Does the GoGogate 2 Really Work?

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Does the GoGogate 2 Work?We rely on so much modern technology for so many things in our life then it stands to reason we should extend this to the task of opening and closing our garage doors that goes beyond those old fashioned and out dated door openers.

The GoGogate 2 is a fully programmable garage door opener that interfaces with your smart phone to give you a massive amount of options that traditional garage door openers cannot.

The Claim
The claim is that by using the GoGogate 2 you will have much more control over your garage door. You will be able to use the system to program certain functions that a regular garage door opener could never perform.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the GoGogate and other similar controls is that the system allows you to access the garage door opening functions remotely through you smart phone system.

The Cost
The cost of the GoGogate 2 is only $119.00 at the GoGogate website .

The Commitment
The commitment required for the Gogogate is actually less than you may think. Basically you need only to connect the GoGogate system to your garage door opener and it completely replaces your existing garage door remote control.

The GoGogate 2 is a prime example of the newest connective technology that we now enjoy in our lives. The system allows you to replace the old remote for your garage door and allows the user to completely control the garage door from any location. You can also set the interface to allow access at only certain times of the day or even set it to be opened for a period of time only. That feature is great if you have a contractor or gardener who needs access for a certain window of time but you do not want them to be able to enter after that window has expired. The system is designed to work with both android and iPhones and other Apple products. Another great feature is the camera that you can set up to remotely watch the comings and goings in the garage. You can also set a program that allows access to individual people with parameters that are different for each. Bob may get access for between 10am and 2 pm, while Carol may get a 2 day window. You can assign codes for each of the people and they will only be able to gain entry during that period. Of course the basic function of opening and closing when you arrive or leave are automatic once programmed. You simply drive out and the door closes or pull up and it opens. No buttons to push or remotes to remember.

Final GoGogate 2 Review

The GoGogate 2 is a great piece of kit for the tech loving home owner. In keeping with the tradition of the newest technological gadgetry it offers a wide variety of useful applications and makes life just that much easier. It is simple to use and will help give you piece of mind in knowing that you are always in control of your home garage door no matter where you find yourself.

Our Recommendation
We would recommend this unit to anyone who loves the tech products or simply want more control over the where’s, who’s and how’s of their garage door access.If you are a reach technology buff then check out some of the other smart technology we have covered in the past.

What do you think? Does the GoGogate 2 work or not?

164 Customer Reviews on “Does the GoGogate 2 Really Work?

  1. I strongly advise against purchasing this product. The sensor battery change is a major hassle. Batteries don’t even last a month. After changing them a few times the cheaply made sensor will no longer attach to the attachment that is glued to the door. Would love to see a You Tube video on the sensor battery change so people can see the flawed design before investing money and time in this product.

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