Does the Fix It Pro Pen Really Work?

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Does the Fix It Pro Pen workThe Fix It Pro Pen is supposed to be able to allow you to draw on scratches and nicks on your car in order to make it look new again. But can one simple marker really color match any color car and fix scratches in a few easy steps?

Keeping your car looking its best can be hard, especially since there’s so much out there that can ding up your car and make it look less than perfect. Car doors hitting your car in parking lots, rocks and pebbles flying up on the expressway, it’s a wonder there’s not more damage done to your car considering all the possibilities. This sort of pen would come in real handy to do minor touch-ups and keep things looking mint.

The Claim
The makers of Fix It Pro Pen say that all you need to do is draw on the spots that need covering. It goes on clear, and it dries on its own, and they say it can be used on any color car. They say you don’t need to sand it or buff it down once it’s been applied.

The Hype
For those that love their cars every product that promises to make their car look better is going to have hype surrounding it. After all, that’s your baby. This is compounded when you already have scratches on your car and have been wanting to get rid of them for a long time and have been putting it off because you don’t want to suffer at the hands of an expensive body shop treatment.

The Cost
The total cost of the Fix It Pro Pen pack is $20, which includes shipping. You also end up getting the wood fixing kit so you can fix scratches and scuffs on dark and light wood. This is not a bad price, and when you compare it to the prices of other paint repair kits, it comes in on the lower end.

The Commitment
This is where they try to make a strong case for using their pen, since the process is pretty easy and is as basic as using a pen, which everyone knows how to use. Usually when you are consider what it would be like to try to fix these types of problems on your own it can be pretty involved. You have to match the paint color, buff things down without messing up the rest of the paint job, and then hope it all dries without making things look worse than when you started.

The Fix It Pro Pen is not the only product on the market that says you can use it on any color car you have. It’s a commonly seen feature on car scratch kits. Most of them don’t end up working very well, and users seem to have the most success with products that color match right down to your car’s factory finish. In this instance though it appears that they have a product that can work on most cars, according to the feedback from actual users. Of course we do see that it doesn’t work for everyone that tries it, but in all of this time we’ve only seen one or two products that work in every situation for every user.

They mention that it is their belief that this is a $70 value. These values are often overstated in order to get you to go along with the actual purchase price. But in this instance it seems like if you can avoid having to pay the higher cost of a professional paint touch up, it could be worth that much or more. With all that is provided at a $20 price point you stand the chance of being able to fix not only your car, but wooden items inside your home. You can also use the pen to fix paint scratches on items that are in your home.

Final Fix It Pro Pen Review

The final word on the Fix It Pro Pen is that it’s worth a try to see if it can fix the scratch you likely have in mind for it. Keep in mind that the longer, deeper, and wider the scratch, the less likely this is going to be able to work for you. It’s best suited for small, shallow, and short scratches and chips. You have to use your own judgement when you size up the scratch on your car and decide whether you think it could be fixed by a pen like this.

Our Recommendation
This offer is too tempting not to pick up at this price. You’re risking little for the chance at a big payoff, if it means your car ends up looking better without taking it to a professional body shop. It also has the chance of helping to improve the appearance of other items in your home, so it’s a good buy and a good risk to take since the stakes are low with a potential for a good return.

What do you think? Does Fix It Pro Pen work or not?

17 Customer Reviews on “Does the Fix It Pro Pen Really Work?

  1. it does not work I bought two of the scratch fix it pens. What garbage. Don’t waste your money.

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