Do Spoolies Really Work?

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Do Spoolies Work?This product review may seem like a blast from the past but sometimes those old products that became so well known were worth their weight in gold. For the ladies that like the old fashioned but tried and true methods for getting great curls then they won’t want to pass this up.

Spoolies are a patented redux of the classic old curlers that women use to use to curl their hair before curling irons and other technology replaced them.

The Claim
The claim is that by using Spoolies you can get a wide variety of different hairstyles quickly and without damaging the hair by using products that heat the hair with metal like a curling rod or the use of chemicals present in salon curling applications.

The Hype
The retro look and feel of Spoolies adds to the hype of this product. The fact that they are made of 100% pure hypoallergenic silicone and will last virtually forever also adds to the desirability.

The Cost
The cost of a set of 12 regular sized Spoolies will set you back a mere $17.99, while a set of 24 is only $29.99 at the Spoolies website . You can also purchase the larger size for $32.99 for a set of 15. They also have Glow in the Dark Spoolies for an additional amount or mesh carry and storage bags for those interested.

The Commitment
The commitment required for Spoolies is pretty minimal. You only need a small amount of space under the bathroom sink or in the linen closet to store a mesh bag with the Spoolies in. As for use, they are very simple to use. You simply wrap the hair around the Spoolie and then tuck in the other end. The longer you leave them in place the tighter the curl will become.

Spoolies are a great way curling you hair for an evening on the town or even for a great curled look at work or school or whatever! Whoever needs an excuse to look and feel good about the way they look? Spoolies make the job of curling your hair fun and easy and eliminate the need for chemicals or heat producing products that can damage hair over the long term. These fun and playful curlers are designed to last for a very long time and can be used over and over again to get that perfect look you want. You can create Soft Waves, Spiral Ringlets and Classic Pin curls with ease and the comfort of knowing that you are doing no damage to your hair.

Final Spoolies Review

We think that Spoolies are a fun and easy way to get the curled look you desire without harmful chemicals or heat that can damage hair. We also think that the creators commitment to supporting Girls Education Projects around the globe with a portion of every sale a wonderful and extremely important initiative that needs supporting. Great product and great idea that deserves a thumbs up rating.

Our Recommendation
Spoolies are a great product and we would heartily endorse the product for anyone who likes to curl their hair without the need for harmful chemicals or heat that ultimately damages the hair over the course of time.Now if this traditional method of hair curling just isn’t for you then take a looking at our other hair care options.

What do you think? Does Spoolies work or not?

63 Customer Reviews on “Do Spoolies Really Work?

  1. I love putting these in my hair while I get ready, best time is right after I blow dry my hair, and I get a great wave/curl that lasts days!! Best purchase ever!

  2. These have been my go-to curlers for a year. Not one has broken. I use on textured natural hair with the spoolies leave-in spray and my curls last for days. My daughter likes the glow in the dark, but I have the jumbo size. Highly recommend!

  3. I love these rollers……so fast and easy. I like throwing a few in at nite to perk up my hair in the morning. Fun and cute looking.


  5. I had these when I was growing up and looked the curls I got from using them. I had looked for them in the past but never found any. I am so glad they are back.

  6. We love Spoolies curlers! It is a great product to use for heatless curls and no damage to hair. You do need to remove the curlers carefully though, because their non-slip silicone will cause the curler to resist being removed, but that does lessen over time. I’m just glad I can sleep in them and they don’t fall out!
    I took them on vacation and slept in them, and then, after a long day of touring, I put them back in and covered my hair with a shower cap when I took my shower to get ready for dinner. When I met back with our group, they couldn’t believe how my hair perked right back up! I was surprised as well. Great little curlers.

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