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Does the Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer Work?Keeping the boots and gloves dry in the winter can be a real challenge, and often means you have to have a few extras of these around. You may be able to cut down the costs of doing this with the Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer.

The Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer is a fully articulated system designed to dry boots and gloves in a “snap”

The Claim
The claim is that the Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer will dry any and all gloves and boots in the shortest times possible getting you back in the winter action with dry feet and hands.

The Hype
The hype surrounding units like the Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer is simply the convenience they provide for those who enjoy the great outdoors in the winter. As anyone who ski’s or snowboards knows only too well every time you go out for a round on the slopes or the half-pipe you cannot avoid getting wet and while it is not so bad when you are in the heat of action it really, really sucks when you have the chance to take a break and have to put on wet gear when you head back out.

The Cost
The cost of the Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer is only $69.00 at Surprisingly the company does not offer the public the opportunity to purchase their products on their own website; they actually refer you to retailers that have their products on the shelf. A little surprising, but you can get them at Amazon and other major retailers as well.

The Commitment
The commitment required for the Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer is pretty minimal. You need to simply plug the control panel in and then you are good to go!

As we stated above, for anyone who truly loves hitting the outdoors during the dog days of winter to head for the slopes or the half pipe this unit or a similar device is almost a must have. The ability to completely dry your ski or snowboard boots or even regular boots of course and your gloves or mitts is paramount to the comfort of the family and you individually. There is absolutely nothing worse than taking a break and then being forced to put gear back on that is still wet from the last outing. The Hotronic Snapdry is perfect for avoiding that situation. The unit has articulating arms that fully fit into a variety of footwear and gloves and has a timer setting on the control panel so that you need to simply set it for whatever time you think is required and the unit will shut off automatically so that you do not need to supervise the process and can head to the ski chalet for a little fun knowing that the unit will stop when the timer runs its course. The motor is exceptionally quiet so that it does not interfere or keep you awake when running. The patented “Quick Clip” system is designed to support the weight of the boots and makes it really easy to snap the unit together. The unit dries boots and gear fully in about 1-5 hours depending on the saturation and will pre-heat gloves and boots in about 30-60 minutes.

Final Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer Review

The Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer is great product for drying out the winter gear and actually serves an even greater purpose as well. Because bacteria can build up in wet gear very quickly by drying them fully you can avoid that process. Great unit for the money and you will get your monies worth if you like to hit the slopes or have kids who love the winter activities. We are going to give this product a thumbs up rating.

Our Recommendation
For anyone loves the winter a unit like this will certainly make the activities much more fun and way more comfortable. Get one and you will never want to be without one in the future.

What do you think? Does the Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer work or not?

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