Does the Light Angel Really Work?

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Does the Light Angel work?The Light Angel is a motion sensor light that you can place wherever you need it to provide an automatic light without having to figure out the wiring and installation. But how well does it really light up these dark places, and does it actually work?

Motion lights come in handy in all sorts of situations, whether you need them indoors for seeing at night without having to find the light switch, or outdoors when you want to light things up so you can see who’s outside.

The Claim
The makers of the Light Angel say that you can put it wherever you want because it is battery powered, and that it swivels so you can point the light wherever you need it once it’s in place. They say it’s motion activated and only stays on for 30 seconds at a time so it doesn’t need a switch and it won’t use up an excessive amount of battery life each time it turns on.

The Hype
This has an infomercial, but it doesn’t really hype up the situation, it basically just shows examples of how you’d use this and where you’d put it. Most likely everyone has at least one idea of where they’d put this if they had it. They may exaggerate the problem a little by showing a guy trip up a flight of stairs because they’re not lit up, but the underlying problem is still legit.

The Cost
The Light Angel is $21 and they offer a second unit as well as an Olde Brooklyn Lantern for an additional $10 charge. The lantern is usually sold on a 2 for 1 offer for $30 which gives it a price of $15 so it’s a way to score yourself one of those for less while also getting a second motion light. It doesn’t sound like a bad upcharge and would put you at $31 for a total of 3 lamps instead of $21 for just one.

The Commitment
All you really need to do is stick this in a spot where you need light and a motion sensor light makes the most sense. If it’s outside you definitely wouldn’t want to have to switch it on and switch it off you’d just want it to turn on whenever someone is near it. Your lack of involvement in the installation process is perhaps the biggest selling feature here, since you could put this in places that just aren’t feasible to have a motion activated light. It could cost hundreds of dollars to have an electrician put a motion light in tricky places around the house.

The Light Angel is a great idea because it is using a concept that has already been around for quite some time, a motion sensor light, and it is making it easy to use so that you don’t have to be an electrician to install it. You just put it where you want it and it’s ready to go. This will appeal to those with no handyman skills, or those that want to save on the cost of hiring someone to wire up a motion light in a place that currently doesn’t have a light. If you simply want one of your existing lights to be motion activated it might be easy to add a motion sensor to it, so you’ll have to evaluate your circumstance to see what’s best.

It is unlikely that the batteries in the unit will last for the 100,000 hours that they say the bulbs will, so you’ll probably be replacing the batteries far more often than the bulbs. The unit is not using any rocket science, it just mounts with adhesive tape and uses battery powered lights and a motion sensor. The novelty of this invention is that they are putting it all together in one unit and making a stick-anywhere motion light which is something that didn’t exist before.

Final Light Angel Review

The Light Angel is getting our Solid Try rating. The idea is solid enough, and while it may not be the most technologically sophisticated product on the market, it doesn’t have to be. When the problem is that you need a motion light but don’t want to be bothered with installing a traditional light with a motion sensor on it, all that’s really needed is a battery powered light that lights up when triggered by motion. Simple problem, simple solution, for $20 to $30 and you’re all set, delivered to your door.

Our Recommendation
This is good for places that would not be easy to wire up for an actual motion sensor light. Indoors the best place would probably be a closet so that you can get light in there just when you need it. Outdoors it makes sense for security purposes to light things up when someone comes to your house at night uninvited. But it’s also nice for invited guests too, and for yourself so you can see your keys and unlock the door more easily. That way you don’t have to leave the light on for yourself or anyone else for that matter.

What do you think? Does the Light Angel work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does the Light Angel Really Work?

  1. Get a eyeglass repair kit the little screwdriver in it will take the screw out of back of the light angel

  2. Difficult getting extremely small screws unscrewed to insert batteries. Motion light comes on for 1 minutes then shuts off for ONE SECOND, comes back on for another one minutes and repeats. Can’t get the motion light to activate properly.

  3. I bought four of these and cannot unscrew the back plate for any of them. Other than a Phillips screw driver is there a secret to getting them open?

  4. Bought three through Publishers Clearing House. The sensor does not work, they stay on all the time even in bright sunlight. Maybe I got three defective lights?

  5. We bought the Light Angel and works great. It was easy to install. We put it by the garage so when we get out of the car we have a lighted pathway to get indoors quickly and safely. It lights up the whole driveway. It stays on long enough for us to get in the house safely. I love it. It does come on when a dog or cat walks in the pathway, but that is okay too. It works really great.

  6. This product seems great for such a low price! My dad had one of these in the yard and it always worked really well and was useful when someone was coming home at night or was leaving to go to their car. It was also nice when we went out to bring our dog out at night. It stayed on for more than 30 seconds, but I imagine that the light would keep sensing the movement and then would stay on for that amount of time as well. It would just be 30 seconds after no one was moving in front of it anymore. This seems like an easy and cheap type of this product.

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