Does Doodle Bright Really Work?

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Does Doodle Bright Work?Doodle Bright is an interactive coloring activity kit that allows children to design their own lampshade which comes with it, as well as the canvas for doodling on, and lots of other accessories. So is the Doodle Bright Creative and Exciting Enough For the Kids?


This is a coloring toy that allows a youngster to expand their creativity and then continue to enjoy their creation. The Doodle Bright comes with a plain canvas that the kids can draw on with the markers that are included in the kit, with lots of other accessories. Once done, with the help of an adult they wrap the canvas around the included lampshade and insert it on the base. Once completed they can turn on the light and see their creation light up.

The Claim

The company claims that the kit is really fun and easy to use. They indicate that the finished artwork leads to a fully usable light that not only they can use for themselves, but give as gifts to their grandparents as well. They also say that the shades are interchangeable so the kids can change the look whenever they want. They claim that its the “secret” shade canvases that allow the completed shade to shine so brightly.

The Hype

Although creative artwork toys are not new, the Doodle Bright Kit is new to the market so as yet there isn’t a lot of hype to it, but it does have a lot of appeal for both the kids and the adults. Children love to color and often their precious creations get ruined or lost over time. With this innovative concept the children can actually use their drawings. Plus it makes a wonderful keepsake for the parents throughout the years, or as great gifts for grandparents who will no doubt treasure them.

The Cost

The total cost you will end up with is $30. which includes your shipping and handling and $1. web service fee. Now to compare this with a product as close to this would be to look at the Modern Twist Kids Silicone Placemat with Markers Set which is available on Amazon for $23. So for something that has the dual purposes of creativity and keeping it for other uses it makes the price reasonable. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee minus the S&H costs. There is actually quite a bit in the kit. It comes with 3 blank shades plus 3 bonus shades, 1 frame, 1 lamp,markets, and 1 design guide.

The Commitment

For the most part it will be the kids who have to make the commitment to putting their creativity to use. As a parent you will need to help them with the assembly of the lamp.


Overall this seems like a great product for the kids.It covers a great age group starting from the preschooler right up to the creative teen. The only drawback is if it does require special “secret” canvas are you going to be able to buy these separately? No doubt with this being as exciting as what it appears to be the kids are going to go through the three canvases pretty quick. However, if they are making them for gifts you will need to buy another Doodle Bright complete kit anyway. When you add up the amount of paper, crayons and coloring books over the years, this makes this product a pretty good alternative investment even for a short while.

Final Doodle Bright Review

We are going to give this product a definite thumbs up rating. It is something that creates parent child interaction. It will boost the youngsters self esteem by creating something they can use. The kit itself would make a great gift, and the finished product created by your budding artist will make a great present for someone as well.

Our Recommendation

When we compare this to other types of creative toys along the same line,it gives a better understanding as to what a toy such as this has to possess to be of value both to the youngster as well as the value for the price paid. A good example is the review we did on the Magna Color a while back which we rated with a thumbs down because of its poor performance.

What do you think? Does The Doodle Bright work or not?

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