Does Knocker Ball Really Work?

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Does Knocker Ball Work?It is always fun to review a product or service that may just take off as a trend and really become something hot in the future. So when we came across Knocker Ball we were intrigued that this might be an up and coming source of entertainment that everyone wants to be part of.

Knocker Ball is a large round ball chamber of air, that you can emmerse a good portion of your body in, and get ready for some really unique fun. It has inner handles and straps and is designed to let you rough it up with some friends just playing around, or playing a newly found contact sport yet keep you safe from all the contact types of injuries that comes with this level of sports.

The Claim
The company is claiming that this product really allows you to defy gravity and possibly pain from making contact with an opponent it a variety of different contact sports. They are stating that there are tons of things you can do with it like knock your opponents, play soccer without getting hurt, and even do some stunts within it. While it seems to be designed as at least two people fun with each having their own Knocker Ball, all indications are it can act as a entertainment pleaser just for the individual.

The Hype
The hype is really all out for this product as the marketers are really trying to spur it into a new and upcoming trend where almost everyone will just have to have a knocker ball. Now this may exclude the very young and the very old at the moment, but it sure could be enticing for those over the age of 18 as it is specifically recommended for this age group. It comes in two sizes one being large and the other medium.  Just imagine being able to let loose and rough it up a bit and not have to worry about getting hurt.

The Cost
You may have guessed that the Knocker Ball with its amazing design and size is not going to be cheap. You are looking at paying about $250. plus $18. shipping. There are some current promos running where the more you buy the better price you get, but there is still a substantial cost.

The Commitment
First you are going to have to follow all of the instructions for setting it up, and this is probably something you are going to have to do each and every time you want to use it. Unless of course you have plenty of room to store it in its inflated state. Chances are you are really going to want to find others that are looking to have the same potential fun as you so this means find one or more people that are willing to invest the money into the purchase of the Knocker Ball.

Now this really does look like a lot of fun, and you can see why chances are you aren’t going to hurt yourself at least it seems that way by first glance. This product however does not come without some substantial precautions. There are strict warnings on their site not to attempt any of the stunts you see there without permission from your medical professional. They also make it very clear that they had medical personnel on site when demonstrating this product for their promo. There are some actual warnings concerning specific medical conditions that those who suffer from them should get medical clearance first before using the Knocker Ball.

Final Knocker Ball Review

We are going to give the Knocker Ball a solid Try/Buy but with some conditions. We only recommend this for individuals who are really going to follow all of the recommendations as they are made by the providers of the Knocker Ball. Also, if you don’t want this item just to become a passing fancy, then you really should decide to put some effort into getting others to join you in your purchase so you have some cohorts to enjoy this with.

Our Recommendation
We really enjoy bring unique products and services to our readers, but we also like to bring those that are either going to provide some real value or promote our doubts about them so you can reach your own conclusions. For example, we told you about the Gripz Baseball and this is something that several are finding to be quite a valuable product. In regards to the Knocker Ball we wondered is this really something that a lot of people would potentially enjoy. What we found is that there was actually an attraction called the Branson Ballknocker that you could pay to spend some time in with a few friends. While it has several differences compared to the Knocker Ball it also has some similarities.

What do you think? Does Knocker Ball work or not?

1,038 Customer Reviews on “Does Knocker Ball Really Work?

  1. I wouldn’t recommend joining Knockerball USA theie TPU balls were of poor quality they kept puncturing easily on me and one of them ripped easily from the inside I ended up replacing one with a company from China through Amazon prime and it was only $110 in it seems like it’s a lot stronger and a better design also they kill you with the loan company that they teamed up with and when I opened my business with Knockerball they decided to have another person start their business three miles from me. So, We had to share the leaves and the area which was Culver City California and I was totally lame I decided to go on my own and separated myself from their franchise fee.

  2. Knockerball is so much fun. I purchased some balls back in 2015 and some last year as well. The make of the ball is completely different and far superior than it was back in 2015 or whatever. I have had zero issues with the newer set- its like a completely different ball. It is still as fun but much more durable and has some new straps etc toto. They go rid of those suction cup things and they’re much lighter now. I had some issues with the older model balls, but they did replaced them. Anyway, my father who suffers from a stroke was able to get in one and have a blast with no issues or pressure on his side what so ever. It was the first time he did something physical that is fun in a decade. On holidays we break them out and the whole family gets together and has the time of their lives. Its one of the few things that everyone agrees on lol. My facebook friend started a business with them and is making a ton of money he says renting these things. He works really hard but seems to love it and his business has grown so much. If I had more money I would start a business too bc I think they are here to stay. The first time I ever saw them I was amazed- it is a really cool idea and now that the balls have been more perfected, I can back it up 100%.

  3. Hollyweb is trash I bought some before they failed after 1 time, hard handles poor quality

  4. I stumbled across these comments when I was trying to research the company. I found the company because I was researching best franchises to get started with. Being made from cheap plastic from China was no surprise to me. It also wasn’t dissappinting, in a way it’s to be expected. The thing that really made me lose interest with knockerball was their replies back to the other comments. It’s really pathetic and unprofessional to handle customer complaints this way. Definitely would not want to purchase a product from this company. If there is an issue that arises how do I know it will get handled in a timely and respectable manner. After seeing their respond to their upset customers I realize it won’t. Great way to run a business.

  5. Should Be BANNED !!!!!!! Tell my son it is safe who just got out of Hosp. with a concusion and Fractured Skull with busted blood vessel to his sinuses that was causing blood on the brain that this is safe. Don’t say I didn’t warn You !!! Don’t Do It, Please !

  6. The parent company is not on YELP. I wish! We stopped getting balls from them. They don’t honor anything.

    It’s funny how they said “bubble soccer” was a fad and they said only use “knocker ball”. Now they changed there website name etc to “bubble soccer”. I put a Google reminder in to see if they are still in business in 2017.

  7. I just met a man who busted his knee in a knockerball. Lots of pain & suffering for a few good laughs. I feel for his wife who now gets to wait on him hand & foot.

  8. I wish the company was on YELP. They are smart not to be. We have major issues with balls we bought and there is no help on there end. We eventually gave up and just moved on. I am sure they would be a 1 star company. KB companies contact us all the time for advice on Balls because the ones they have are toasted. They are in it for the quick buck.

  9. KB has gone done in quality. I had a similar issue and just went with another company. There are hundreds. KB made money selling the name for a year or so. I am curiouse how they are doing now…

    The funny thing is they refused to use the word bubble soccer now they changed their website to bubblesoccerus.

    I do wish them the best of luck and any affiliate that works for them.

    RECAP: ball quality is poor.

  10. I am a partner in a nonprofit, we purchased 10 balls in 09/15. Our biggest problem is after 6 months and less than 15 hours use the shoulder straps are ripping out of the ball. Makes it hard to pay for the balls if they won’t last. After sending pictures we were allowed to purchase new balls at half price. This will tell the tell for us as far as durability. The lack of ball selection and shipping time was an issue also. Hard to expand your business if you don’t have a reliable product. I monitor the up keep and use of this product closely. I hope the next set of knocker balls I receive holds up better than the last 6 out of 10 or I will be looking for other options. At this point my vote is great idea poor quality. I see this idea doing great for a while then fading out due to durability. If you can afford to purchase new balls every 3 months you will do great. There is a high demand for this product hope we find a solution to the problem.

  11. Yes, a lot of players, especially lineman, wear neck rolls to mitigate the kind of whiplash effect that this product induces. In no way, shape, or form is this a “safe” activity. It would be especially devastating for children who’s brains are still developing to take part in this astonishingly irresponsible product.

  12. There is no way I would ever invest in this horrific product or it’s almost exact clone Bubble Ball. Do you have any idea the kind of long term brain damage that these kind of repeated hits can cause? Concussions are just caused by direct blows to the head, just as dangerous are the blows that move the brain around within the cranium. This product is a law-suit waiting to happen for anyone foolish enough to buy in and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a class-action suit regarding this product in the next few years, especially if it manages to catch on.

    source: medical school, residency, fellowship, practice

  13. Of course I’m interested from a business perspective, how safe is it really? Does it come with a manufacturers warranty? Has there been any serious injuries associated with this product?

  14. Do football players wear neck restraints? Come on get real your brain probably gets slammed around more on a roller coaster. It sounds like an over exaggerating protective mother that won’t let their children play with a Tonka truck because there’s pinch points. Your getting hit by a air bag/ marshmallow at Max of 15mph and recoil back into it. Sounds like the safest full contact sport to me

  15. Obviously the legs are exposed and open to injury but I’m curious about the top of your skull and neck? I see there’s an opening at the top of the ball people never land upside down and hurt there head or neck? I’m not being facetious, or negative I’m genuinely curious

  16. Really M.P? Your only goal in life is to have fun? Well let’s just all go beat up a street bum, shoot our guns unwieldy or jump off a bridge. Why not, those can be fun. Oh…they’re dangerous activities you say? So are car collisions at 10mph. That’s what your calling fun. Asking individuals to run their padded bodies into one another at full steam without neck restraint is simply unconsciencable. Instead of living your life like a 7 yr. old, how about reading the research on how sloshing of the brain inside the skull leads to concussions & Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in some.

  17. Dennis T, how do you know? Have you been playing Knockerball? And what demographic do you fit in? I have played in the balls and have been elated with the experience. Everyone around me was laughing and having a blast. Soccer takes on a new flair when you have balls wrapped around your body and can bump your opponent out of the play. It isn’t a waste of money at all and personally I would pay full price for the opportunity to play more often.

  18. I’ve purchased these form Knockerball USA, and have been more than pleased with them. They are an absolute blast!

    They have stood up to incredible punishment, from elite professional athletes. I’ve had NFL players in my Knockerballs, and have not had one issue with them.

    I’ve also found that the folks at KB USA are a pleasure to work with, and have been very responsive and helpful with the numerous questions I’ve had.

    I understand that there are similar products available, and that the folks affiliated with them have similar goals as the Knockerball folks. It’s unfortunate to see such negative comments, and to see an apparent KB affiliate take the bait, and give in to that negativity is also unfortunate.

    It all comes down to not losing sight of what the goal should be. To have fun! And to believe in the product you’re working with. I’m sure all the balls, from all the major players in this new market are essentially the same, with slight variance in appearance. Chances are, they’re even made in the same factory.

    So, curb the negativity. For me, the only thing that matters is how much fun I’m having, and how much fun everyone that plays with me is having. The joy people get from playing this game makes them forget about the absurd amount of negativity thrown in their face every day. Let’s not turn this hilarious game into something negative. It’s not good business for any of the balls involved.

    Good day!

  19. I purchased 18 knockerballs from them and haven’t had a single problem with 1 of them. We play all the time and not a single problem. What happened to them for you to say they have poor quality?

  20. Knocker ball is fine. It’s just the order time that I hope they are fixing. We have used balls we have ordered for numerous events in a row with no issues

  21. We are the largest bubble ball and sports leagues company in MA. We have done 100’s of events

    The product is fantastic. We have ordered numerous balls from them. The only issue we have is the lag time between delivery; sometimes it’s over 30 days. I do understand they are trying to rectify this issue

    Other than that. It’s a great product.

  22. I purchased 10 balls from knockerball and they are very poor quality. Do not purchase from Knockerball USA.

  23. Yup that’s exactly what I was thinking when I read this page and their facebook page. Lame customer service responses.

  24. Dear Kockerball Representative,

    As someone who is looking for more information on Bubble Soccer options, I would like to recommend that you rethink how your marketing department responds to complaints or concerns.

    Your responses are unnecessarily rude and they make me concerned that I should be looking for another company. I would highly recommend taking a step back and consulting a professional on how to properly handle customer relations.

    PS: When dealing with a person or company who is making “disparaging remarks” you will likely have more success by handling the issue with a kind and gentle tone. Of course you also want to include facts and data to contradict the unnecessary criticism.

  25. Now who is the Knocker-off? Frank you obviously work for this bubbleball whatever company

  26. Gents,
    KnockerBall USA sells TPU units as well. The testimonials with respects to the quality of either type provided by KB USA on their website speaks for itself. Stop with the attempts to disparage the competition and sell your balls at inflated prices. There is not a larger supplier in the world of this equipment then KB USA. If you may ever need any assistance, counseling on product development or marketing give them a call. They know exactly what they are doing and understand the characteristics of the compounds quite well. They are properly capitalized and have a long history with quality control protocols. The product is designed to be safe and sustain rigorous play for a long time.
    Basically, grow up!

  27. So your saying don’t buy them because they are cheap and come from China? They don’t look cheap, and with a price tag of $250/each I would hardly say they are cheap for a plastic bubble. I don’t know if Knockerball is a knockoff, or if some highly intuitive investors picked up on a pretty cool thing. In any case, I for one would spend the $250 to find out. And give a proper review, not a speculation of ones own unknown judgements. Just to sound cool by throwing out some PVC material comments. Nothing lasts forever, we all know this to be true. Spend $15,000 on a car, which will more than likely find it’s way to the junkyard in 15 years. When I do purchase this Knockerball, and I will, I will return with a proper review. Stated with facts and not with assumptions.

  28. Don’t be duped by this, Knockerballs are cheap for a reason, they are PVC balls out of China. Why is PVC bad? Because its a cheap and dirty plastic resin. PVC or polyvinyl-chloride is a plastic resin that is non-temperature responsive and corrodes easily. Ever hear of PVC water pipes cracking and exploding in the winter time when they freeze? Exactly. PVC as a plastic compound is unsafe and not a strong compound. TPU or thermoplastic is the only acceptable plastic resin for bumperballs because it is responsive to various climate changes and terrain types, the only two suppliers in the United States that use TPU plastic. And only one of them has the thickest resins in the world.

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