great writers who enjoy authoring them. Then there are those who are not authors by nature but feel compelled to write a book anyway. Such is the case when it comes to Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming.

As most may know Michelle Obama is the wife of past president Barack Obama.As such this alone draws interest to her book Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming. It also raises a lot of questions such as, why did she decide to write a book and what was her intention.

The Claim
The claim of those who are promoting Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming is that this writing s extremely powerful and written with an intimacy along with inspiration. With all of these qualities it is bound to serve many purposes.

The Hype
The hype around Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming is partly because she is a past First Lady. She is also the first holding this position to be African American. Then during her tenure she rose in popularity to be a much loved and respected woman who was and is a source of inspiration to many.

The Cost
The cost for Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming if bought on Amazon is $19.49

The Commitment
The commitment is with any book which is to read it. But to make a commitment from Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming it would mean that there is a take away from the book that could be applied to you. Being as there are so many reviews that talk about how inspirational the book is this is most likely what many will get from the book on a personal level.

When it comes to evaluating Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming it is an easy process. Partly because so many were looking forward to its release in a positive way. The book is her memoir, with so much to it. It is filled with her accomplishments which are just one source of inspiration. As a Mother so many readers can relate to it. There is also the feisty part of her where she spoke her mind about the current president. To answer the question as to why Michelle would want to write Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming many will agree that because of the nature of this woman being that of one who wants to give back, this was her most powerful tool for doing so.

Final Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming Review

Although the book has just recently hit the market the reviews are coming in fast and furious. To date on Amazon it has collected 176 customer reviews giving it a 4.5 star rating. It is also in the #1 chart for Amazon at the current time.

Our Recommendation
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What do you think? Does Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming work or not?

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